Where to have breakfast in Verona during Vinitaly. The 12 best bars and pastry shops chosen by Gambero Rosso

Apr 13 2024, 13:26
Everything is ready for the most awaited event of the year by experts and enthusiasts. A moment that is also an opportunity to tour the best bars and pastry shops in the city, good for breakfast but not only

Countdown to the 56th edition of Vinitaly, the international exhibition of wine and spirits, which returns to Verona from April 14th to 17th and, in an exhibition space of over 180,000 square meters, will feature the participation of more than 4,000 wineries. But before facing the day wandering through thematic areas, tastings, masterclasses, meetings with experts (for program and news, take a look here), charge up with a proper breakfast. Below are the best bars and pastry shops in the city according to Gambero Rosso, among great classics and gems for specialty lovers.

Where to have breakfast in Verona during Vinitaly

Caffè Alexander

Bar. The excellent offer and the strategic location, between the center and the station, make Alexander an excellent stop from breakfast to snack, through lunch and coffee break. The latter is excellent (the beans are from their own roasting), and a perfect base for variations like Amaretto or Espressino. There is also a good choice of brioches and pastries or natural yogurt (homemade) with granola and jams. At noon, hot and cold dishes, sandwiches, and focaccias, to be enjoyed with wines or craft beers. The place is small but cozy, with walls full of coffee, liqueurs, jams, sweets, and gastronomic specialties.

Caffè Alexander - via Locatelli, 15 - 045 597596 - Facebook

Ammazza Caffè

Bar. They opened in a slightly secluded street with the precise intention of offering the city something different and intercepting a "targeted" clientele. Jacopo and Michelangelo are former engineers as well as friends, who after a professional life in other fields and around the world, returned to Italy and immersed themselves in the world of specialty coffee, a great passion for both. On the blackboard, they display a small selection of espresso and filter mostly single origin (ask and they will be happy to enlighten you on the subject) and from roasters from all over the world, on rotation, while on the food front, the offer ranges from sweet and savory, also vegan, and with a certain amount of experimentation. Also recommended for the aperitif moment (among other things, the tonic water is homemade), absolutely unconventional.

Ammazza Caffè - v.lo Volto Cittadella, 12/A - amzcaffe.com

Caffè Borsari

Bar. An excellent coffee roasted in-house and available in a good range of proposals (including Kilimanjaro or Costa Rica, 100% Arabica, or Oro Blend and Supremo, both 75% Arabica and 25% Robusta). Even cappuccinos and other milk versions are up to par, along with a long list of delicious coffees (hazelnut, vanilla, orange and chocolate, Irish cream, amaretto, cherry almond and chocolate) and various drinks. A limited sweet offer to accompany. The environment with antique furnishings and walls full of porcelain and items for sale, fine teas and infusions, honeys and jams, candies and selected sweets.

Caffè Borsari - c.so Porta Borsari, 15d - 045 8031313 - Facebook

Café Martél

Bar. In a narrow alley behind the Arena, it is the right place for a stop from breakfast to aperitif, passing through lunch break or a snack with the famous panzerotti, warm throughout the day from mid-morning. The atmosphere is elegant but informal, the coffee service well cared for (excellent espresso) and the inviting shop windows, with their parade of leavened, mignons, tasty single portions, and many cakes. At noon, a quick sandwich, a sandwich, a salad, dishes also for takeout. Popular outdoor seating for the aperitif, which in addition to good Spritz and cocktails, can be enjoyed with a glass of wine, from a selection that favors the territory.

Café Martél - via Anfiteatro, 12 - 045 2210048 - cafemartel.com

Caffè Coloniale

Bar. Frequented by locals and tourists, it is a cozy and well-kept place, with a comfortable outdoor space and a delightful tea room. The kitchen is always open: piadinas, pizzas, sandwiches, and hot and cold dishes to accompany with drinks and wine glasses. Excellent selection of teas and coffees, blends and single origins, and no shortage of delicious special coffees. Then brioches, tea pastries, baked cakes, and desserts (the pistachio tiramisu is popular). The aperitif is popular, served with olives, small pizzas, and sandwiches. Coffee and tea are also for sale, along with sweets and chocolate.

Caffè Coloniale - p.zza F. Viviani, 14c - 045 8012647 - casa-coloniale.com

Dal Fior

Patisserie. A family-run business in the heart of the residential neighborhood Borgo Trento. Bar and pastry shop, it offers cappuccino and brioches in the morning (with custard - excellent -, jam or chocolate), braids, scrolls, and risini. The small pastry shop is classic, as is the dry pastry, which stands out for its almond pastries. The strength is the cakes, from evergreens (see millefeuille and Sacher) to creations like Dolce Ricordo, soft cocoa biscuit with hazelnut nougat, vanilla and chocolate mousse. Do not miss the baba in Limoncello jars, spreadable creams, and the delicious cinnamon Speculoos enriched with salted caramel chocolate.

Dal Fior - v.le N. Bixio, 32 - 045 8342440 - pasticceriadalfior.com

Garage Coffee Bros

Bar. Opened in May 2022, it is the flagship store of the famous Veronese roastery of the "Bros" Cobelli, Andrea, innovation manager, and Davide, among the leading names in the national specialty coffee world, trainer (and owner of the Coffee Training Academy) with a number of titles and awards to his credit. The selection of beans is very rigorous, respecting the entire supply chain, and processing is focused on sustainability and experimentation. The results are excellent, in single origins (on rotation) and blends like Dolce Vita. They can be purchased online and in this well-kept place, you can also try impeccable espressos, aeropress, batch brew, pour over, cold brew, and milk-based beverages (of high quality, or oat or soy) like flat white, cortado. Delicious cookies to accompany. They also host events and tastings.

Garage Coffee Bros - v.lo San Silvestro, 29 - 347 2213724 - garagecoffeebros.com


Patisserie. A historic quality brand outside the tourist flows of the city center. The atmosphere is curated, and the production is rich, orderly, and well presented. The breakfast leavened pastries are truly delicious, from brioches to small bags, and the venetians are a real delicacy, soft and tasty. Then, dry pastries (including biscuits and the typical Baci di Giulietta, cocoa with hazelnut cream), mini pastries, and cakes, including Elvezia and Reale with pineapple. Seasonal sweets are also available, like fritters and galani for Carnival, doves, panettoni, and Nadalin. A stone's throw away, inside Parco Santa Croce, you'll find Perlini ai Giardini. Another branch of the brand is located in Borgo Trento, Piazzale Cadorna 7.

Perlini - via G. Verdi, 7b - 045 529989 - pasticceriaperlini.it


Patisserie. A bit decentralized from the city, this place is a reference point in the area also for excellent breakfasts: delicious krapfen and puff pastries filled with cream, croissants in three sizes, from classic to giant (equivalent to 20 brioches, by reservation) to be filled as desired. Then fruit tarts and cakes, from the typical Russian Cake to the Sacher, from Palmarito (almond sponge cake, pistachio mousse, and tropical fruits) to the fresh and delicate fruit delight, vanilla sponge cake with chantilly cream, fruit, and mint leaves. Particular attention to gluten and lactose-free options. Good artisanal ice cream, not bad savory options, among panzerottini, small pizzas, and sandwiches. Renowned catering service. Well-kept environment, outdoor seating.

Roma - via Cesena, 14 - 045 505814 - pasticceriaroma.com


Patisserie. With Tomasi's breakfast leavened pastries, the day starts off great: fragrant brioches, delicious apple or ricotta bundles, exquisite scrolls, and risini. The venue is small but has a large display window that neatly showcases the small pastry selection. The classic mini pastries and cream puffs (delicious with cream) are of high quality, alongside more modern pastries. The dry pastry is also very good (especially the Baci di Giulietta and Sospiri), but it's the cakes that take the lead, whether in single portions or large format. There are a couple of tables inside, where you can either consume on-site or take away. The service is professional.

Tomasi - c.so Milano, 16a - 045 574017 - pasticceriatomasiverona.it

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