Where to eat the best Arancini in Catania (pointy and strictly masculine)

Jul 8 2024, 12:33
Here are eleven places where you can find Catanese arancini. The emphasis is on popular street food, with a few exceptions: gourmet arancini made with quality ingredients, elevating them to gastronomic dishes

Singular, masculine, preferably conical in shape. Catania proudly embraces the masculine "arancino" with no neutral-gender schwa, in line with the Accademia della Crusca. Versatile and democratic, the Catanese arancino easily transforms from a street food icon to an experimental culinary creation. In Catania, where variety matters as much as quantity, there are many places to enjoy what Americans call "rice balls." These have their origins in the rice and saffron balls that the Arabs used to roll in their palms and season with lamb. For many, tradition is sacred, preserved in a classic, golden, resilient coating, and a persistent frying. For others, the arancino is not just popular street food but also a healthier, experimental, and gourmet dish, as long as it’s pointy and masculine.

Where to eat the best Arancini in Catania

Uzeta - Bistrot Siciliano

For Francesco Distefano of Uzeta, arancino is an unconditional love. It has become the iconic dish and must-try item of his bistro. Following the legendary "Arancino al sugo speziato di nonna," he introduced the new "Cavolo Trunzu di Aci" arancino. The first is a faithful homage to his grandmother’s recipe, using ingredients like beef stew with cinnamon, cloves, juniper, and bay leaf. The second combines Cavolo Trunzu di Aci and Tuma Persa. Both are “gourmet arancini” made with high-quality ingredients, perfect crunchiness, and perfect frying.

Via Penninello, 41, sito

Scirocco Sicilian Fish Lab

Marco Timpanaro, a key figure in Catanese street food, celebrates arancini with a focus on quality and prime ingredients. At Scirocco Fish Lab, in the heart of Catania’s fish market, fish arancinetti are a tasty prelude to the menu. You can also find Scirocco at Catania Fontanarossa Airport, offering seven flavors: classic ragu, alla Norma, pistachio, butter, swordfish and aubergines, and squid ink. Scirocco’s arancini are also served at Friggitoria Popolare, a new venture by Timpanaro and Lele Scandurra, featuring squid ink, pecorino fondue, and swordfish and aubergine with a swordfish, aubergine, and wild fennel sauce.

Piazza Alonzo di Benedetto, 7 - Terminal partenze Aeroporto Fontanarossa di Catania, sito

FUD - Bottega Sicula

Andrea Graziano, owner and founder of FUD - Bottega Sicula, offers "Arancinie" to end the gender debate between Catania and Palermo. Served in pairs, round like in Palermo and pointy like in Catania, these arancini are culinary diplomats of the island, reminding us that food can and should bring everyone together.

Via Santa Filomena, 35, sito


A winning formula since 1897, Savia is the historic pastry shop known for its bomboloni, cipolline, pizzettes, and ham pâté. Its pointy ragu arancini stand tall, accompanied by round pistachio arancini and almost oval spinach arancini. Tourists now join the faithful Catanese patrons.

via Etnea, 300, sito


Scollo, the most famous delicatessen in Catania, is a salumeria and gastronomy shop that balances a rich inventory of fine products with its popular soul. Among the first and second courses, you’ll find classic arancini: with ragu, butter, and other varieties.

via Messina  255, sito


Canusciuti offers three types of arancini: classic, special, and sweet. This young company aims to balance traditional arancini recipes with new interpretations. Using local ingredients, panko breadcrumbs, and flavors like classic ragu and "Il Plebiscito" with horse meat, Swiss cheese, and Giarratana onions.

via Santa Maria della Lettera 13, sito

Caffè Europa

Another classic Catanese establishment, Caffè Europa sticks to tradition. Along with classic ragu and butter arancini, their popular pistachio arancino features a rich filling of butter and cheese.

Corso Italia, 302, sito



Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Ernesto’s pastry, gelateria, and rosticceria holds a special place in Catania’s heart. The gelateria, now led by Serena Urzì, offers a contemporary twist, while the rosticceria sticks to classics: ragu arancini, porcini mushrooms, and white truffle. For special occasions, they make squid ink arancini.

viale Ruggero di Lauria 91, sito

Tris Bar

From breakfast to aperitivo, Tris Bar offers a complete menu for any time of the day. Their star item is the Catanese pizzetta, but their arancini, including the spinach variety, are also impressive.

Piazza Santa Maria della Guardia 5

Gastronomia Cardì

With its main location in nearby Tremestieri Etneo, Gastronomia Cardì also has a branch in Catania on busy Viale Vittorio Veneto. Known for its Instagram-worthy arancini, they offer a range of flavors: from traditional ragu to pork ragu and the now-classic pistachio arancino.

Viale vittorio veneto 21, sito

Pasticceria Privitera

Since 1945, Pasticceria Privitera has been a part of Catania’s collective gastronomic memory. Proudly popularized by their arancini, they offer traditional meat sauce arancini, white arancini, pistachio arancini, and even vegetarian options.

Piazza Santa Maria Di Gesù 1/2, Catania

Laboratorio di via Napoli

A post-disco haunt for generations of Catanese, the Laboratorio di via Napoli is a popular factory for rosticceria, hot meals, and breakfast, including gluten-free options. They produce a constant stream of hot food and pastries, especially at night. Their classic arancini come in ragu, butter, porcini mushroom, Norma, Montanara, and spinach varieties. Just follow your nose to find it, guided by the scent of frying and freshly baked pastries.

Via Napoli, 55, Catania

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