Where to eat Ternana Ciriole in Terni: the 8 best restaurants chosen by Gambero Rosso

Feb 28 2024, 13:37
Ciriole are a type of fresh pasta made with water and flour, whose name comes from the Latin "cereus," meaning white like wax, as they are made without eggs. The classic dressing is a simple tomato sauce with garlic, parsley, and chili, but they lend themselves to many other combinations

An hour and a half or a little more from Rome, Terni is a destination to consider for a day trip or a weekend. Known for its steel mills and weapons factory, but above all for the typical unsalted bread (made with sourdough, selected flours, and spring water), the city preserves a medieval core, historical palaces, churches, and sanctuaries that can be visited on foot. Just a few kilometers outside the center, you can encounter the spectacular Cascata delle Marmore, a Roman work from the 3rd century, and Lake Piediluco.

Where to eat Ternana Ciriole


Trattoria. A few minutes from the center, it has been a reliable address for traditional and good eating for years. Simple furnishings characterize the environments, and there is a well-kept outdoor area for the summer. The culinary proposal is based on mostly local and genuine ingredients and the skilled hands of the kitchen staff. The rich appetizer "L'Articolo" composed of crostini, quality cheeses, and cold cuts precedes the classic Ternana ciriole (fresh pasta and desserts are homemade). Then, a mixed grill of meats, beef cut, and lamb chops. Pistachio semifreddo and English soup close the experience, satisfying also in terms of the bill, genuinely honest.

L’Articolo – strada statale Salaria, 118 – 0744 220506 – Facebook

Carpe Diem

Trattoria. A very popular address in the city center, offering both typical Ternana and Roman cuisine. In a friendly atmosphere that puts every guest at ease, well-executed dishes with bold flavors and generous portions are enjoyed. A taste of coratella and hand-cut ham leads to gnocchi with lamb ragout, ciriole with a myriad of different condiments (classic Ternana, tomato, Amatriciana, carbonara, truffle, frog sauce...), meatballs, guinea fowl with baking sheet, and wild mushrooms and parsley cream. There is no shortage of some good bottles to accompany everything appropriately.

Carpe Diem – via G. Garibaldi, 124 – 389 4772120 – Facebook

La Fonderia

Ristorante. Not far from Piazza dei Tre Monumenti, inside the park of Circolo Lavoratori Terni, with a pleasant outdoor area, it is a modern and tastefully furnished venue that caters to every need. The starting point is great attention to the quality of raw materials, especially meats and cured meats, but also vegetables and legumes. The fish comes from trusted suppliers. Well-made and well-topped pizzas, the result of a dough of stone-ground flours left to rise for at least 48 hours. Here, ciriole are present, dressed in a classic way or in an interesting version with artichoke cream and pecorino fondue or with bleeding mushrooms and parsley cream. A selection of labels more than up to the task.

La Fonderia – via L. A. Muratori, 3 – 0744 435306 – www.lafonderiaristoranteterni.it


Trattoria. In the medieval heart of the city, on a side street off Corso Vecchio, Lillero is a place that takes the best of tradition and transports it to the present. The two passionate managers, Alessio Avena and Federica Chitarrini, along with their staff, guarantee a stop of rare pleasantness in a simple and well-kept environment, with wooden floors and furnishings. The menu varies often, with fixed points being the selection of ingredients, fresh pasta, and homemade desserts. Examples include beans with rind, soft truffle omelet, Ternana ciriole, guinea fowl with baking sheet, and a delicious tarte tatin. A wide and well-conceived wine list, where classics go hand in hand with artisanal and natural proposals.

Lillero – via A. de Filis, 8 – 339 5914140 – www.trattorialillero.it

La Mora

Trattoria. The activity of this restaurant just outside the center, not far from the stadium, began in 1904 and is still a reliable reference for those who want to find the genuine flavors of traditional Ternana cuisine at the table. The strengths are the selection of raw materials, mostly local, and consolidated recipes that satisfy from the first bite. After the cold cuts opening, you move on to Ternana ciriole (a house specialty), in season dressed with mushrooms, or pappardelle with wild boar ragout. To continue, snails in stew, tripe, and the typical guinea fowl with baking sheet. Leave some space for a taste of homemade pie; it's worth it.

Oste della Mal’ora

Wine Bar. Christian Rosignoli has taken over the legacy of founder Renzo Franceschini, managing this address as well as possible for several years. Few covers, a pleasant convivial atmosphere, a wine list for enthusiasts with regional, national, and international labels. As for the kitchen, the starting point is local products, especially among the starters where excellent cold cuts and cheeses stand out. Here, ciriole, in addition to the typical Ternana dressing, are also proposed with Gricia and with wild asparagus, bacon, and pepper. It continues with duck confit, rabbit porchetta, English soup, and Otricoli hazelnut tozzetti.

Oste della Mal’ora – via Tre Archi, 5 – 0744 406683 – www.ostedellamalora.com

La Trattoria da Maurizio

Trattoria. Fresh from a restyling, this downtown address, a few meters from the Church of San Francesco, is a reliable outpost of typical cuisine. The menu talks about barbazza sage vinegar and toasted bread, Ternana ciriole (all fresh pasta is made by them), Collescipolana dumplings, polenta with spareribs, hunter-style rabbit, lamb cutlets, "padellaccia" (pork, lard, and beans), sausages, and potatoes. There are almost all-year-round dishes with prized black truffle. Closing with the inevitable (and homemade) English soup and tiramisu. The wine list, while not vast, allows for the most appropriate pairings.

La Trattoria da Maurizio – via del Leone, 52 – 320 2993880 – Facebook

Trattoria Umbra

Trattoria. In the Borgo Bovio neighborhood, a few minutes from the center, where there was a bank institute for about three years, this family-run venue (the owners for many years managed a historic Ternana sign) with a large courtyard for the summer is located. The philosophy is to offer genuine, home-style cooking at affordable prices. The journey begins with cold cuts and bruschettas; then, it's the turn of Ternana ciriole and tagliatelle with truffle or ragout. For the main courses, it's the triumph of the grill, where various types of meat are cooked to perfection: sausages, lamb cutlets, steaks, cuts, chops, liver... You leave more than satisfied.

Trattoria Umbra – via Romagna, 42 – 351 6220068 – Facebook

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