Where to eat outdoors in Turin: the 14 best addresses chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jun 7 2024, 16:38
The austere beauty of the Savoyard capital pairs with a lively and dynamic metropolitan spirit, perfect for enjoying the outdoors as soon as the warm weather arrives

Turin is a vibrant and stimulating city, in all seasons and from every perspective, including the gastronomic one. While in winter, the city is dominated by the dry, biting cold from the nearby mountains, in spring and summer, the climate allows you to fully enjoy the many gardens scattered around the city and the hills, as well as terraces with a view. Here is a list of restaurants, bistros, trattorias, and wine bars with outdoor spaces that encourage you to linger, from classic establishments to the latest openings.

Where to eat outdoors in Turin: the 14 best addresses chosen by Gambero Rosso

Osteria Antiche Sere

A reliable table of authentic tradition in a vintage, curated, and welcoming setting. What to eat? Anchovies, baked peppers, electric tomini, agnolotti with roast gravy, polenta with donkey stew, and many other delights. The delicious finale is entrusted to typical desserts like bunet and tortino with zabaglione. The wine cellar is not extensive but well-chosen. The summer garden at the back is a plus.

Osteria Antiche Sere - via Cenischia, 9 - 011 3854347 - Facebook

Decoratori e Imbianchini

Trattoria. A "civil" tavern a stone's throw from Gran Madre di Dio and in what was the Anonymous Cooperative Society for Consumption and Mutual Assistance. A history that began in 1935 and continues today within a broader socio-cultural project. The atmosphere is vintage, the cuisine genuine and traditional: galantine slices with marinated purple cabbage, anchovies in green sauce with butter and brioche bread, vitello tonnato, and tomino in red sauce, ravioli del plin with herbs, chicken "alla Bella Rosin" with anchovies and brandy, and friggitelli, asparagus with butter, parmesan, and hazelnuts. The hidden garden is a small gem. Many initiatives are scheduled, especially in summer.

Decoratori e Imbianchini - via F. Lanfranchi, 28 - 011 8190672 - decoratorieimbianchini.it


Tapas (vitello tonnato, anchovies in green sauce, Russian salad, hummus with vegetables), various pizzas, but also dishes for heartier appetites accompanied by drinks and wines, for a casual stop for any craving. Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, but the best part is the outdoor space overlooking the Po. From 6 PM onwards.

CasaGoffi - v.le Michelotti, 52c - 353 3413286 - casagoffi.it

Casa Vicina

Time passes inexorably, and it's been over fifteen years since the Vicina family first integrated into Eataly and then into the Green Pea project. The stylistic approach hasn't changed, and some dishes have become classics, alongside always new ideas. For example, the "Flavours of Ancient Egypt" menu, created in spring in collaboration with the Egyptian Museum, where the Nile Salad stands out. Here, the desire to create is as alive as ever, always keeping roots in mind. Encyclopedic wine list and a delightful internal terrace.

Casa Vicina - via E. Fenoglietti, 20b (ex via Nizza, 224) c/o Green Pea - 011 6640140 - casavicina.com

Antica Trattoria Con Calma

Amid the greenery of the first hill, just outside the center, the place welcomes with simplicity and warmth, offering all the perks of country dining at a "slow" pace: in summer under a pergola, in winter among antique furniture and a fireplace, and the rest of the year in a very bright veranda. The gastronomic proposal moves along the tradition/creativity axis, and there are always options for vegetarians and coeliacs: vitello tonnato, electric tomino, anchovies in green sauce, agnolotti with three roasts, veal stew in Nebbiolo, mushroom and truffle dishes in season. To close, homemade desserts, ice creams, and sorbets.

Antica Trattoria Con Calma - s.da comunale del Cartman, 59 - 011 8980229 - concalma.it

Caffè-Vini Emilio Ranzini

A cult place in the city, which has seen everyone pass by and continues to welcome every generation in a tiny room with a counter, blackboard, about twenty seats inside, and a summer courtyard. Open from 9:30 AM to dinner time, it's frequented for a glass of red wine, a butter and anchovy sandwich, and at lunch for the merenda sinoira. At that time, you can feast on anchovies in green sauce, tomini (electric and non), sausage, tongue, vitello tonnato, boiled eggs, and "friciulin."

Caffè-Vini Emilio Ranzini - via Porta Palatina, 9G - 011 7650477 - Facebook

De Amicis

Born from the ashes of the Workers' Mutual Aid Society named "Edmondo De Amicis" from the early twentieth century, De Amicis is housed in a comfortable room enriched by a lovely garden, in the greenery of the hill above Turin. The cuisine is classic with something more creative, honest, and delicious, including pork shoulder, chicory and dried tomatoes, guitar pasta with mullet ragout, smoked tofu steak, leek cream with saffron, cashews, and seasonal vegetables. Besides being a restaurant, it is also an "art bistro," with frequent themed evenings, including musical ones.

De Amicis - c.so Casale, 134 - 348 3716636 - deamicisartbistrot.com

Enoteca Gourmet

Opened at the end of April 2024 in the heart of Cit Turin, this small wine tavern was inaugurated by the couple Marta Guzowska, a chef of Polish origin, and Gian Piero Seano, a wine expert with significant experiences behind him. The highlight is a very well-stocked cellar (about 1700 labels), but the concise yet focused menu also makes its mark: vitello tonnato (already spoken of as the best in the city), albese, and Russian salad Polish style. Few seats inside with ample outdoor space.

Enoteca Gourmet - c.so Inghilterra, 45b - 375 8463122 - Instagram

Felicin alla Consolata

A "boutique-bistro" in the premises of the historic Erboristeria Rosa Serafino, a delightful place opened a few months ago right in front of the historic Bicerin and owned by Felicin of Monforte d’Alba, a great Langa restaurant. The furnishings remain vintage, respecting the old place, and the proposal is an easy version of that of the parent house: Fassona carpaccio, baked peppers with anchovy and almond sauce, Felicin’s legendary knife-cut tajarin with ragù, and braised cheek in red wine. Open from breakfast to aperitif, when the weather permits, it also hosts tables on the square.

Felicin alla Consolata - p.zza della Consolata, 5 - 329 5663303 - felicin.it


A classic on the hill above Turin that has managed to maintain good standards through management changes and trends. The current cuisine shows moderate creativity without stylistic exercises but always maintains its identity, far from regionalism and classicism. Try the fried octopus in panko with potato cream and black garlic mayonnaise, but the risottos - which vary regularly - are the best part. The summer veranda is a highlight of this always well-maintained venue.

Giudice - s.da comunale Val Salice, 78 - 011 6602020 - ristorantegiudice.com

Fucina Ristorantino

From a bar with a kitchen, in 2018, La Fucina became a real little restaurant (but the hours remain bar-like). And it's a surprise: an essential room, a wall blackboard with the day's dishes (while at dinner the menu is more extensive), a welcoming outdoor area, and simple but well-made dishes. For example, veal cooked pink with tuna sauce, sautéed baby spinach, roast gravy, and walnuts. Honest prices and good drinks.

Fucina Ristorantino - via Madama Cristina, 86 - 339 6364377 - Instagram

La Limonaia

The cuisine is focused, between solid technique, attention to detail, knowledge, and respect for ingredients' seasonality. The dishes range from land to sea: snails in green sauce, field herbs, katsuobushi; ravioli, sheep, kefir, turnip tops, umeboshi; spit-roasted kid, asparagus, fettunta, and wild garlic. A very original and well-stocked cellar (with sparkling wines and France at the forefront) also includes sake, cider, and beer. The courtyard is always splendid.

Piazza dei Mestieri

It's not easy to find an absolutely interesting cuisine in a place where an important (also in numbers) reality of professional training and job placement is carried out. However, it seems that from this closeness and mixture, chef Maurizio Camilli draws strength and vitality to build a high-level gastronomic experience starting from the quality of the raw materials. All this is supported by a non-trivial and exhaustive wine selection. Beautiful terrace with a view.

Piazza dei Mestieri – via J. Durandi, 13 – 349 0031460-011 19709679 - ristorantelapiazza.com


Since last year, the space has expanded to the adjacent restaurant premises, with the kitchen in the center and visible, while maintaining the outdoor tables in the lively San Salvario district. On the menu are house classics and seasonal variations: vitello tonnato, agnolotti, and finanziera alongside the ribeye "in Scannabue's interpretation," with mashed potatoes, crispy polenta, and fermented pickles. The delicatessen counter is always present. One of the most interesting wine lists in the city.

Scannabue - l.go Saluzzo, 25h - 011 6696693 - scannabue.it

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