Where to eat in Vernazza: the 6 best restaurants chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jun 3 2024, 13:35
The stunning views from the terraces, the steep alleys, and the small harbour make Vernazza one of the jewels of the Cinque Terre, where dining is also a delightful experience. Here are some recommendations on where to eat

Perched in the bay between Monterosso and Corniglia, nestled on the terraced rocks that characterize this slice of Liguria, Vernazza is one of the most beautiful and distinctive villages of the Cinque Terre. Its winding streets lead to the small harbour square, the town's main gathering point. Despite the heavy tourist traffic, there are several substantial places offering respectful and honest traditional cuisine: ciuppin (a traditional fish soup), Monterosso anchovies in various forms, the ubiquitous pesto, and the famous paciugo (the quintessential Ligurian gelato). Here are a few addresses to note if you find yourself in the area.

Where to eat in Vernazza


A great classic of the town, with over half a century of history behind it, Belforte boasts a seaside view and an honest traditional cuisine made with local ingredients. You can enjoy dishes like mixed Monterosso anchovies, homemade Genovese pesto trofie, and the mixed grill of the day. A few good wines to accompany.

Belforte - via Guidoni, 42 - 0187 812222 - ristorantebelforte.it

Gianni Franzi

Another evergreen spot, this restaurant, established in the 1960s, has been a solid stronghold of well-made typical cuisine based on fresh, local ingredients. In summer, you can dine on a small terrace, enjoying dishes like stuffed and lemon anchovies, pesto trofie, or "tegame Vernazza" made with Monterosso anchovies. Welcoming service and decent drinks. It is located within the namesake hotel.

Gianni Franzi - p.zza Marconi, 1 - 0187 812228 - giannifranzi.it


Opened a couple of seasons ago, this colourful and cheerful place is a bit hidden but worth noting if you crave a generously filled hamburger (or sandwiches and paninis) in various original variations. The menu caters to everyone, including vegetarians and vegans: from the classic with beef, buffalo mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, Ligurian pesto, salad, crispy onion, and grilled aubergines to the Manarola fish sandwich with shrimp, zucchini chips, bell pepper, valerian mayonnaise, and tomato, plus focaccias, bruschettas, salads, and fries.

Hambu - p.zza Marconi, 22 - 348 8840529 - hambu.eu


Located by the harbour, a stone's throw from the sea, in the cellar of the maternal grandfather’s house (a fishing boat owner and producer of oil and wine), Luca is the restaurant of a historic fishing family. It is loved by tourists and locals alike for its straightforward, substantial offerings. Some examples include Ligurian-style octopus with Taggiasca olives, potatoes and cherry tomatoes, mussels and clams soup, "allo scabeccio" anchovies, and the mixed fry of the day.

Luca - p.zza Marconi, 16 - 0187 812113 - ristorantelucavernazza.it

Pippo a Vernazza

Pesto trofie, stuffed focaccias, variously filled sandwiches, "our way" cod, all listed on a chalkboard and available for takeaway in completely plastic-free packaging (adopted since its opening in 2028). To drink, beers and white wines from the Cinque Terre. Friendly and casual staff, beers and beverages, and rooms for those looking to enjoy a short holiday.

Pippo a Vernazza - via Gavino, 28 - 392 0499564 - pippoavernazza.com

La Torre

There is a steep staircase to climb, but the location and view make it all worthwhile. La Torre has a terrace with a stunning panoramic view, and next to the restaurant, there are rooms to stay overnight. The cuisine is typical, mainly based on local fish and vegetables. Trained service.

La Torre - loc. Preteccia, 1 - 331 8836610 - Instagram

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