Where to eat in the Langhe, the best restaurants in La Morra

Oct 30 2023, 11:57
Situated in the green hills of Langhe, La Morra is a hidden gem in the heart of Piemonte. This enchanting municipality, known as “the balcony of Langhe” offers an extraordinary combination of natural beauty, high quality wine production and a culinary tradition that delights the senses

The cuisine of La Morra is a celebration of Italian tradition, with an emphasis on dishes prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Local restaurants and trattorias serve delicious specialties such as carne cruda all'albese, agnolotti al plin, and artisanal cheese, accompanied by local wines. La Morra is also famous for its truffles and many restaurants offer fresh truffle dishes. If you love nature, fine wines and fine cuisine, La Morra is a destination you cannot miss. Discover the beauty of Langhe, taste fine wines and delight in traditional cuisine. La Morra is a place where nature blends with wine and gastronomy, creating an unforgettable experience for all the senses.

Where to eat in La Morra


Restaurant. Holding the reins of this restaurant is Alessandra Bovio, heir to a long-standing family of restaurateurs and wine producer. A monumental, rich and deep cellar, among the most well-stocked in the Langa, will come as no surprise. The kitchen proposal, by Marco Boschiazzo, is equally articulate, with dishes based on the best of the territory, but the review of Piedmontese cheeses and black and white truffles according to season deserve a mention. The desserts are delicious. All served (very well) in elegant dining rooms or on the spectacular panoramic terrace.

Bovio – via Alba, 17/Bis – 0173 590303 - ristorantebovio.it


Restaurant. Agricola Brandini has crafted its own agri-relais on the hills that look out from La Morra to the great esplanade below Monviso. In the dining room, modern, linear architecture, pastel greys, refined furnishings, a fireplace and large windows overlooking the vineyards and swimming pool. In the kitchen, Luca Zecchin elaborates a proposal balanced between ingenuity and updating tradition, with three tasting courses to choose from. A few examples? Sweetbreads and piadina, fresh pasta spaghetti with smoked sturgeon and its eggs, lacquered eel and Moscato carpione gel. Adequate wine list.

Coltivare – borgata Brandini, 16 – 0173 328231 – coltivarerelais.it

La Corte Restaurant al Palás Cerequio

Restaurant. It is hard to resist the charm of the Barolo Cru Resort that Michele Chiarlo wanted to create, recovering an ancient nobleman's palace with class and modern taste. Inside are works of art and a six-thousand-bottle vault, and a spectacular terrace to boot. At the helm in the kitchen, Vincenzo La Corte, a native of Bra, who has this land in his blood and thus re-proposes it, but in a refined key and with sure technique, without distorting its cornerstones. For an informal break, there is the "AperiCru", with fine glasses and gourmet delicacies.

La Corte Restaurant al Palás Cerequio – borgata Cerequio, 18 – 0173 50657 - palascerequio.com

Eremo della Gasprina

Trattoria. A steep but convenient side street leads to this 'osteria with rooms' and car park, converted from a beautiful country house. Simone Burlotto and Giulia Calzia, life companions and partners, offer a pleasant traditional cuisine with a few successful digressions. The menu is fixed and changes daily or even according to the particular inclinations of tables and/or diners. The wine is chosen live or by the glass, with Giulia as hospitable and amiable in serving. Reservations are a must.

Eremo della Gasprina – frazione Santa Maria borgata Cappallotti, 2 – 346 1087870 

Il GrecAle

Restaurant. Just a few minutes from the centre, an early 20th-century farmhouse, beautifully renovated and overlooking the Langa vineyards, with beautiful rooms to extend your stay. The dining room with large, bright windows, surrounded by the terrace, is the ideal setting for savouring the dishes of chef and patron Alessandro Neri, a proposal with great personality that takes its cue from the territory to range in various directions, fish first and foremost. There is also the Dispensa, or canned goods to buy and bring home. Good wine cellar.

Il GrecAle – borgata Muratori, 90 – 333 8879417 – ilgrecale.com

MassimoCamia Ristorante

Restaurant. Chef Massimo Camia is one of Langa's favourite sons who, after much experience, has been able to create 'his' restaurant, flanked by the historic Damilano winery and supported by his family, present in various roles in the restaurant. The ambience is of sober elegance, in a contemporary style; the outdoor area is pleasant. He knows how to best present the products of his land but also looks around, considering the value of his fish-based tasting menu. Important wine list, divided by producer, with a specific section for Barolo.

MassimoCamia Ristorante – strada provinciale 3 Alba-Barolo, 122 – 0173 56355 – massimocamia.it


Restaurant. A bright room with parking, a beautiful garden and a splendid view of the hills: an ideal setting for chef Alessandro Franco, who offers traditional, well-crafted cuisine with a few extra touches. But the course is very clear: carpione eel and vitello tonnato, tajarin al ragù, potato gnocchi with lamb ragout, fried porcini mushrooms, barbecued kid chops, traditional bunet and fig and dark chocolate sorbet. Room and cellar (strong on Barolo and Barbaresco) are perfect for the place.

Nesto – via Fontane, 22 – 0173 387138 – nesto.it

L’Osteria del Vignaiolo

Restaurant. Lovely restaurant, housed in a pleasant two-storey building, surrounded by vineyards and equipped with well-kept, quiet rooms. In three well-appointed and comfortable dining rooms, you can enjoy many Langhe classics with seasonal variations: veal in tuna sauce, rabbit salad, green gnocchetti with tomato sauce, boneless guinea fowl with olives that, in winter, gives way to traditional braised meats. In the cellar, there is a worthy space for small producers of Barolo and Barbaresco. Friendly service, the plus is the outdoor area.

L’Osteria del Vignaiolo – frazione Santa Maria, 12 – 0173 50335 – osteriadelvignaiolo.it

Osteria Veglio

Restaurant. A former kindergarten from the 1920s, which has become first a trattoria and now a restaurant in its own right, with a beautiful terrace offering extensive views over the valley. Inside, a large single room in a rustic, well-kept style. The cuisine offers territory and fish, with dishes such as stuffed courgette flower, seared baby squid, tajarin with vegetable ragout, spaghetti with prawns from Imperia, seared veal sweetbreads. Game, mushrooms and truffles in season. The selection of cheeses is remarkable. The wine cellar is another highlight: varied, deep and with options by the glass.

Osteria Veglio – frazione Annunziata, 9 – 0173 509341 – osteriaveglio.it



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