Where to eat in Paestum, in the heart of Cilento: the 9 best spots chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jun 25 2024, 15:09
Paestum is a true gem. With its Archaeological Park, beautiful sea, and excellent cuisine, the town has all the makings of a perfect holiday destination

Visiting the archaeological area of Paestum at sunset – a UNESCO World Heritage site – is a breathtaking experience, especially watching the sun set behind the majestic temples. Adding to this beauty is the marvel of the artifacts at the National Archaeological Museum, starting with the “Tomb of the Diver”. For food lovers, the DOP buffalo mozzarella, high-quality products, and a delightful repertoire of typical dishes accompanied by top-notch wines will satisfy the palate. Those who love sunbathing and water sports can enjoy 10 kilometers of sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea.

Where to eat in Paestum

Osteria Arbustico at Hotel Royal

Run by brothers Cristian and Tomas Torsiello, with Cristian in the kitchen and Tomas overseeing the service and the well-structured, internationally-minded wine cellar. The culinary offering, divided into two intriguing tasting menus, is a rare blend of simplicity and richness, showcasing the mastery and talent in interpreting and enhancing the local territory. Excellent coffee to finish. Reservations recommended.

Osteria Arbustico all’Hotel Royal – via F. Gregorio, 40 – 0828 851525 – www.osteriaarbustico.it

Brezza Marina

A welcoming and bright venue with an outdoor area, managed by siblings Dina and Ulderico (known as Rico) Vignola – she is the hostess and he is the chef. The seafood-based menu depends on the catch of the day and seasonal products, with a focus on local freshness. Vegetables, herbs, and aromatic plants come from their own garden. Tasting menu at €40. Interesting wine list with honest markups. Accommodation available in the family residence.

Brezza Marina – via F. Gregorio, 42 – 0828 851017 – www.facebook.com/Ristorante.Brezza.Marina/

Casa Coloni at Tenuta Duca Marigliano

Next to the archaeological excavations, in a lush garden, this charming establishment honors tradition with dishes like prawns with chard and roasted stalks, garum mayonnaise; spaghetti with courgette flower pesto, shrimp cream, smoked lemon; meatball with beef, pork, and ragù reduction. Well-crafted desserts and ice creams. Three tasting menus, one for vegetarians. Excellent wine list offered by a knowledgeable staff. Worth staying overnight.

Duca Marigliano – via Tavernelle, 86 – 0828 721297 – www.tenutaducamarigliano.it

La Dispensa di San Salvatore

The perfect place for a deep dive into Cilentan culinary tradition, thanks to many home-produced ingredients, especially wines and extra virgin olive oil. They also make yogurt and dairy products (including excellent buffalo mozzarella) from their own milk, as well as meats, cured meats, pasta made from their own wheat, fresh eggs, vegetables, and more. These ingredients are transformed into delicious dishes by local housewives, including desserts. Dine in a lovely setting and purchase what you like.

La Dispensa di San Salvatore – s.s. 18 Tirrena Inferiore – località Cafasso, 5 – 0828 1998888 – www.ladispensa1988.it

Nonna Sceppa

A solid establishment with over half a century of history, passionately managed by the Chiumiento family. Enjoy hearty dishes based on a careful selection of seasonal, mostly local ingredients. Fresh catches of the day and vegetables complement the menu with delightful specials. Two wine lists: one dedicated to Cilento and regional wines, the other featuring selections from across Italy and beyond.

La Dispensa di San Salvatore – s.s. 18 Tirrena Inferiore – località Cafasso, 5 – 0828 1998888 – www.ladispensa1988.it

La Pergola

Run by brothers Adriano and Giovanni Longo, this family-run restaurant has over forty years of history. In a well-kept, welcoming venue with outdoor tables under a pergola for the summer, the menu skillfully spans land and sea. The common thread is Cilento, with its recipes and flavors, and a well-honed ability to select quality ingredients. Among the highlights are the freshest raw seafood dishes. The wine list is well-organized, with regional selections and excellent sparkling wines.

La Pergola – via Magna Grecia, 50 – 0828 723377 – www.lapergolapaestum.it

Tenuta Vannulo

The organic Vannulo farm is a citadel revolving around buffalo and its derived products. Besides the advanced animal welfare and milking processes, there’s a dairy, a leather shop (producing handcrafted buffalo leather items with vegetable tanning), and a museum of peasant civilization. Mozzarella, ricotta, yogurt, puddings, and ice creams are sold (production is limited, so booking is necessary) or consumed on-site at the welcoming refreshment area with outdoor seating, where simple and tasty dishes are also served.

Tenuta Vannulo – c.da Vannulo via G. Galilei, 101 – 0828 727894 – www.tenutavannulo.com

Le Trabe

Located in Tenuta Capodifiume, a structure perfectly integrated into the natural oasis where the namesake river flows. The territory forms the basis for the expert hand and creativity of chef Marco Rispo, whose offerings shine in two tasting menus, “Caput Aquae” and “Zerottantuno”, or from an à la carte menu with simple dish names. Popular for ceremonies due to its space and setting, the estate also boasts a fine wine selection and efficient service even during frequent full-house events.

Le Trabe – via Capo di Fiume, 4 – 0828 724165 – www.letrabe.it

Tre Olivi at Hotel Savoy Beach

A gourmet restaurant and the pride of the various ventures of renowned local entrepreneur Salvatore Pagano. Recently, excellent German-born chef Oliver Glowig took over the kitchen, bringing his wealth of experience and ability to innovate while keeping the local territory in mind. Many ingredients come from their own agricultural estate, starting with extra virgin olive oil and wine. The cellar is more than satisfactory, and the ambiance is elegantly sober, with an outdoor seating area perfect for candlelit evenings.

Tre Olivi dell’Hotel Savoy Beach – via Poseidonia, 41 – 0828 720023 – www.paganopaestum.it/tre_olivi/

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