Where to eat in Numana: the 8 best places chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jul 10 2024, 15:26
The town is located on the Riviera del Conero, a promontory overlooking the Adriatic, characterized by picturesque landscapes, lush vegetation, pristine beaches, and postcard-perfect sea views

Numana is also part of the Conero Regional Park, a vast protected natural area with trails that can be explored on foot, horseback, and mountain bike. Complementing the natural beauty are artistic and historical attractions, as well as opportunities for water and land sports. Regarding the food and wine scene, the area produces excellent Conero DOCG wines, high-quality extra virgin olive oil, and cuisine that draws from both the sea and the land, offering gourmets unique flavours. Here are Numana's best dining spots.

Where to eat in Numana

30 Nodi

Located near the tourist port, "hidden" within the Orsa Maggiore beach establishment, it offers the opportunity to dine practically on the beach. The cuisine is well-curated and more than satisfying. Some highlights: amberjack tartare on purple cabbage gel and liquorice powder, marinated anchovies with stale bread and sea fennel (wild fennel), paccheri with monkfish and cherry tomatoes, tagliatelle with Conero mussels, mixed grill with breadcrumbs, tuna cutlet with mixed greens, homemade mayonnaise, and black salt. A well-rounded wine list with a regional focus and options by the glass. Better to book in advance.

30 Nodi – via del Golfo, 25 – 071 9728413 –www.facebook.com/30nodinumana/


Open for three years, this charming wine bar in the centre has an outdoor seating area, perfect for a pit stop at various times of the day, to buy a bottle, have a glass, an aperitif, a quick lunch, or dinner. The owners, Serena and Francesco, put a lot of effort into finding lesser-known wineries and unique labels, and they are always available to offer advice and suggestions to guide customers to the right purchase. To accompany the nectar of Bacchus, there are classic charcuterie boards, tartare, naturally leavened pinsa with various toppings, small sandwiches, and various snacks. Throughout the year, they organize tastings and themed evenings.

inbolla – via G. Matteotti, 8 – 348 5645698 – www.inbolla-numana.it

Marino 1958

The Pincini family manages this beautiful structure overlooking the sea, which includes a lovely boutique hotel, a beach establishment, a bar open all year round from the morning, a large panoramic terrace ideal for sunset aperitifs, and, last but not least, a seaside restaurant. The freshness of the catch and the genuineness of the ingredients are the basis of the offering, which also includes skillet pizza and dishes for celiacs: mussels with lime and fennel, sea chitarrine in white sauce, Adriatic fish and vegetable fry, grilled sardines with onions cooked under salt and raisins. Thoughtful selection of wines and sparkling wines.

Marino 1958 – Numana bassa via Litoranea, 3 – 071 7360111 – www.marino1958.it

Casa Rapisarda

A very small refined restaurant in the historic centre, the "home" of Alessandro Rapisarda, one of the most promising chefs in the region. His dishes are balanced and light, with clear flavours, a brilliant result of contamination between tradition and creativity. In addition to seasonal tastings, don’t miss one of the proposals where the chef ventures with foie gras or offal (both fish and meat), and the "vertical" of Conero mussels, of which he is a recognized specialist. Three tasting routes: Classic (€60), Purezza (dedicated to raw foods, €70), and Exaggerate but with Balance (€90). Wines in line with the menu.

Casa Rapisarda – via IV Novembre, 35 – 071 9696138 – www.ristorantecasarapisarda.it

Ricci Pescato & Fritto

The Ricci family are fishermen, and thanks to their own fishing boat and the established trust with other local suppliers, there is a rich display of catch every day, including crustaceans and shellfish. But there’s more, because with the abundance of fresh goods, the kitchens prepare ready-made dishes or express dishes according to the customer's wishes, to take away or consume on site at one of the available tables, which you need to set up yourself. It must be said that there is often a bit of a queue, but once you take a number, it usually moves quickly.

Ricci Pescato & Fritto – via Flaminia, 44/A – 071 9330145 –www.facebook.com/p/Ricci-Pescato-Fritto-Official/

Casa Rossi

This is the restaurant of the namesake agriturismo run by the Rossi family, a few minutes from the centre. Dining here, in a rustic-style environment or the outdoor seating area, means spending a couple of hours in relaxation and enjoying true traditional Marche cuisine, based on many home-grown products (meats, vegetables, aromatic herbs, and more), with the added value of homemade preserves, fresh pasta, and desserts. Cheeses, cured meats, Marchigiana beef tartare, gnocchi with duck sauce, tagliatelle with rabbit sauce, mixed meat grill, and the rich fry (including cream-filled olives, chicken, veal, and meatballs). Regional wines to wash it all down.

Casa Rossi – via Marina II, 6 – 071 7391456-393 1657688 – www.ristorantecasarossi.it


A small venue in the heart of the historic centre with a lovely outdoor seating area and a simple, tasty, and reasonably priced fish cuisine in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. From the menu: daily raw fish, skewers of beccafico-style anchovies, scallop carpaccio with tomato coulis, citrus coulis, and tzatziki sauce, grilled sardines, potato gnocchi with squid ragù, sea chitarrina in white sauce, mixed fish and vegetable fry, cod steak with spinach and homemade pickles, scampi with vegetable catalana. Fresh pasta and homemade desserts. The cellar offers mainly regional wines and sparkling wines, with some options by the glass. Friendly and family-like service.

loscottadito – via G. Leopardi, 26 – 340 8138110 – www.loscottadito.it

La Torre

This venue atop a hill overlooking the sea has two sides. In summer, La Terrazza operates, an open-air space with a breathtaking view where you can enjoy a good fish cuisine. All year round, the restaurant delights the most demanding palates with a high-level creative proposal, made with sought-after raw materials and products from its own garden. The indoor room is impressive, with large glass windows along the perimeter and outdoor seating. An exhaustive selection of wines completes the picture. Lunch menu at €35, vegetarian route at €32, tasting menu at €50. Book in advance, especially if you want to dine on the romantic balcony.

La Torre – via della Torre, 1 – 071 9330747 – www.latorrenumana.it  (anche foto d'apertura)

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