Where to eat in Norcia and Castelluccio: The 9 best spots chosen by Gambero Rosso

May 27 2024, 14:51
Norcia, in the Alta Valnerina and the Sibillini Mountains Park area, is not only renowned for truffles and cured meats but also as a respectable holiday destination, especially for art and nature lovers

Despite the severe damage from the 2016 earthquake, Norcia has revived, reclaiming its place as a notable Umbrian destination. The town boasts numerous churches, palaces, and monuments. About twenty minutes from the centre, the Castelluccio plateau offers breathtaking scenery in late spring, with a variety of blooming flowers turning the landscape into a vibrant palette. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy e-biking, climbing, and horseback riding. At the table, typical local products shine in dishes that satisfy even the most discerning gourmets.

Where to eat in Norcia and Castelluccio

Casale nel Parco

Agriturismo. Many of the ingredients come from the estate’s own production, including truffles, legumes, grains, and even saffron. Meals are served in a cozy setting, with a large fireplace for winter warmth and outdoor seating surrounded by greenery in warmer weather. The menu changes frequently, and the convivial dining option, meant to be shared with fellow diners, is particularly enticing. Comfortable, quiet rooms are available for those wishing to extend their stay. Reservations recommended.

Casale nel Parco – località Fontevena, 8 – 0743 816481 – www.casalenelparco.com

Il Fienile dell’Antica Cascina Brandimarte

Agriturismo. With rustic decor, a fireplace, and comfortable seating, Il Fienile offers a family-style atmosphere. Chef Anna Maria Brandimarte serves dishes made from genuine ingredients, some sourced from the family’s own garden. The wine list features Umbrian and Marche labels. Comfortable rooms of various types are available to suit any need. Reservations are advisable.

Il Fienile dell’Antica Cascina Brandimarte – frazione Castelluccio – via Libia, 58 – 0743 821194 – www.anticacascinacastelluccio.it

Norcineria Laudani

Bottega & Cucina. Operating since the 1990s, this spot is a must-visit for food lovers. It offers a selection of local products handpicked by the Laudani brothers, including cheeses, cured meats, truffles, legumes, artisanal pasta, preserves, sweets, and wines. It’s also a great place for an informal meal, with continuous service from 9 am to 6 pm. Various budget-friendly options are available, starting at 6 euros, paired with local craft beer or Umbrian wine.

Norcineria Centrale Laudani – corso Sertorio, 49 – 338 7925338-338 8530222 – www.norcinerialaudani.com

Salsiccia Bar

Bistrot. Run by the well-known Bianconi family, this centrally located bistro is perfect for a casual stop, whether for coffee and a pastry, a quick snack, or a full meal. The menu includes charcuterie and cheese boards, homemade pasta dishes, soups, truffle dishes, veal shank, lentils, and sausages. Wines by the glass and craft beer are available to accompany your meal.

Salsiccia Bar Bistrot – corso Sertorio, 24 – 0743 816513 – www.bianconi.com

Il Sentiero delle Fate

Agriturismo. A teaching farm, cheese, legume, and grain producer, with a restaurant offering a warm welcome from the Coccia family. The menu features local ingredients, with starters of house-made cheeses and charcuterie, followed by handmade tagliatelle, soups, flavorful meats, and spoon desserts. A shop offers food souvenirs. The wooden interiors and outdoor seating add to the charm.

Il Sentiero delle Fate – frazione Castelluccio – via Sciatori – 335 6118989 – www.agriturismoilsentierodellefate.it

Lu Soccio

Trattoria. Ideal for a relaxing break with home-style cooking, surrounded by a unique panorama. Chef and owner Maria Luisa Trabalza highlights local recipes and products, particularly the famous lentils. Specialties include cured meats, bruschetta, fresh pasta dishes, winter polenta with roveja and sausage, soups, mixed grills, skewers, and lamb stew. The wine list includes good regional bottles.

Lu Soccio – frazione Castelluccio – via Libia, 7 – 0743 821193 – www.facebook.com/lusoccioluigi/

Trattoria dei Priori

Trattoria. A family-run restaurant near the centre, offering a traditional culinary experience passed down through generations. Handmade fresh pasta and gnocchi are generously dressed with seasonal sauces (game, mushrooms, and truffles in season), and meats are cooked to perfection. Desserts are also house-made, like the amaretto semifreddo with puffed farro. Regional wines and local craft beer are available.

Trattoria dei Priori – frazione Artigianole via Meggiana, 23 – 0743 816282-366 4252731 – www.trattoriadeipriori.it

Osteria del Vettore

Trattoria. Located a few kilometres from Norcia in Castelluccio, this restaurant offers a spectacular view of Monte Vettore. The menu includes typical cured meats and cheeses, handmade pasta, excellent legume soups (especially lentils), grilled meats, and dishes enriched with local porcini mushrooms and truffles. Homemade desserts complete the offering. The welcoming atmosphere and large outdoor area make for a pleasant dining experience.

Osteria del Vettore – frazione Castelluccio – strada prov.le 477 km 10,400 – via del Pian Perduto – 331 9830509 – www.castelluccioosteriadelvettore.it

Vespasia dell’Hotel Palazzo Seneca

Restaurant. An elegant venue with beautiful dining rooms and a garden for summer, offering an unforgettable experience. Chef Fabio Cappiello, trained under the Bianconi family, heads the kitchen. The anti-waste menu must be booked in advance, with options including Vespasia (160 euros), Terra (112 euros), Acqua (112 euros), and Orto (94 euros). The goal is to highlight local ingredients with modern techniques and creative flair. The wine list is extensive and well-chosen.

Vespasia dell’Hotel Palazzo Seneca – via C. Battisti, 10 – 0743 817434 – www.vespasianorcia.com

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