Where to eat in Naples: the 8 best seafood Trattorias chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jun 5 2024, 13:27
Among spaghetti alle vongole, cuoppi, and raw fish... the sea is served

According to the British magazine Time Out, Naples is the city where you can eat the best food at still reasonable prices. This flattering result comes from a ranking that considers various cities around the world.

It seems to be the golden year for the Neapolitan capital, which has garnered – among many accolades – the praise of the famous actor Alessandro Gassmann, who has become a spokesperson for the Campania region. The seafront, Mount Vesuvius, the Spanish Quarters, museums, splendid churches, the Royal Palace… everywhere you can breathe culture and beauty. In terms of food, besides pizza, the cuisine triumphs with the flavours of tradition, both land and sea.

The 8 best seafood Trattorias in Naples

Osteria da Antonio

Trattoria. Managed for 35 years by Antonio Aceto, now assisted by his son Andrea, this is a reliable spot to enjoy simple and genuine seafood cuisine, highlighting the freshness of the daily catch from trusted suppliers. The menu features, among other things, impepata di cozze (peppered mussels), seafood soup, spaghetti with clams, paccheri allo scoglio (with mixed seafood), fried paranza, and polpetti alla Luciana. Satisfaction guaranteed, as evidenced by the constant full house. Simple yet curated setting, with outdoor tables offering a view of the Maschio Angioino.

Osteria da Antonio – via A. Depretis, 143 – 081 5510138 – www.osteriadaantonio.com

Da Donato

Trattoria. Between Piazza Garibaldi and Porta Nolana, this place opened in 1956 and, despite necessary modernizations, has remained true to itself. From the beginning, it has offered typical home-style Neapolitan cuisine, sincere and genuine, with dishes from both land and sea, derived from well-established recipes and carefully selected ingredients. Try the three parmigianas (eggplant, zucchini, and fennel) and the potato gattò, then spaghetti with clams, pasta with cuttlefish and peas, baked anchovies, and grilled calamari. Alternatively, good pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven.

Da Donato – via S. Spaventa, 41 – 081 287828 – www.facebook.com/p/DA-DONATO-dal-1956-antica-trattoria-e-pizzeria/

‘A Figlia d’’o Marenaro

Trattoria. The volcanic Assunta Pacifico, a media personality with overwhelming verve, firmly holds the helm of this place boasting nearly 70 years of activity, located near the Botanical Garden. The table offers a feast of seafood, crustaceans, and fish of all kinds, leaving you spoiled for choice between raw and cooked dishes. Sticking to the classics, you might opt for octopus salad, baccalà in cassuola (salt cod stew), seafood risotto, spaghetti with clams, fried anchovies, and grilled calamari. Good wines, outdoor tables.

‘A Figlia d’’o Marenaro – via Foria, 180 – 081 440827 – www.afigliadomarenaro.eu

Trattoria del Golfo

Trattoria. Family-run, this place near the Galleria Umberto I is all about substance over form. Friendly approach, simplicity, and quality in the offerings, which also include land specialties such as tasty eggplant parmigiana, "genovese" (Neapolitan meat sauce), and ziti with ragù. The seafood side features fried anchovies, sautéed mussels, spaghetti with clams, scialatielli with seafood, grilled octopus, and mixed grill. Homemade desserts include refreshing lemon sorbet and the inevitable tiramisu.

Trattoria del Golfo – via Santa Brigida, 56 – 081 19247380 – www.trattoriadelgolfo.net

Molo 17

Trattoria. Just a few metres from the Santa Lucia harbour, this charming spot was created by Francesco Cipolletta. It starts with raw dishes, tartare, carpaccio, and appetizing starters, including the standout maritozzo with burrata, red shrimp tartare, and guacamole. Then come spaghetti with clams, linguine with lobster, fried and grilled dishes, baccalà with zucchini alla scapece, seafood sandwiches, and even customisable poke bowls. The wine list gives ample space to whites and sparkling wines, including some from abroad, and there are a few craft beers too. Outdoor tables.

Molo 17 – via Partenope, 12/H – 081 18865240 – www.molo17napoli.it


Trattoria Nannì

Trattoria. Not far from Pignasecca, famous for its lively markets and the Church of Santa Maria di Montesanto, in the Montecalvario neighbourhood, this is a reliable name. Here, Neapolitan tradition is showcased daily, according to season and market, with ingredients as local as possible. The journey can start with marinated anchovies and cuttlefish carpaccio, followed by spaghetti with clams or seafood, grilled swordfish, and fried paranza. The meatballs are also worth tasting, as are the house-made desserts.

Trattoria Nannì – via T. Senise, 2 (angolo via Toledo) – 081 19252501 – www.trattoriananni.eu

A Taverna do’ Re

Trattoria. Easily reachable by metro, near Piazza del Plebiscito but also the port and ferry terminals for the islands, this is an establishment with a very old history. Seated at one of the outdoor tables or in the cosy indoor spaces, you can enjoy dishes of straightforward traditional seafood and land fare, though there are some variations. Mussel soup, marinated anchovies, vermicelli with clams, linguine al cartoccio, baccalà in four ways, and fried shrimp and calamari. They also make pizza. A worthy finish with lemon delight and millefeuille with cream and cherries.

‘A Taverna do’ Re – supportico Fondo di Separazione, 2 – 081 5522424 – www.atavernadorenapoli.it

A Taverna d’’e Zoccole

Trattoria. In the maze of alleys that characterise the Spanish Quarters, this place has been reborn in recent years thanks to the patron Aldo Civale. This "sea tavern" (as they call themselves) is a valuable address for eating well without straining your stomach or wallet. The menu is decided by the market, with dishes having a touch of creativity that doesn't overshadow the freshness of the catch. Octopus and potato salad with Amalfi lemon, vermicelli with lupini clams, pezzogna all'acqua pazza (sea bream), and fried dishes... all delicious. Cute interior, offering some outdoor tables.

A Taverna d’’e Zoccole – vico Lungo del Gelso, 96 – 081 19655361 – www.facebook.com/p/Atavernadezoccole/

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