Where to Eat in Madonna di Campiglio and Surroundings in Winter: The 18 Best Restaurants

Nov 30 2023, 17:13
There are endless leisure possibilities, catering to both sports enthusiasts and those seeking a relaxing vacation, with opportunities for spa sessions and shopping strolls. Regarding food options, while hotel restaurants are quite popular, there are also worthwhile alternatives for an indulgent snack

Madonna di Campiglio, nestled in the Brenta Dolomites, stands as one of Italy's most renowned and frequented mountain tourist destinations. This year, the ski facilities, following an early schedule, will officially open on November 25th until the end of the season, delighting enthusiasts with access to 156 kilometres of interconnected slopes.

Where to Eat in Madonna di Campiglio:

Dolomieu at DV Chalet

Restaurant. Intimate and romantic settings, with just a handful or slightly more tables, frame one of the town's finest gastronomic experiences. Trentino-native chef Fiorenzo Perremuto creatively crafts ingredients, mostly local or from short supply chains, from freshwater fish to game meats and cheeses, incorporating wild herbs, mushrooms, and berries. The naturally leavened bread is homemade, and their wine list features many intriguing labels. For a less formal pit stop, DV Bistrot is a great choice.

Dolomieu del DV Chalet – via Castelletto Inferiore, 10 – 0465 443191 – dvchalet.it

Due Pini at Hotel Chalet del Sogno

Restaurant. Located on the ground floor of an elegant 5-star hotel built following bio-architecture principles, Due Pini is the hotel's pride. Talented chef Alessandro Nocella is responsible for sourcing ingredients personally, predominantly from local gardens, forests, streams, pastures, and valleys nearby. Noteworthy and extensive wine list, starting with regional references and spanning across the entire Peninsula and beyond.

Due Pini all’Hotel Chalet del Sogno – via Spinale, 37/b – 0465 441033 – hotelchaletdelsognocampiglio.com

Ferrari Spazio Bollicine Nabucco

Wine Bar. Established nearly 20 years ago and recently renovated, this place is a go-to for Ferrari sparkling wine lovers, a name widely recognised throughout Italy and beyond. Here, visitors come for an aperitif, with the opportunity to taste all varieties of Trento Doc from the winery, along with a curated selection of national wines, paired with delicious bites leveraging high-quality products. The same applies to dinner and post-dinner, all in a relaxed and glamorous atmosphere.

Ferrari Spazio Bollicine Nabucco – piazza Righi, 3 – 0465 440756 – ferraritrento.com

Il Gallo Cedrone at Hotel Bertelli

Restaurant. Classic elegance and polite hospitality define Hotel Bertelli. The beautiful tavern hosting the restaurant, directed by chef Sabino Fortunato, comfortably handles local products alongside Mediterranean elements, including seafood. His menus, changing with the seasons, embody his experiences, showcasing a modern perspective on mountain cuisine with Mediterranean influences, paying homage to his Puglia origins. A well-stocked and unique wine cellar complements the dining experience.

Il Gallo Cedrone dell’Hotel Bertelli – via Cima Tosa, 80 – 0465 441013 – ilgallocedrone.it

Home Stube

Brewery. This place is primarily known for its excellent beers, both on tap and bottled, crafted in-house, as well as artisanal and international varieties. They also offer a well-curated selection of wines available by the glass, thanks to the Coravin system. To accompany these beverages, they present a plethora of enticing options, starting with a rich mixed platter of cold cuts and cheeses for sharing. Additionally, they serve beef tartare, snails, fried mushrooms, strangolapreti (homemade pasta), canederli in various styles, polenta, shank, pork ribs, sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers, and roasted chicken— all flavourful and highly satisfying dishes.

Home Stube – via Adamello, 16 – 0465 894619 – homestubemdc.com


Restaurant. Located just minutes away from the town centre in a typical mountain building with convenient parking, Piccadilly offers well-maintained spaces and a cuisine that successfully highlights local products, mostly sourced from short supply chains, following seasonal and sustainable principles. Alongside an impressive selection of cold cuts and cheeses, patrons can savour consistently interesting dishes, homemade bread, and desserts (the cheesecake is a must-try). Their pizzas, both classic and "mountain-style," such as the Campiglio with organic tomatoes, gorgonzola, and speck, are worth trying. Beers and wines are available, with the option of tasting.

Piccadilly – via Vallesinella, 19 – 0465 440235 - piccadillymdc.it

Sparkling Lounge

Wine Bar. Located on the ground floor of Hotel Rosengarten in the city centre, this establishment is a highly sought-after spot for aperitifs, offering quality drinks in a relaxed atmosphere with a trendy ambiance. Champagne takes the spotlight here, with a delightful selection to choose from. Alternatively, professionally crafted cocktails are available from skilled bartenders. On the food side, they offer quite a few tempting options, from venison carpaccio to carne salada tartare, a trio of canederli to venison bites with polenta. To conclude, there are the must-try apple strudel and tiramisu.

Sparkling Lounge – viale Dolomiti di Brenta, 71 – 0465 442767 - sparklingloungecampiglio.it

Stube Hermitage at Bio Hotel Hermitage

Restaurant. The wooden Stube, tastefully furnished with attention to detail, adds terrace tables with views of the peaks. The culinary philosophy aligns with the sustainable approach of the hotel managed by the Maffei family. The menu crafted by Antonio Lepore, a young and talented chef of Campania origin, includes a variety of beautifully presented dishes that skillfully combine lightness and flavour. The cellar boasts hundreds of labels.

Stube Hermitage del Bio Hotel Hermitage – via Castelletto Inferiore, 69 – 0465 441558 - stubehermitage.it

Shane at Bar Maturi

Café & Bar. The establishment reflects the spirit of its owner, Shane Spanò, who has developed an offer suitable for every need. The environment itself is modern and enclosed behind large windows providing a remarkable view of the mountains. For breakfast, the offer includes pastries and baked goods alongside a quality coffee selection, complemented by mini-cakes, slices of cakes, and savoury snacks, all artisanally produced. The cuisine primarily focuses on seafood, featuring frequently changing, inventive dishes. In the afternoon, the bar serves wines by the glass and well-crafted cocktails paired with gourmet snacks. v

Shane at Bar Maturi – viale Dolomiti di Brenta, 13 – 0465 442332 – shaneatbarmaturi.it

Bar Suisse

Café & Bar. Elegant and refined, both in decor and offerings, this historic establishment guarantees a quality stop. The tables are always occupied, whether for a morning coffee and krapfen or for afternoon hot chocolate (or a "bombardino" cocktail) with pastries and slices of cake (try the Sacher and Torta della Nonna with custard and pinenuts). Their brunch menu is inviting, featuring platters of local cold cuts and cheeses, soups, omelettes, gourmet sandwiches, and a selection of tasty dishes. In the evening, they excel with excellent glasses of wine accompanied by savoury snacks.

Bar Suisse – piazza Righi, 10 – 0465 443481 – cantinadelsuisse.com

Shops and Stores in Madonna di Campiglio:

1550 Birrificio Alpino

Brewery. Established in 2020 by Giancarlo Burrini, a young local, and managed by a team of talented individuals, this successful microbrewery crafts artisanal beers. Their concept involves using local ingredients, from spring water to honey, Garda citrus fruits to forest berries, to create easily drinkable, high-quality canned beers to protect them from light oxidation. They also produce excellent gin, made with botanicals and forest fruits. Purchases can be made at the company's retail outlet.

1550 Birrificio Alpino – viale Dolomiti di Brenta, 118 – 334 8385497

Ballardini Gourmet Market Enoteca

Gastronomy. The first store opened in 1964, and since then, the business has evolved and expanded, changing addresses and opening new outlets. Here, you'll find Trentino wines, beers, and grappas, a great selection of local cheeses and cold cuts, many high-quality regional products, as well as specialties from Italy and around the world. They also offer a well-stocked gastronomy counter (featuring canederli, strangolapreti, gnocchi, etc.), traditional desserts (especially strudel and fregoloti cake), and more. Another branch — Il Rustico Ballardini — is on viale Dolomiti di Brenta 45.

Ballardini Gourmet Market Enoteca – piazza Brenta Alta, 21 – 0465 441056 – ballardini.shop

Ciocomiti Point La Casa del Cioccolato

Chocolate shop. Located within a historic building in the heart of the town, is the Ciocomiti shop of Malè (TN). Starting from high-quality cacao beans, which the company roasts, gently shells, stone grinds, and refines at high altitude before transforming them into delightful products: various pralines, chocolate bars, spreadable creams, coffee beans, coated citrus peels, biscuits, and more. Additionally, they serve hot chocolate in winter and artisanal gelato in summer.

Ciocomiti Point La Casa del Cioccolato – piazza Righi, 28 – 0465 440086 - ciocomiti.com

Malga Montagnoli

Dairy farm. The activities at the dairy farm are numerous, starting with the Bar Campari Ors, which serves on a panoramic terrace in summer and in cosy spaces with a lit fireplace during winter. Their 240 hectares of pasture land, housing around 60 cows, yield milk used for butter, ricotta, yogurt, fresh and aged cheeses, all available at the La Dispensa del Montagnoli retail outlet, alongside other products.

Malga Montagnoli – località Montagnoli – 0465 443355-0465 443102


Cheese. The cheese producer is located in Mezzana (TN), Val di Sole, and this central retail outlet showcases their products. Their production relies on milk from around forty contributing members, primarily from brown cow breeds, but also goats. Through skillful artisan processing, they create fresh and aged cheeses, offering a diverse range including ricotta, Gorgonzola, flavoured cheeses (such as with chives, walnuts, cumin, chili...), Trentingrana, small wheels, goat cheeses, and a selective range of typical products.

Presanella – piazza Righi, 22 – 0465 440059 – caseificiopresanella.com

Sfiziosità da Marcello

Gastronomy. This well-stocked downtown shop radiates grace and courtesy, serving as a point of reference for local food enthusiasts and holidaymakers alike. Assisted and pampered by the owner's attention, visitors can purchase select regional products sourced scrupulously from the finest farmer artisans. The options are overwhelming, from preserves, pasta, flours, cold cuts (speck, mortadella, carne salada, and more), cheeses, honeys, desserts, artisanal liqueurs, wines… the list goes on. They also create gift packages.

Sfiziosità da Marcello – via Cima Tosa, 25 – 0465 442730 – sfiziositadamarcello.it

Worth the Trip... in Pinzolo:

Dolom’ice Gelato e Cioccolato

Gelato Parlour. The success and unanimous acclaim of this establishment goes to Enrico Collini, a talented 27-year-old gelato maker and chocolate enthusiast. The goal here is to transform local products and traditional recipes into gelato without any artificial elements. This results in flavours like strudel, blueberry tart gelato, "Dolomitico" (yogurt mixed with dark chocolate and homemade raspberry jam), gelato made with Ferrari demi-sec sparkling wine and Trento apples... All worth trying.

Dolom’ice Gelato e Cioccolato – piazza Carera, 11 – 388 4612535

Rendenèr Alpine Food

Restaurant. Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing addresses in the area, it was founded by the young Thomas Beltramolli, managed alongside his sister Laura and their family. The ambiance is beautiful, soberly elegant, modern, with outdoor seating. The culinary philosophy revolves around "no waste," primarily using short supply chain ingredients and produce from their small garden. Their frequently changing menu includes seafood dishes and options for vegetarians. The wine list prominently features regional wineries.

Rendenèr Alpine Food – via Sorano, 35 – 0465 502008 – rendeneralpinefood.it


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