Where to eat in Limone sul Garda: the top 4 restaurants chosen by Gambero Rosso

May 27 2024, 18:03
On the Brescia side of Lake Garda, Limone is a gem that satisfies both relaxation seekers and sports enthusiasts. However, finding good food can be a bit more challenging, despite the abundance of quality ingredients. Here are the places to keep in mind

Now that the Castèl Lemon House has reopened, there's another excellent reason to visit this small town of just over 1,000 inhabitants on the Brescia side of Lake Garda. This beautiful garden, populated with over a hundred citrus trees (including cedars, lemons, sweet and bitter oranges, chinottos, grapefruits, mandarins, and kumquats), features a didactic and museum route and spans a terraced area of over 1,500 square meters. It's a spectacular sight.

Limone is known for its citrus fruits, excellent extra virgin olive oil, its historic center, and breathtaking lake views. To be fair, it is not as renowned for its gastronomic offerings due to the high number of mediocre tourist spots. However, the arrival of Alfio Ghezzi at Eala a few years ago significantly raised the bar. Here are a few more spots to keep in mind to avoid tourist traps.

Where to eat in Limone sul Garda

Residence Dalco

Set in greenery, this place offers suites and apartments with magnificent panoramic views. You can also dine by the pool, and the menu caters to both lovers of "safe" cuisine and the more adventurous. The dishes are well-prepared and beautifully presented. Highlights include homemade tagliolini with rocket pesto and red prawn among the first courses, and the lemon tart among the desserts.

Dalco - via Prealzo, 4a - 0365 1830063 residencedalco.com


The best reason to visit is undoubtedly the location, right in front of the lake, with a veranda and terrace that fully exploit the strategic setting. The menu ranges from classic Italian dishes to more daring, well-thought-out creations: carrot (yellow, purple, orange), roast potato ice cream, puffed rice, and wasabi, with a sour sauce of carrot and apple vinegar alongside a simpler mixed lake grill. Pizzas are also available. Good wine selection and service.

Gemma - p.zza Garibaldi, 12 - 0365 954014 - ristorantegemma.it

Monte Baldo

A few meters from the lake, within the namesake hotel, this place is a precious lifeline amidst the surrounding tourist traps. They pay attention to the raw materials (especially freshwater fish and Garda extra virgin olive oil), resulting in well-crafted dishes with a modern twist while respecting tradition. The "lake trilogy" appetizer includes lake sushi, coregone burger, and a chef's surprise. The bigoli are served with fresh and smoked lake fish ragù, deglazed with Lugana wine. Among the main courses, you’ll find meats from the Ballardini val Rendena butcher, such as lamb rump "cbt" with kumquats, pistachios, artichokes, and olive powder. The wine list complements the culinary offerings, with noteworthy views and a terrace.

Monte Baldo - via Porto, 27 - 0365 954021 - montebaldolimone.it

Senso Lake Garda in Eala

The fine dining experience at the regal Eala, curated by Alfio Ghezzi (also operating in Rovereto), with a stunning lake view, has become one of the best on the Brescia side of Lake Garda. The Trentino chef's ability to elegantly, simply, and tastefully interpret local lake and regional ingredients results in original and always spot-on dishes. For a less formal meal, there's the Alfio Ghezzi Bistrot. Precise service and a well-stocked cellar. It’s worth staying the night.

Senso Lake Garda in Eala - via IV Novembre, 86 - 0365 954613 - ealalakegarda.com

cover photo Visitlimonesulgarda - Consorzio Turistico Limonese

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