Where to eat in Langhe’s Monforte d’Alba, the best restaurants

Nov 3 2023, 18:02
One of the most evocative villages in Langhe, is located in the province of Cuneo, in the south-east part of Piemonte, among a mountainous and hilly area defined by breathtaking landscapes, vineyards and forests

Monforte d'Alba has very old origins, traces of settlements dating back to Neolithic and Roman times have been found. Over the centuries, it has passed through various dominations and played an important role in the struggles between noble families in the medieval Italy. Today, it is possible to discover the town’s history through its historical buildings and archaeological sites. You should visit the famous open-air amphitheatre with a view of the vineyards, not to mention the renowned local cuisine, here are all the best restaurants.

Where to eat in Langhe’s Monforte d’Alba

Borgo Sant’Anna

Restaurant. A real farming village renovated respecting its layout, adapting it to the function of a modern table. At the fires Pasquale Laera, a young chef but with the knowledge of an important experience behind him that allows him, today, to offer a constantly evolving cuisine in which new elements and products from the property's vegetable garden are blended. This season, in addition to an interesting game-themed course, there’s also a menu focused on truffle. The food is very good. For a less demanding stop there is Lostu, a traditional tavern.

Borgo Sant’Anna – località Sant’Anna, 84 – 0173 1950332 – borgosantanna.it

Le Case della Saracca

Wine bar. In the upper part of the historic centre, the entrepreneur Giulio Perin purchased extremely characteristic medieval houses, one next to the other, simple but of rare beauty. This was followed by a praiseworthy conservative renovation, reinforcing the whole with exposed steel, glass staircases and achieving various and lively rooms to be used as restaurants or rooms to stay in. The rest is the food offering, classically inspired and with high quality raw materials. The wine cellar deserves a special mention for the number of references, variety, type, after all it is a Three Bottles spot for the 2024 Restaurant Guide.

Le Case della Saracca – via Cavour, 3 – 0173 789222 – saracca.com

Gennaro Di Pace

Restaurant. On the lower floor of the castle operates Gennaro Di Pace, transplanted from his native Calabria by the invitation of Gregorio Gitti, the owner. And right was the hunch, for the talented chef has brought to the Barolo area a fresh cuisine that contaminates local gastronomic platforms with intelligence, method, measure and personality. Bread, sandwiches and breadsticks are home-made. The wine cellar, even if not so wide, allows right pairings. Intimate, quiet and relaxed ambience.

Gennaro Di Pace – località Perno vicolo della Chiesa, 8 – 379 1130854 – gennarodipace.it

Fre al Réva Resort

Restaurant. A classy establishment, an elegant ambience of Nordic essentiality, glimpses of an open kitchen and a fabulous terrace outside. In the kitchen, the aura of Yannick Alléno and the skill of Francesco Marchese paint a kaleidoscopic proposal where fermentations and extractions become the protagonists of recipes in which classicism appears recognisable both in the pillars of territory and in the homages to water. Accompanying, an important wine cellar in terms of quality and numbers. The Piccolo Fre Bistrot is a more informal and less onerous alternative.

Fre al Réva Resort – località San Sebastiano, 68 – 0173 789269 – revamonforte.com


Restaurant. One breathes a lot of history in this restaurant, which is part of an early 20th century building with comfortable accommodation. The Rocca family has been running it since 1923 and has preserved its charm, history and furnishings intact. Crossing the garden with a vine pergola, you enter the historic rooms and then look out onto one of the most beautiful terraces in the Langhe, with a breathtaking view of the hills. From the kitchen come well-made dishes of a traditional matrix, denoting quality ingredients. Well-stocked wine cellar (and visitable).

Felicin – via D. Vallada, 8 – 0173 78225 – felicin.it


Restaurant. Historic house with a magnificent  terrace in the centre of town, in the pedestrian area. At the table come the dishes of the young Roman chef Francesco Costantini. Creative cuisine, his, with an inspired and gentle touch, where even Piedmontese classics dialogue with suggestions that come from afar. The tasting menus are worthwhile, ranging from vegetable to traditional, with a seven-course menu that is convincing for its balance. The excellent wine list includes an intriguing mescita service of great Piedmontese reds.

Moda – via Cavour, 16 – 0173 787297 – modavenue.eu

Osteria I Rebbi

Restaurant. One of the many farmhouses along the provincial road between Monforte d'Alba and Dogliani, well restored and with a beautiful summer garden. Inside, intimacy and sober elegance. The cuisine has a strong territorial imprint, in the chords of Monferrato chef Valerio Arione, who also offers a 40-euro tasting menu, along with the à la carte. Well-made, mouth-watering and satisfying dishes, with truffle-based proposals in season. The wine list is strongly inspired by Barolo, but there are also labels from other regions and France.

Osteria I Rebbi – località San Sebastiano, 52 (strada provinciale 9) – 0173 78568 – osteriairebbi.com

La Repubblica di Perno

Trattoria. La Repubblica di Perno, in the small hamlet of the same name, is the full expression of this territory, as proudly declared on the sign. Family-run, it is run with dedication and passion by a close-knit couple at work and in life. In the kitchen is Marco Forneris, who daily prepares tajarin, agnolotti del plin, finanziera and many other typical dishes; in the dining room and in the wine cellar is Elena Miori, who always recommends excellent wines chosen from a select range of both national and international labels at honest prices.

La Repubblica di Perno – frazione Perno via Cavour, 5 – 0173 78492 – repubblicadiperno.it

Trattoria della Posta

Restaurant. An old post station converted into a cosy restaurant with old furniture, white flanders tablecloths and well-spaced tables. Marita in the dining room and Gianfranco in the kitchen have for years been guaranteeing a fine experience of courtesy, excellent cuisine and careful wine selection. The restaurant's signature dishes are undoubtedly the baked onion stuffed with toma cheese, the 40-yolk tajarin pasta served with a perfect ragout, and the agnolotti pasta with mountain butter and ample truffle grating (from October to January). The selection of cheeses is noteworthy.

Trattoria della Posta – località Sant’Anna, 87 – 0173 78120 – trattoriadellaposta.it

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