Where to eat in hotels in Milan

Apr 20 2024, 13:29
The best restaurants, bistros, Japanese, and hotel cocktail bars selected by Gambero Rosso

When Giancarlo Morelli returned to Milan a few years ago, settling in Viu, in the Chinatown area, it was considered one of the first examples of a "bleisure" hotel, a new concept of hospitality that combined the needs of business stays with those of pure leisure vacations. But the city moves fast, and if historically Milanese hospitality has been at the forefront in Italy, today there are continuously emerging structures where design (we are in the capital of the Design Week, after all) meets targeted investments, by prestigious chains or "other" brands (especially from the world of fashion).

The result is a panorama of carefully designed structures (or re-designed after careful restyling), ready to welcome both international and local audiences, equipped with wellness centers, fitness areas, and spaces for smart working, lounges and relaxation areas, and in many cases rooftop bars with breathtaking views. And where dining adapts accordingly: fine but also casual dining, between cosmopolitan tables and original mixology venues. Here is a selection of the best, where renowned certainties and "under-the-radar" gems find their place.

Where to eat in hotels in Milan. The best restaurants, bistros, Japanese, and hotel cocktail bars selected by Gambero Rosso

Ten Eleven at Portrait Milano Hotel

Restaurant. The "casual dining" at the luxurious Portrait Milano was the place to be in the last Milanese season, for foreigners who love Italy and Italians who love the world. The place is classy, located in the former Archbishop's Seminary that Leonardo Ferragamo transformed starting from Portrait, opening it to the whole city. The menu is enjoyable with an authorial touch (see the mondeghili with "hand-torn" meat or the pasta in bianco that has conquered the city) and no boundaries: from the "Italian" ceviche to a perfect Beef Wellington. There is also the Beefbar Quadrilatero, with excellent meats, and the newcomer, the cocktail bar Rumore, opened at the end of 2023 and designed with inspiration from the sixties.

(10_11) Ten Eleven del Portrait Milano Hotel - via Sant'Andrea, 10 - 02 367995850 - lungarnocollection.com

Acanto at Hotel Principe di Savoia

Restaurant. It's always pleasant to sit in the Acanto room, the fine dining establishment of the true institution of Milanese hospitality and a place long loved by designers: one feels like a lord, enjoying the perfect mise en place and surrounded by a beautiful international clientele. Today, at the helm of a consistently reliable kitchen, calibrated for a diverse public, is Matteo Gabrielli, who for years was sous chef to Alessandro Buffolino, author of dishes like hazelnut butter risotto, lemon and red prawn tartare, or beef royale, spiced celery root cream, baby carrots, and pepper jus. A cellar that allows for enjoyment at grand hotel prices. The Salotto is the lobby lounge, designed by Thierry Despont, while the Principe Bar is the realm of mixology.

Armani/Ristorante at Armani Hotel Milano

Restaurant. It is the deluxe "home" (with a unique view of beautiful Milan, from the Duomo to Porta Nuova) signed by Armani, one of the most successful marriages between fashion and food. It is located on the seventh floor, in a classy room with chessboard flooring in onyx and large windows that frame the entire floor. Here, chef Francesco Mascheroni showcases creativity and open-mindedness, technique, and respect for raw materials, in a minimal style consistent with the exclusive setting.

Armani/Ristorante dell'Armani Hotel Milano - via A. Manzoni, 31 - 02 88838702 - locations.armani.com

Il Cairoli Bar & Restaurant by “UNA cucina”

Restaurant. A central location, overlooking the Sforzesco Castle, and a bright room for the restaurant inside UNAHotels Cusani. The menu is essential and direct, suitable for a business clientele and high-end tourism, focusing on Italian flavors. There are classics like "old Milan" risotto and osso buco medallions with its jus. Good cellar, efficient service.

Il Cairoli Bar & Restaurant by “UNA cucina” - via Cusani, 13 - 02 8560605 - gruppouna.it

Caruso Nuovo at Grand Hotel et de Milan

Bistro. A hotel with 160 years of history where writers, painters, and musicians have passed through, a symbol of the city where, in addition to the gourmet Don Carlos, Caruso Nuovo now operates after a philological restyling, set up by Gennaro Esposito. He has brought here a cuisine based on Neapolitan salottiera and polyglot traditions, with great attention to vegetables. Mixed pasta soup with seafood, Milanese veal cutlet, the inevitable Neapolitan baba with custard and seasonal fruit. Slimmer menu at lunch.

Caruso Nuovo del Grand Hotel et de Milan - via A. Manzoni, 19 - 02 723141 - grandhoteletdemilan.it

Da Noi In at Hotel Magna Pars Suites

Restaurant. Andrea Alfieri, an experienced chef, leads the kitchen of one of the most beautiful and original spaces in Milan, a perfume hotel set in a former perfume factory and with its own internal "perfume laboratory" (Absolue) furnished with vintage pieces from the 1960s belonging to the Martone family's cosmetic company, Marvin. The indoor dining room is refined, warm, and well-lit, while the small courtyard provides natural tranquility in the summer. The menu offers some classic fish and seafood options, the house's signature dishes (egg in cage, milk cream and Grana Padano, black and white truffle), and very Italian, simple, and well-executed dishes. Good cellar and adequate service. You'll find a counter, visible cellar, and cocktails at LiquidamBar.

Da Noi In dell'Hotel Magna Pars Suites - via Forcella, 6 - 02 8338371 - magnapars.it

The Dome Restaurant at ODSweet Duomo Milano Hotel

Restaurant. A centrally located 4-star hotel with an original concept, all themed around "sweetness". First of all, as soon as you enter, you are immediately struck by the aroma of chocolate and vanilla in the air. The rooms - 17 themed in dark chocolate and 17 in marshmallow - also feature a Sweet Corner where you can satisfy any sweet craving at any time of the day. On the seventh floor of the building, you'll find The Dome Rooftop adorned with a profusion of plants and flowers, offering four different breakfast proposals every day, while on the second floor there's The Dome Restaurant, with an international menu and drink list.

ODSweet Duomo Milano Hotel – via G. Mazzini, 2 (angolo piazza Duomo) – 02 26600449 – odsweethotel.com

Domenica at 21 House of Stories

Bistro. Innovative hospitality and community: that's how the Benetton brothers framed 21 House of Stories Navigli, a symbol of a neighborhood seeking a less traditional identity, more New York than traditional Milanese postcard. The design structure immediately made the headlines thanks to the two Miradors: spectacular twin terraces with a pool. The rooms? Rain shower, king-size beds, and extra-comfort pillows. On the seventh floor, there's a great mixology area, while on the ninth, raw meat and fish are served, paired with wine. The full culinary offering is available on the ground floor in the bistro with reliable, very Italian, and direct cuisine. From veal with tuna sauce to brick chicken, from spaghetti with tuna and onion to panna cotta with strawberries. Also in Città Studi.

Domenica al 21 House of Stories - via A. Sforza, 7 - 02 89079880 - 21houseofstories.com

Duo Bistrot at Duo Milan Porta Nuova

Bistro. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the bistro of the second Italian property in the Tribute Portfolio collection of independent Marriott hotels, opened in March 2023 in the former Four Points Milan Center by Sheraton after a major restyling, is located in one of the coolest and busiest neighborhoods of the capital. The hotel has 239 rooms, including 11 suites, and is designed according to a bleisure style - between business and leisure - with a smart and contemporary design consistent with the surrounding area. There is also a Peruvian restaurant on the rooftop.

Duo Bistrot del Duo Milan Porta Nuova - via Gerolamo Cardano, 1 - 02 667461 - marriott.com

Terrazza Duomo 21 at The Glamore Milano Duomo

Bistro. The 5-star hotel with 15 rooms and suites (but they will increase to over 30), many with private balconies, is located on the third floor of the building, entirely owned by the Glamore group, in a unique location and with one of the few non-touristy offers in the area. The food proposal is more than varied: on the first floor, there is the club with an exclusive terrace overlooking the square and evening entertainment until late at night, a breakfast room, and a bistro overlooking the Galleria with typical Italian and international cuisine. On the second floor, there's the Verso restaurant, by the Capitaneo brothers, who last fall earned two Michelin stars in one go.

Terrazza Duomo 21 del The Glamore Milano Duomo - p.zza del Duomo, 21 - 02 47755459 - terrazzaduomo21.it

Terrazza Gallia at Excelsior Hotel Gallia

Restaurant. The view of the Babylonian colossus of Central Station is one of the reasons to climb to the top of this historic hotel, which a few decades ago fueled dreams of soccer fans by hosting transfer market events. The other reason is the cuisine of the Lebano brothers, Vincenzo, and Antonio, chosen by the Cerea (Da Vittorio in Brusaporto) who had them as students. The two are from Campania, and it shows and it's heard. The Mediterranean bursts everywhere and gives its name (Mediterranean Essence) to the most powerful dish, mixed pasta with Saracen mussels, seaweed, verbena, and burnt grain, a true concentrate of flavors. An all-day proposal with appetizers, salads, some simple first courses, and sandwiches.

Terrazza Gallia dell'Excelsior Hotel Gallia - p.zza Duca d'Aosta, 9 - 02 67853514 - galliadining.com

Morbido at Quark Hotel Milano

Restaurant. Leading the offer of this historic structure - a must for business hospitality - which returned to light after over two years of renovation is Andrea Ribaldone (former consultant at Domenica at 21 House of Stories). The food offer is modulated in different environments: the Morbido, La Veranda, Tonico lounge bar, Grab&Go (so-called "take and go" 24/7). The first is the casual dining version, sophisticated yet reassuring, with a kitchen made of local ingredients and dishes ranging from shared cold and hot appetizers to Carnaroli risotto with Mantuan pumpkin and amaretti, from fresh pasta tagliolini with seafood ragout to pork cheek with celery root puree and toasted hazelnuts.

Morbido del Quark Hotel Milano - via Lampedusa, 11 - 02 847391 - quarkhotelmilano.com

Giancarlo Morelli at Viu Milan Hotel

Restaurant. Giancarlo Morelli's Milanese venue, an experienced chef with his first restaurant in Seregno, in Brianza (Pomiroeu Giancarlo Morelli), is located on the ground floor of this "bleisure" hotel that boasts a rooftop pool with a stunning view. At Morelli's restaurant, he maintains his style with the desire to have fun and entertain, offering new dishes every season, while keeping his classics. The dining room is very beautiful, and there's a chef's table in the kitchen. A few meters away, the Bulk Bistrot for an opening aperitif and a cocktail on the way out.

Giancarlo Morelli dell'hotel Viu Milan - Sarpi - via A. Fioravanti, 4 - 02 80010918 - morellimilano.it

PanEVO at The Westin Palace

Restaurant. Located near Porta Nuova, in a 1950s building with an Aswan marble facade, it is a prestigious hotel in step with the times, attentive to sustainability and environmental protection. In addition to rooms, suites, and a residence, it has a Lounge Bar and a splendid panoramic terrace on the eighth floor, open seasonally. The restaurant is led by chef Moris La Greca, who offers a menu with a Mediterranean imprint and creative hints.

PanEVO del The Westin Palace - p.zza della Repubblica, 20 - 02 63364001 - panevorestaurant.com

Pellico 3 Milano at Hotel Park Hyatt Milan

Restaurant. It reopened after the restyling by the international studio Muza lab, which made it an even more exclusive and eclectic place, with a varied offering: Cupola, Mio Lab bar plus the fine dining Pellico 3, where Guido Paternollo, a young Milanese chef with an engineering degree and experiences at Enrico Bartolini as well as Yannick Alleno and Alain Ducasse, showcases a style that goes from the Mediterranean to the world, without forgetting the place it's in (see the Milanese-style sweetbread soufflé, burrata, caviar, and mustard seeds). A high-level cellar and service are provided.

Pellico 3 milano dell'Hotel Park Hyatt Milan - via S. Pellico, 3 - 02 88211236 - pellico3milano.it

Portico 84 Coffee&Co at Urban Hive Milano

Restaurant. In the heart of Brera and inside the charming four-star hotel opened in January 2023, a contemporary concept ("neighborhood bistro") open from morning to evening in a modern and cosmopolitan environment. 97 rooms, business area, urban lounge, and fitness area, among other services. The food formula gives guests full freedom, with a menu that includes snacks, bar food, main courses, and desserts. From mondeghili with saffron mayonnaise to spaghetti with luganega ragout, foam of Parmesan, and dry olives, to Milanese-style veal cutlet with potatoes. There are also vegetarian dishes - the brand also focuses on environmental sustainability - and proper drinks.

Portico 84 Coffee&Co dell’Urban Hive Milano - c.so Garibaldi, 84 - 02 29003888 - urbanhivehotels.com

Sachi Milano at Giardino Cordusio Gran Melià

Japanese. Opened in February 2024 for the new luxury five-star hotel curated by the Sunset Hospitality Group, a stone's throw from the Duomo, where, in addition to the refined Giardino Cordusio cocktail bar, stands out - quite literally: it is located on the fourth floor and has a garden terrace with a hundred covers - the prestigious Japanese fine dining with innovative fusion touches. Here, in fact, a mix of Izakaya (from trattoria) and Kaiseki (more structured and elaborate) styles takes place, defined as Kappo Ryori, where Italian suggestions are also introduced. The raw materials are five-star, like the hotel (and the prices reflect that): try the bluefin tuna carpaccio with truffle soy sauce, black truffle, shio-kombu, and chives. The drinks follow suit: sparkling and still, sake and liqueurs, high-quality mixology.

Sachi Milano del Giardino Cordusio Gran Melià - via Orefici, 26 - 02 82759853 - sachirestaurants.com

Sadler at Casa Baglioni Hotel

Restaurant. The "lord" of Naviglio Pavese, where he has been a protagonist of the scene for over thirty years, without completely abandoning the waterway where the beloved Chic ‘n Quick still stands, has brought fine dining into an elegant 1960s-style boutique hotel. Even the dining room is in theme, very linear and clean, lighter than the one on the Naviglio. An ideal stage for a chef with such a career behind him. Besides the classic menu options, you can opt for tasting menus, a valid option for taking a journey through Sadler's style. A veg course, a high-level cellar, and good service. Lunch proposal. The Casa Baglioni rooftop by Sadler is open from Monday to Saturday from 6 pm to 1 am.

Sadler all'Hotel Casa Baglioni - via dell'Annunciata, 14 - 02 58104451 - ristorantesadler.it

Seta by Antonio Guida

Restaurant. One of the best hotel restaurants in Italy is where Antonio Guida, a chef of rare sensitivity and acumen, has been working for years with a close-knit and talented brigade. The menu changes often and is the result of continuous research, experimentation, and intuition in every field. On the vegetable side, for example, according to the season, there's the "Vertical Garden", eggplant in pepper extract, corn fettuccine in green and red tomato sauce and pistachio, cauliflower in tempura with carrot glaze and cold broth on the side. Or sweetbreads (chocolate and grapefruit, exemplary contrasts), eel foie gras and miso sauce, the signature "ficatum" chicken, raisin sauce, and giblet millefeuille. The Mandarin Garden is a stop for a drink or an aperitif, given the high-quality mixology proposal.

Seta by Antonio Guida - via Monte di Pietà, 18 - 02 87318897 - mandarinoriental.com

Vico Milano

Cocktail Bar. A hidden gem, as read on the website, this boutique hotel located in the former Legnano bicycle factory. The property belongs to Neri Baccheschi Berti, a name associated with another charming place in Tuscany, Il Castello di Vicarello. The structure is exclusive, designed by Sicilian architect Giuseppe Alito and furnished with handmade furniture, Flos lamps, rugs from Iran, Fez tiles, and works of art. For the food&wine part, there's a speakeasy-style cocktail bar, offering cocktails and wines from the family business along with accompaniments.

Vico Milano - c.so Genova 11 - 02 49418437 - vicomilano.com

Zaïa at Aethos Milan

Bistro. In the boutique hotel of the international community founded by Benjamin Habbel, an American with headquarters in Berlin, with 32 rooms all different from each other and furnished with vintage objects, completely renovated last year, the internal restaurant offers a welcoming and simple environment that invites sharing and is divided into several spaces, including the pizzeria run by Umberto Iervolino, the Aethos Club reserved for its members, the Doping Bar for mixology. The cuisine by Luigi Gagliardi and Dario Guffanti is Mediterranean with Middle Eastern and modern Jewish tradition influences. Sharing menu layout: only appetizers (which invite sharing), main courses, and desserts. Open for dinner (for club members at lunchtime).

Zaïa dell'Aethos Milan - p.zza XXIV Maggio, 8 - 02 89415901 - zaia-ristorante.it

Zelo at Four Seasons Hotel Milano

Restaurant. The Four Seasons Hotel runs no risk of going out of fashion, for its history, its location, because the renovation of the cloister (fantastic for having an aperitif or a drink after dinner) was successful. After all, it was signed by Patricia Urquiola, with complements and furnishings that are iconic pieces of Italian design, from Cassina to Flos, and works by artists like Vanessa Beecroft and Massimo Listri. The evening fine dining does its job well, without being overly creative but taking care of each proposal in an exemplary way (with à la carte and surprise menus). The bistro offers tasty and light dishes all day long. Plus, there's the Stilla bar and, in the garden, also renewed, the Crudo Bar.

Zelo del Four Seasons Hotel Milano - via Gesù, 6 - 02 77081478 - fourseasons.com

Cover photo Excelsior Gallia

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