Where to eat in Gubbio. The best addresses chosen by Gambero Rosso

Apr 25 2024, 12:39
An authentic and straightforward cuisine, waiting to be discovered: here's a guide to eating well in Gubbio, an ideal starting point for a journey through Umbria

Nestled in the green hills of Umbria, "the city of stone" (but also "city of madmen," so called for the proverbial spirit of the Eugubians) is the perfect starting point for a journey through history and art. It's already a gem in itself, with its Roman remains, well-preserved medieval architecture, including the majestic Palazzo dei Consoli towering in the heart of the historic center, and its production of artisan ceramics. There's also a solid gastronomic tradition, at the heart of a region that is increasingly becoming a destination for food lovers. Here are the addresses not to be missed.

Where to eat in Gubbio. The best addresses chosen by Gambero Rosso

Agriturismo Casella del Piano

Trattoria. Immersed in greenery, besides being an agriturismo and agricultural company, it also has a restaurant open on Friday and Saturday evenings, Sunday for lunch, and on all holidays; for groups by reservation and in advance, they also open during the week. The cuisine is homemade, with typical dishes of the Eugubian cuisine, all prepared using products from the fields and farms of the company.

Agriturismo Casella del Piano - via Linosa, 12 - tel. 075 9229321 – caselladelpiano.it

Locanda del Duca

Restaurant. Located in the city center, inside a renovated ancient building. The space is divided into two large rooms and there is also an outdoor area for the warmer seasons. Traditional cuisine with some successful reinterpretations, always based on well-chosen raw materials, when possible locally sourced. To try in this regard are the panzanella 2.0, umbricelli with truffle, chicken fricassée with crescia di Gubbio. Adequate wine cellar; rooms available.

Locanda del Duca - via A. Piccardi, 1 - 333 4463007 - locandadelduca.it

Borgo Santa Cecilia

Restaurant. It's part of the stars that characterize the firmament of contemporary Umbrian cuisine but has something more. The restaurant is located within a large estate with hospitality, woods, and free-range bred animals. Hence the quality of the meats used in the kitchen, which, in the hands of the young Eugubian chef Alessio Pierini for the past two years, focuses on local ingredients, traditional cooking methods, and Asian contaminations. A technical and sophisticated but not virtuosic cuisine, concrete and creative, as in the case of Umbrian Apennine ramen. Beautiful the "green safari," a guided tour in the 320 hectares of land surrounding the estate (every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10.30 am).

Borgo Santa Cecilia –fraz. Montelovesco – s.da prov.le 206 km 15,500 – tel. 075 9252157 - borgosantacecilia.com

Officina dei Sapori

Restaurant. A young and solid reference by Giacomo and Veronica Ramacci, in the kitchen and in the dining room, who in the heart of the center offer beautiful interpretations of the territory with high-quality raw materials (especially in terms of meat) in creative combinations and never banal preparations. Some examples? Pigeon breast and thigh, its broth, turnip button stuffed with its livers, leek, beetroot gel, and pomegranate air, or among the desserts the stick ice cream. Adequate wine list.

Officina dei Sapori – via dei Consoli, 13 – tel. 075 9271424 – officinadeisaporigubbio.it


Pizzeria. The pizza, flat, in a pan, or on a peel, is the result of 48 hours of natural leavening, a high degree of hydration, and a balanced combination of dough and toppings. The dough, with wholemeal and multigrain variations, lends itself as a base both for tomato pizza and for white pizza. Try the simple or stuffed focaccias. Among the round pizzas, the Norwegian with fiordilatte, smoked salmon, zucchini, and poppy seeds. The rest of the offer includes fried foods, sandwiches, and some desserts, all up to par.

#Prefermento – via Campo di Marte, 23 – tel. 075 8681398 – Facebook

La Cresciamia

Street fobod. A safe haven in the center for those who want to taste the crescia and brustengo, traditional specialties of Gubbio: the first is a flat focaccia cooked on the panaro (a griddle), the second is a flat fried bread. In the menu of this place, the crescia is filled with cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables, but also grilled meats. The brustengo is served plain, accompanied by platters, with pork scratchings or stuffed. You can eat on-site in a pleasant space. Also available for takeout. Another branch - in franchising - in Milan.

La Cresciamia - via Cavour, 23 – tel. 075 3751509 - lacresciamia.it

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