Where to eat in Cremona: the top 12 restaurants

Nov 19 2023, 09:03
The city of Stradivari, with its ancient violin maker workshops, the Torrazzo with its 512 steps rewarded by a breathtaking view, is a treasure trove for music, art, and architecture enthusiasts. From November 11th to 19th, the Torrone Festival takes centre stage, a highly anticipated event for foodies, which this year promises many new attractions

At the table, the spirit is indulgent, rustic, for gourmets without restraints. Just like Ugo Tognazzi, its most illustrious citizen. The typical products, aside from nougat, are plentiful: Cotechino Vaniglia, Cremona IGP salami and garlic salami, cheeses (Provolone Valpadana Dop, Salva Cremasco Dop, Grana Padano, Pannerone, stracchino), mustard, not to mention the fresh pasta, a triumph of flavour.

Here are the top 12 restaurants in Cremona

Gastronomia Contini 2.0

Shop and kitchen. A solid reality since 1959, which over the years has expanded its horizons thanks to the two “food hunters” Alice and Andrea. They have infused a modern spark into the family shop without altering its spirit. Besides a top-notch selection of products (especially the pickled vegetables), and the mission to spread Italian pork butcher culture, here you can enjoy lunches and snacks that exceed the standard (seating is limited, it's better to make a reservation).

Gastronomia Contini 2.0 – via Giuseppina, 27/C – 0372 432319 – gastronomiacontini.it

Hosteria 700

Restaurant. Everything homemade, attention to organic ingredients, a menu that speaks of tradition in a very charming setting, among frescoed walls and antique furniture. A place that never disappoints where you can go from the “symphony of Cremonese land” with homemade mustard to marubini with butter and sage or three broths, all the way to braised pork cheek with polenta. Gluten-free options, excellent wines.

Hosteria 700 – piazza A. Gallina, 1 – 0372 36175 – hosteria700.com

Ponte Burgheria Artigianale

Sandwich shop. The buns are homemade, the meat is carefully selected from local farms, and the combinations, ranging from local specialties to more exotic ideas, always make your mouth water. One standout? The Cremona, featuring a 150-gram burger, homemade pumpkin puree, gorgonzola, and crispy bacon. For that extra touch, let the guys in the dining area guide you.

Ponte Burgheria Artigianale – via A. Melone, 13 – 345 7782826 – Instagram

La Postumia Beer & Food

Beer pub. A gastropub with a wide selection, featuring references from around the world appropriately paired with food. The food here is on par with the drinks, both in terms of flavourful and well-prepared traditional dishes, as well as sandwiches. Consider the Bacon Cheese with cheddar, crispy bacon, lettuce, a trio of sauces, or the Tirolese with crispy pancetta, Asiago cheese, porcini cream, arugula, always accompanied by crispy French fries.

La Postumia Beer & Food – via B. da Dovara, 104 – 0372 748926 – Facebook

Quadrophenia Restaurant

Restaurant. A rock-themed place both in form and substance, for music lovers - just look at the name - and for those who appreciate good cuisine, which is never mundane here. The season rules the table, and during the right period, truffle specialties are worth trying, as well as the inevitable marubini in broth. Wines and beers are tailored to complement the food. Theme nights are frequent and engaging.

Quadrophenia Restaurant – via Porta Po Vecchia, 2/A – 0372 1663115 – quadropheniarestaurant.it

Somm Wine

Wine Bar. An excellent reference for connoisseurs, a valuable resource for enthusiasts who want to delve deeper. The selection isn't ordinary, as it primarily features niche wines and those from small producers, each with a story to tell. Additionally, high-end food specialties ranging from oil to panettone to jarred condiments. Competent staff, home delivery service, and unmissable tastings.

Somm Wine – via F. Cavallotti, 13 – 0372 1660561 – sommwine.it

La Sosta

Restaurant. In the historic center, an elegant establishment with a cuisine that combines traditional Cremonese dishes and seafood-based plates for enthusiasts of this genre. Everything is made with excellent products, evident from the cured meats and cheeses that start off the meal. Then come the marubini, boiled meats, dishes with truffles and porcini mushrooms when in season. Good desserts. Great drinks. Enjoyable outdoor space.

La Sosta – via Vescovo Sicardo, 9 – 0372 456656 – osterialasosta.it

Lo Spicchio

Sliced pizza. Roberto Ghisolfi is always in search of the perfect dough. He never stops experimenting with combinations, including vegetarian and vegan options, and with around twenty different bases, all fragrant and easily digestible. The double baking allows you to finish the pizza at home, so it's as fresh as if it just came out of the oven. Additionally, the focaccias are excellent, and there are a few high-quality desserts available. Craft beers and a few tables are also offered.

Lo Spicchio – via Decia, 25 – 0372 410790 – pizzerialospicchio.it


Restaurant. Next year, this reliable and original establishment will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. Over time, it has been refreshed and made more modern and comfortable. The cuisine, rooted in tradition, is also crafted using contemporary techniques. Worth trying are the tributes to Ugo Tognazzi, such as the guinea fowl with pomegranate, while among the house specialties, there's slow-cooked veal fillet with Cremona mustard. Commendable attention is given to the nutritional component of the dishes.

Tacabanda – via Marmolada, 2 – 0372 433187 - tacabanda.it

Trattoria del Tempo Perso

Trattoria. "Cremonese and Surroundings Cuisine" at this historic place just behind the Cathedral, highly popular among a large group of loyal customers (book in advance or be prepared for a wait). The recipe book is traditional and rustic, without concessions to trends and consistently high in quality. Affordable prices, friendly service as one would expect.

Trattoria del Tempo Perso – via Ceresole, 3 – 339 3285894 – Facebook

Ugo Grill

Sandwich shop. It's 'the' sandwich of Cremona, a great classic that never fails to please Ugo Berti's loyal fans, the historic founder, whose recipes are now passed down by a young and talented team. The mayonnaise is homemade, and the bread is always fresh. Try the simple mozzarella and tomato, or the smoked Irish Black Angus, mountain Parmigiano Reggiano, lettuce, whole grain mustard, mayonnaise. They even have marubini.

Ugo Grill – via A. Gramsci, 13 – 0372 20354 –  ugogrill.it

Il Violino

Restaurant. The name was the easiest choice when father and son opened its doors twenty-three years ago. In the city, this dining establishment located in an ancient palace has become a reference point for those who want to spend a tranquil evening indulging in both traditional dishes and something less common, like stuffed guinea fowl, pak choi, mushrooms, and a wine-based roast gravy. Two menus, “lleave it to us” and “the tradition”. Excellent drinks.

Il Violino – via Sicardo, 3 – 0372 461010 – ilviolino.it

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