Where to eat in Bolzano: the best restaurants, trattorias, and gourmet stops

Feb 20 2024, 16:59
Bolzano, nicknamed the "Gateway to the Dolomites" due to its privileged geographical location, is a city that enchants both residents and visitors with its natural beauty, history, and unique atmosphere

Bolzano serves as a meeting point for three cultural and linguistic worlds: Italian, German, and Ladin. This coexistence of cultural influences is reflected in its diversity, from architecture to food and wine, language spoken to music. Speaking of music, the city has achieved prestigious international recognition; it has been designated as a UNESCO Creative City of Music, making it the only Italian city to receive this title. In addition to ancient churches and noble palaces, Bolzano's center is home to the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, known for its "Iceman," Ötzi, a 5,300-year-old mummy, one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. Between sightseeing and strolling, here are the best addresses to take a break.

Where to Eat in Bolzano

Batzen Häusl

Beerhouse. Here, you can quench your thirst and appetite at any time. The kitchen operates from morning to late evening, offering a variety of dishes, from soups to pasta, from main courses to hearty salads. The informal section of the menu is noteworthy, featuring the Batzen Fleck: a warm and soft focaccia topped with tomato sauce, onions, and speck. Hearty and substantial, perfect to enjoy with one of the many craft beers available, including their own production.

Batzen Häusl – via A. Hofer, 30 – 0471 050950 – batzen.it

Cavallino Bianco

Trattoria. Among the historic tables of the city, this one has over fifty years of family management behind it. The restaurant, with its characteristic stube welcoming guests in winter (the garden is preferable in summer), speaks the language of Tyrolean tradition faithfully. From speck dumplings to tafelspitz (boiled beef with horseradish and vegetables) and the ever-present Wiener Schnitzel (Viennese cutlet), local wines accompany it all, with a light bill.

Cavallino Bianco – via Bottai, 6 – 0471 973267 – weissesroessl.org

ConTanima del Parkhotel Laurin

Restaurant. Dario Tornatore, of Neapolitan origin and with international experience, is at the helm of ConTanima, the new gourmet restaurant inside the Glasshouse in the refined Parkhotel garden. The chef fully embraces the philosophy of sustainable cuisine, relying on locally sourced products as much as possible, and uses innovative techniques to maximize the characteristics of each ingredient. Well-chosen wines. For a less formal stop (and with more moderate prices), there's the Laurin restaurant, which also offers a lunch menu.

ConTanima del Parkhotel Laurin – via Laurin, 4 – 0471 311000 – laurin.it

Il Corso

Pizzeria. A reputable establishment distinguished by its elegant ambiance and an offering calibrated to a high-quality level. Santo Gabriele and his son Francesco draw inspiration from Neapolitan tradition to prepare their classic high-hydration dough, made with a blend of type 00 and whole-grain flours. After a long leavening and careful baking, it results in a pizza with a beautiful, soft, and golden crust and intriguing toppings. Excellent desserts, and a satisfying selection of beers and wines by the glass.

Il Corso – piazza della Vittoria, 44 – 0471 262307 – ilcorsobolzano.it

Gasthouse Fink

Trattoria. In the heart of the city, in the pedestrian area, inside a historic building, an address that does not disappoint. The culinary repertoire focuses on tradition, simplicity, and substance, without too many frills: a platter of cured meats and cheeses, dumplings in broth, schlutzkrapfen, barley soup, goulash, grilled char fillet, hamburgers with potatoes, and apple strudel. There are also some options for vegetarians. From 5:30 pm to 10 pm, pizza service is available. Good drinks. Well-maintained environment, outdoor tables.

Gasthouse Fink – via della Mostra, 9 – 0471 975047 – gasthousefink.it

Franziskaner Bäckerei

Gourmet Break. Walking through the city, you'll easily come across a Franziskaner bakery, as there are eight outlets supplied by the family Pfitscher's artisanal laboratory. The assortment is extensive and varies throughout the year, including ancient recipes and always new ideas. On the savory side, noteworthy are the cereal loaves and delightful snacks ideal for a quick bite, such as cheese laugen, stuffed rolls, and round focaccias. The pastry section is excellent, offering slices of cake, viennoiseries, and delicious krapfen.

Franziskaner Bäckerei – via dei Francescani, 3 – 0471 976442 – franziskanerbaeckerei.it

In Viaggio – Claudio Melis

Restaurant. A boulevard crossing a meticulously curated park leads to the entrance where, after ringing the bell, guests are welcomed into the elegant hall where everything is designed to ensure maximum tranquility. For this reason, children under 12 are not accommodated. The sign explicitly reveals the underlying project of Chef Claudio Melis's work, the creator of an eclectic cuisine with no boundaries in inspiration, focusing on the quality and sustainability of each ingredient. Well-stocked cellar with a keen focus on natural wines.

In Viaggio – Claudio Melis – via Piave, 15 – 0471 1684878 – inviaggioristorante.com


Trattoria. A stone's throw from the splendid Piazza della Frutta, in this historic building where Goethe seems to have slept during his stay in the area, the rituals of good eating and drinking have been perpetuated for many years. The menu is classic, starting with veal head with eggs and onions, carne salada, and excellent speck. Try the sour tripe soup, typical ricotta dumplings in broth, potato fritters with sauerkraut, lamb cutlets, and finish with the classic homemade strudel. Adequate wine list.

Vögele – via Goethe, 3 – 0471 973938 – voegele.it

Walter & Michi Würstelstand

Street Food. A close-knit and smiling couple, Walter and Michi have been preparing what are considered the city's best würstel for years. The proposal is based on the freshest ingredients and a list of specialties. Recently, a new addition is the cheese and truffle würstel. The currywürst is delicious, cut into pieces and drowned in just the right spiced ketchup (if desired, you can add a touch of hot sauce). Accompanied by bread, pretzels, or sauerkraut and a simple list of beverages.

Walter & Michi Würstelstand – via Goethe, 7/1 – 338 7645637 – pagina Facebook

Zur Kaiserkron

Restaurant. This famous Bolzano establishment has recently reopened its doors inside one of the city's most prestigious buildings, Palazzo Pock. Rooms of understated elegance with well-spaced tables, thoughtful lighting, and refined furnishings provide the backdrop for a memorable culinary experience. Filippo Sinisgalli, a chef of international renown, is the mastermind behind dishes that leave a lasting impression for their personality and taste, such as snails in fricassee, Mieral duck heart, and chard; fig and veal sweetbread risotto; and roast venison with pumpkin, parsnip, celery root, and currants. Important wine cellar.

Zur Kaiserkron – piazza della Mostra, 1 – 0471 028000 – ristorantezurkaiserkron.it 

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