Where to eat in Alghero: the 7 best places chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jul 3 2024, 12:49
Alghero, located in the north-western part of Sardinia, boasts 90 kilometres of coastline, called the Riviera del Corallo because of the coral that is fished and processed in its crystal-clear waters. It is also easily reachable from Milan and Rome thanks to its airport

This charming locality, where Algherese and Catalan are spoken, is one of the most visited and frequented holiday destinations due to its wonderful beaches and fascinating historic centre rich in historical evidence. The Coral Museum, which highlights the town's pride in coral processing, and the Anghelu Ruju necropolis are also very interesting. From a food and wine perspective, the area falls within the Alghero DOC, which includes white, red, and rosé wines. The production of extra virgin olive oil from the Bosana cultivar is also important. Bottarga, fish, and crustaceans, particularly the prized lobster, form the basis of Algherese cuisine. Here are the seven best places to eat in Alghero:

Where to eat in Alghero


This successful eatery is dedicated to buns, which are hamburger buns. The bread is homemade, the ingredients are carefully selected, and the combinations are dictated by seasonality and creativity. Fish is one of the main protagonists, such as in the Spadaccino, where homemade tomato bread is filled with grilled swordfish, braised escarole, salted ricotta flakes, confit cherry tomatoes, and lemon mayonnaise. Vegans can also find satisfaction, for example with a beetroot bun, red bean and chickpea burger, avocado, vegan feta flakes, vegan saffron mayo, and radicchio sautéed with shallots.

Buns – largo San Francesco, 4 – 079 4923940 – www.facebook.com/bunsalghero/

Sa Mandra

Not far from the airport, this agritourism farm offers comfortable accommodation or a place to stop just for a meal. You can dine on the veranda or in cosy rooms furnished in rustic style, the perfect setting to enjoy simple and well-made dishes according to Barbagia tradition. Ingredients come from the farm's own land or from nearby suppliers, with home-produced salami and cheeses, homemade preserves, fresh pasta, and desserts. The menu is fixed (50 euros, with discounts for children) and abundant. Only Sardinian wines are available in the cellar. Always book in advance.

Sa Mandra – s.da prov.le 44 km 1 – 079 999150 – www.aziendasamandra.it

Il Milese

Since 1971, Milese has been serving its focaccia, always of the highest quality, so if you find yourself in the beautiful Sardinian/Catalan town, don't miss this delicacy. It can be eaten at any time of the day. The dough is soft and fragrant, perfectly leavened, and accommodates various ingredients well. The primary ingredients used are classic (egg, tuna, anchovies, tomatoes, vegetables, cold cuts, and cheeses), but the final touch is the difference-maker: a sauce made by them with a secret recipe. Eat it on the spot or while walking along the tourist port.

Il Milese – via G. Garibaldi, 1 – 079 952419 – www.barmilese.it

Da Mirko

A safe haven among the alleys of the old town, with some tables outside. The cuisine moves along the land/sea line following traditional recipes from both realms. Start with fried sea anemones, a selection of local cheeses and cold cuts, then the tasty Algherese paella with seafood, caserecce with lamb sauce and dried tomatoes, and mixed fried fish. To finish on a sweet note, the Sardinian nougat semifreddo with myrtle sauce and Catalan cream. The cellar includes only quality local labels, or you can opt for a glass of excellent house wine.

Da Mirko – via Gioberti, 54 – 079 9400850 – www.trattoriadamirko.it


Young chef Danilo Delrio has taken over the family restaurant with passion and skill, quickly making it one of the best addresses in the province. This operation has involved both the kitchen and the dining room. Attention to detail starts with the selection of raw materials and extends to the presentation. There are three tasting menus: Sea and Fisherman (65 euros), Land and Shepherd (65 euros), and the true Musciora experience (100 euros). Supporting it is a never-boring wine cellar featuring interesting references born of passion and research. Friendly and professional service.

Musciora – via G. Mazzini, 59 – 079 9737519 – www.musciora.it

Al Refettorio

Hidden among the characteristic alleys of the historic centre, a few steps from the Bastions, it impresses from the first approach. In addition to outdoor tables under a stone archway, there is the room with the bar counter and a couple of other rooms for those who want to dine seated. You can come for aperitifs at lunch or dinner, or just for a snack (even late at night) or stay for a more substantial meal with tasty and light dishes that change frequently, such as amberjack carpaccio with citrus and asparagus or paella with fregula instead of rice. Good drinks, even by the glass.

Al Refettorio – vicolo Adami, 47 – 079 9731126 – www.facebook.com/refettorio/

La Saletta

Founded in 2009 as a simple trattoria, thanks to the commitment and dedication of chefs Gian Luca and Adriano, it is now a refined little restaurant, well-furnished, and with the right lighting. Coming here means being pampered by attentive service, but above all, tasting a cuisine inspired by tradition, made with selected ingredients, modern in techniques and lightness of flavours. There are three tasting menus (Revolution, Memory and Roots, and Vegetable) or you can choose from the à la carte menu. Don't miss the monograno spaghetti with escarole, sweetbreads, and black lemon. The wine cellar is up to the task, exclusively featuring Sardinian wines.

La Saletta – via F.lli Kennedy, 27/A – 079 4125748 – www.lasalettaalghero.com

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