Where to eat fish in Catania: the 8 best trattorias chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jun 4 2024, 16:45
Catanese cuisine flourishes with both land and sea offerings. To enjoy the delights of the latter, it's worth touring the most beloved trattorias among the locals, both inside and outside the famous fish market. Here are the must-visit spots

While Catania's gastronomic scene is vibrant and not lacking in youthful and contemporary places, the tradition of seafood (as well as land-based dishes) is still deeply rooted in local habits. A stroll through "Piscaria," the characteristic fish market, is a must to immerse oneself in the city's folklore and sample typical dishes offered in the osterias that occupy part of this area. Of course, there are many other places worth trying for a proper seafood meal. Here is a selection of trattorias to try, chosen by Gambero Rosso.

Where to eat fish in Catania

Angiò-Macelleria di Mare

This is not a traditional osteria, but the seafood offering is versatile and innovative, with top-quality raw materials. It’s a seafood butcher and restaurant with take away, an open kitchen, and a minimalist contemporary style. The fish is aged, salted, smoked, and transformed into "sausages" and "cured meats," like octopus mortadella, squid lardo, and pagro chorizo with homemade paprika. Dishes include seafood cacciatora, glazed eel with artichokes, and blue crab croquette.

Angiò – Macelleria di Mare a Catania – v.le Africa 28H - 335 1613701  -Instagram

Canni & Pisci

A solid and informal place where, as the name suggests, Catanese tradition is honoured on both land and sea fronts. The latter is particularly satisfying: the appetizer is rich and varied between raw and cooked, hot and cold, followed by typical first courses like fish Norma and then grilled fish or the catch of the day cooked according to classic recipes. Gentle service and a comfortable environment.

Canni & Pisci - via Museo Biscari, 8 - 095 2180787 - Facebook


In the village of Ognina, Lacciughetta (without an apostrophe) is a small place run by young people: a fish & cocktail bar, delicatessen, takeaway, but above all an osteria with "honest cuisine," as the owners themselves state on the sign. The concise chalkboard menu depends on the daily fresh catch and includes simple dishes, sometimes with a modern touch: couscous with sweet and sour anchovies, anchovy or fish and seasonal vegetable skewers, the classic fried fish, and a variety of raw offerings. Wines and cocktails are available to accompany.

Lacciughetta - p.zza Ognina, 7 - 095 2935375 - Facebook

Nitto Ognina Bay Civico 8

Founded as a fish market by Nitto in the 1960s, it has diversified over time, adding dining options in the form of a restaurant, street food, and aperifish. It is very popular in the city, loved for its seaside location and, above all, for its cuisine based on top-quality products. The menu includes local classics such as linguine with sea urchins, sardine and fennel pasta, caponata, and salicornia with swordfish sausage.

Nitto Ognina bay Civico 8 - da Giuseppe - p.zza Mancini Battaglia 8/9 - 095 7137074 - Facebook

Mm Trattoria

Offering a plate of fresh raw seafood, a spaghetti with clams, a swordfish parmigiana, and a proper fry-up. Once a butcher shop, it now has an unmistakably maritime mood. Inside, paper placemats and a modern, simple environment; outside, the picturesque scenery of the Marina, enjoyable even when seated outdoors. From Thursday to Saturday, it's also a place for a cocktail during aperitif hour.

Mm Trattoria - p.zza Pardo 34 - 095 348897 -mmtrattoria.it

Osteria Antica Marina

A historic trattoria within Catania's fish market, with a solid, long-standing family management. The atmosphere is informal and very popular for both lunch and dinner to eat fish that comes directly from the "piscaria" stalls at a very affordable price. Starting with classic seafood appetizers like neonata meatballs, tuna cipollata, marinated prawns, and octopus salad. Try the sea urchin pasta or the "masculine" pasta Catanese style when available. Regional wine list and quick but courteous service.

Osteria Antica Marina - via Pardo, 29 - 095 348197 - anticamarina.it

Osteria Dal Panda

A long-standing place, very frequented by locals, with a fixed menu that depends on the daily catch, a simple but comfortable environment, and a very down-to-earth service (no frills, but it’s not the place to expect them). The offering is strictly traditional, featuring assorted raw dishes, spaghetti with sea urchins, swordfish caponata, mixed fry-ups, mussels in pepper sauce, all highly satisfying, octopus salad or Luciana style. Local wines and outdoor seating available.

Osteria Dal Panda - v.le Della Libertà, 129 - 095 396480 - Facebook

Vuciata – Kitchen Market

A well-curated osteria with outdoor seating within the characteristic fish market, managed by two pairs of brothers, the Catanese Giacomo and Marco, and the Umbrian Federico and Vincenzo Bianconi, hospitality experts (they own Vespasia at Palazzo Seneca in Norcia). The cuisine is a tribute to the market's soul and products, ensuring freshness and the convenience of the latest ingredient at hand. Enjoy marinated swordfish carpaccio with verdello, the day’s mixed fry, tuna bottarga and lime spaghetti, or a delicious fish soup. Some meat dishes are also available. Only Sicilian wines, with glasses and “house” proposals.

Vuciata – Kitchen Market - via Gisira 8 /10 - 095 3788169 - vuciata.com

Cover photo Mm Trattoria

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