Where to eat excellent meat in Rome: the 9 best addresses chosen by Gambero Rosso

Mar 8 2024, 18:02
It is now established that consuming less red meat is good for both health and the environment. What should one do when the craving for meat strikes? Simple, one must choose the right addresses

In Rome, there are many establishments that excel in working with meat, starting from the careful selection of raw materials (both local and international) to the search for certified supply chains and controlled breeding. The equipment used for cooking also plays a crucial role, increasingly employing high-performance methods to respect the characteristics of the meat and make it healthier. Here is a selection of places that cater to meat enthusiasts, where you can be sure to enjoy a great meal.

Where to Eat Excellent Meat in Rome

Aventina – Carne e Bottega

Located in the Ostiense district, this establishment is a bakery, delicatessen, salumeria, wine shop, and butcher. Aventina offers top-notch cuts, including Chianina, Manzetta delle Langhe, Grigia Alpina del Sud Tirolo, Sashi Finnish, Danish, Galician Rubia Gallega, and Japanese Wagyu. The succulence and flavor are enhanced by the appropriate aging period and cooking methods, either using the broiler or low temperatures. The menu also features appetizers, traditional Roman first courses, burgers, free-range chicken, cuts, and fillets.

Aventina – Carne e Bottega – viale della Piramide Cestia, 9 – 06 66594151 – www.aventinaroma.com

Beef Bazaar

Behind a simple door lies a spectacular venue with extensive spaces and huge refrigerators showcasing premium meats from around the world. Beef Bazaar specializes in Dry Aged meats, with aging periods ranging from 30 to 180 days. The menu offers a wide range, including carpaccio, tartare, charcuterie, cheeses, grilled cuts, pork and lamb ribs, burgers, fillets, cuts, ribeyes, and tomahawks. The wine list is noteworthy.

Beef Bazaar – via Germanico, 136 – 06 69402150 – www.beefbazaar.it


Located near Stazione Tuscolana, Brado focuses on game and "wild" meats, raised semi-freely. The seasonal menu and off-menu specials offer refined dishes, such as sheep tortelli with dense broth and sage or quail with red wine reduction and raisins. The selection includes quality charcuterie, cheeses, tasty burgers (such as the smash burger with pork and wild boar), and game on the grill. Craft beers and natural wines are available.

Brado – viale Amelia, 42 – 375 5140851 – www.bradoroma.it

Mamma mia

A seven-day-a-week haven for meat lovers seeking high-quality options. Mamma mia emphasizes respect for raw materials and meticulous attention to cooking. The inviting environment features glass walls with a warm and minimalist style and an elegant outdoor area. The well-conceived menu offers cuts, loins, fillets, steaks from various countries, as well as baked rooster, lamb chops, duck breast, and Iberian piglet ribs. The wine list complements the food selection.

Ornelli – Black Angus

Founded on Nicola Ornelli's boundless passion, this steakhouse, the first in Italy, specializes in Black Angus from different origins. The unique environment is well-furnished, candlelit, with a balanced jazz background. The extensive menu features three paths—silver label, gold label, and platinum label—explaining the characteristics of each Black Angus type. The steak selection changes weekly, ensuring a diverse experience. Affordable and quick lunch options are also available. The wine cellar is impressive.

Ornelli – Black Angus – via Merulana, 224 – 06 4872788 – www.ornelliblackangus.com


Located off the beaten path, reachable from the GRA (Rome's ring road), laPampa boasts ample parking, various dining rooms, and a spacious outdoor area. The extensive meat offerings range from cured meats, carpaccio, and tartare to sirloins, ribeyes, filets, cuts, and Florentine steak with Italian and international options. Dry Aged special selections are available, aged from 30 to 120 days. Additionally, there are pork belly, ribs, lamb skewers, sausages, and grilled lobster for non-meat lovers. The wine list is substantial.

laPampa – via Collatina Vecchia, 127 – 06 22755107 – www.ristorantelapampa.it

La Taverna del Vicolo

In the Marconi area, this venue has gained favorable public acclaim, especially through word of mouth. The rustic and warm ambiance features brick walls and wooden tables. The refrigerated cells and the refrigerated counter displaying various cuts (Italian and non-Italian) catch the eye. In case of indecision, the staff is ready to offer advice. Well-cooked steaks, loins, fillets, and ribs are served with various sides, including sautéed chicory and baked potatoes. The menu also includes tartare, lamb ribs, Roman-style veal, sausages, and lamb skewers. There is a rich selection of traditional Roman dishes, and the wine list is extensive.

La Taverna del Vicolo – via P. Mengoli, 7 – 06 5560754 – www.latavernadelvicolo.com

Terra – La Griglia by Eataly

Located on the second floor of the Eataly complex, Terra – La Griglia stands out for its preparations cooked on a three-meter-long visible grill, the largest in Rome, fueled by Calabrian holm oak charcoal. In addition to vegetables and fish from the Lazio coast, the grill cooks high-quality meat cuts, mostly from La Granda in Piedmont, a Slow Food Presidium. The menu includes Fassona tartare, tagliata, crispy chicken strips, knife-tip pork sausages, chicken leg or tagliata with potatoes, Fassona fillet and sirloin, and a mixed grill. The wine selection offers about 70 references, available by the glass.

Terra – La Griglia by Eataly – piazzale 12 Ottobre 1492, 8 – 349 9357311 – www.eataly.net 

Wonder Meat

A beautiful, airy, modern locale, Wonder Meat is a relatively recent address that has quickly gained favor among a broad clientele. Ideal for an aperitif with well-prepared cocktails paired with delicious bites or a quality dinner featuring perfectly cooked meat cuts. The menu includes beef tartare, veal tonnato bonbons, and a variety of cuts cooked to perfection, such as Florentine, ribeyes, T-Bone, Rib-eye, boneless chicken, Japanese Wagyu on a Himalayan salt slab, and a tasting "alla spada" with sirloin, rump, picanha, and pluma. There are also well-crafted pasta dishes and desserts, along with a thoughtful wine list.

Wonder Meat – via Nizza, 50 – 06 43684939 – www.wondermeatroma.it

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