Where to eat cassoeula in Milan and surroundings, the top 10 restaurants

Nov 24 2023, 11:43
Cassoeula is one of the symbols of the traditional peasant cuisine of Milan and Brianza. Originating as a dish made from the leftovers of pork processing, it is a hearty hot stew of cabbage and pork meats, ideal for colder climates

The preparation takes several hours, which is why cassoeula is often eaten out at restaurants, unless one takes advantage of the takeaway options offered by some establishments. Here are the top 10 places in the city and surrounding areas to eat cassoeula in Milan.

Where to eat cassoeula in Milan and surroundings

Osteria dell’Acquabella

Trattoria. Located near Porta Romana, accessible by subway, it presents a simple yet well-kept ambiance, with wooden furnishings, terracotta floors, and a bar counter at the entrance showcasing two Berkel slicers. At the table, it's a celebration of genuine Milanese tradition, starting with the appetizers, including the standout “nervetti” salad, and the risottos (classic saffron, “raspadura” cheese, porcini). Then polenta, ossobuco, cassoeula, breaded veal cutlet, tripe, tiramisu, pear cake, and chocolate cake. It's worth noting that all dishes are available for takeout.

Osteria dell’Acquabella – via San Rocco, 11 – 02 58309653-347 1396520 – acquabella.it

Antica Trattoria della Pesa

Trattoria. An enduring establishment that traces its roots back to the distant year of 1880, one of the city's oldest addresses. The place exudes charm with its splendid flooring, antique furnishings, and an atmosphere reminiscent of times past. Visitors come here to savor the rich repertoire of tradition: ossobuco, pan-fried rice, “costoletta,” cassoeula. At the end of the meal, don't miss the espresso zabaione. There's also a good wine cellar. The Bistrot della Pesa (via Pietro Maroncelli 1, tel. 02 6592880) under the same ownership, also offers local regional cuisine.

Antica Trattoria della Pesa – viale Pasubio, 10 – 02 6555741 – anticatrattoriadellapesa.com

El Barbapedana

Trattoria. Lively and informal atmosphere, a warm environment characterised by wood on all walls and furnishings. At this venue, one can enjoy, with slight variations between lunch and dinner, a generous and well-executed traditional Milanese cuisine. The dishes include classics such as risottos, veal ossobuco in gremolada, tripe, the typical “cotoletta,” and cassoeula (which, upon request, can be purchased for takeout—a brilliant idea in our opinion!). Homemade desserts are also available. The wine list is not extensive but well curated.

El Barbapedana – corso C. Colombo, 7 – 02 8321732 – elbarbapedana.it 

Taverna Calabiana

Trattoria. It's a tried and tested formula appreciated for over thirty years in this establishment, where one can breathe a warm and familiar atmosphere. Their menu effortlessly spans the gastronomic traditions of Liguria, Piedmont, and Lombardy. On Wednesdays, they celebrate the mixed boiled meats, and on Thursdays, customers highly appreciate the traditional version of cassoeula. They also offer naturally leavened pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. Their desserts are also quite good. The wine cellar is satisfying, especially in terms of red wines.

Taverna Calabiana – via Arcivescovo Calabiana, 3 – 02 55213075-393 9817906 – tavernacalabiana.it

Al Casottel

Trattoria. We're in the Corvetto area, at a place that's low on formality but rich in substance, operating for many years under the same family management. It offers outdoor spaces, essential environments, and a culinary proposal deeply rooted in the purest tradition. From Monday to Friday, there's an affordable lunch menu available; however, there's always an à la carte selection: tomato gnocchi, pumpkin ravioli, tripe, breaded cutlet, veal shank with risotto, cassoeula with polenta. Homemade desserts like tart, tiramisu, and trifle. House wine to accompany the meal.

Al Casottel – via Fabio Massimo, 25 – 02 57403009 – casottel.it

La Cassoeula del Togn

Street Food. Milan's first "cassoeula eatery," born from a family recipe perfected by the founder Togn and passed down through generations. There are only 2 tables for seating, but no worries because cassoeula can be taken away or delivered, not only in Milan but also in other provinces in Lombardy and even throughout Italy. Cassoeula is available in medium and large sizes, according to appetite, and is paired with polenta. The menu also includes cheeses, cold cuts, braised meat, polenta with various toppings. There are also a few wines available.

La Cassoeula del Togn – via A. Solari, 43 – 351 6802692 – lacassoeuladeltogn.it

Al Matarel

Trattoria. In the heart of Brera, a place that exudes authenticity, true to itself for more than 60 years and officially recognized as a Historic Milanese Shop since 2017. Even the recipes have remained the same, as Lombard tradition commands. On the menu, there's veal salad, classic Milanese risotto, minestrone soup, wild boar stew with polenta, cassoeula, breaded veal cutlet, tripe, frogs in a stew, stewed snails. Home-made desserts (and delicious ones). In season, porcini mushrooms and prized truffles are available. Completing the picture is a well-curated selection of wines to complement the offerings. 

Al Matarel – corso Garibaldi, 75 – 02 654204 – almatarel.it

Trattoria La Pesa dal 1902

Restaurant. The name remains the same, dating back to the beginning of the last century, as does its identity, staying true to itself, disregarding fleeting trends of the moment. Tradition reigns unchallenged at the table, the "real" one, made of seasonal ingredients and time-tested recipes that never disappoint. On the menu, alongside tripe with white beans, sautéed rice, saffron risotto, breaded veal cutlet, ossobuco, and sautéed kidney, there's a sumptuous (and calorie-rich!) version of cassoeula with Savoy cabbage, pork meat, and taragna polenta, which can easily serve as a main course.

Trattoria La Pesa dal 1902 – via G. Fantoni, 26 – 02 36514525 – trattorialapesa1902.it

The cover photo is from Trattoria La Pesa since 1902.

Where to eat cassoeula outside Milan

Trattoria da Fabio

Trattoria. 45 minutes outside of Milan, in the greenery of the Lambro Valley Park and near the ancient village of Agliate, is a restaurant that boasts the same family management since 1937. It stands as a solid outpost of typical Brianza and Milanese cuisine. Always focusing on the genuine, they prepare homemade fresh pasta and desserts, along with flavourful dishes stemming from time-tested recipes. Worth trying are the mondeghili, veal ossobuco in gremolada with saffron risotto, the breaded cutlet, braised and boiled meats, and cassoeula. The wine selection is fitting.

 Trattoria da Fabio – via Garibaldi, 16 - Verano Brianza – 0362 902963 – trattoriadafabio.com

Antica Trattoria San Galdino

Trattoria. Just outside Milan, following the Naviglio Grande, you'll arrive at this establishment that combines ample space with large numbers and an impressive quality standard. Here, you can find many dishes from the local tradition crafted with care, from ingredients to execution. After a rich starter of mixed cured meats and "nervetti" salad, the cassoeula is a must-try, prepared in authentic manner and served with polenta made from Storo flour. The desserts are delightful, and so is the wine selection.

 Antica Trattoria San Galdino – località Vermezzo via Vittorio Emanuele, 18 - Vermezzo con Zelo – 029440434 – trattoriasangaldino.eatbu.com

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