Vino 4.0 Conference and the first ever Guida Enoteche d’Italia, Italy’s Wine Shop Guide

Feb 10 2020, 15:57 | by Gambero Rosso
Everything is ready for the Vino 4.0 Conference. Expected in Rome are the major representatives of large-scale retail trade, and the most important e-commerce and international trade realities, plus some of the best sommeliers.

It will be a meeting with traditional and innovative distribution channels on new strategies to promote Italian wine, in Italy and abroad, with the aim of increasing sales prices, thus raising the margin for the entire sector. The appointment is in Rome at the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center on February 17th.

Vino 4.0. Conference - Distribution, marketing, promotion, strategies and protagonists face to face

The Conference aims to deepen strategies implemented to promote Italian wine in Italy and abroad. The goal is increasing sales prices, thus raising margins for the entire sector. The producers and consortia will be confronted with the best expressions of traditional wine bars, the best sommeliers of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector who continue to play a fundamental role in the introduction to wine, with the major representatives of large-scale distribution and their increasingly important role in the sale of wine. Furthermore attracting the most important realities of E-commerce and international Trade.

The common goal of the panels will be bringing to light the maximum value of the product both in terms of quantity and in terms of sales prices: in order to conquer the market, Italian wine must be marketed well.

Programme, panelists and moderators

11.00-11.30 Introduction

Paolo Cuccia – President Gambero Rosso

Paolo Ciocca – Senior economist BNL BNP Paribas Group

Roberto Luongo – CEO ICE

Marco Sabellico – curator of the Vini d’Italia guide

11.45-12.15 Wine Shops. The evolution of a classic

Moderator Giuseppe Carrus

Davide Simeoni – Enoteca Ferrowine, Castelfranco Veneto

Sara Boriosi – Enoteca Giò, Perugia

Paolo Trimani – Trimani, Rome

Luca Pizzighella – Signorvino

Andrea Cantamessa – Eataly

Filippo Mobrici – Consorzio Barbera d’Asti and Vini del Monferrato

Marina Zopegni – Consorzio Freisa di Chieri and Collina Torinese

Chiara Ciavolich – Azienda Agricola Ciavolich

Maddalena Mazzeschi – Badia di Morrona

12.30-13.00 Sommelier. New opportunities for the profession

Moderator Giuseppe Carrus

Marco Amato – Imago, Rome

Alberto Piras – Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, Milan

Rudy Travagli – Enoteca La Torre, Rome

Mauro Rastelli – Il Capanno, Spoleto

Silvano Brescianini – Franciacorta Consortium

Daniela Pinna – Vermentino di Gallura Consortium

Arber Shabani – Azienda Ridolfi Montalcino

Elena Fucci –Azienda Agricola Elena Fucci

13.15-13.45 The role of oenologists in teaching

Riccardo Cotarella – President of Assoenologi

Maria Antonella Ferri – Principal at Universitas Mercatorum

Francesco Ferreri – President of Coldiretti Sicilia

14.30 – 15.00 GDO. Growth possibilities

Moderator Marco Sabellico

Daniele Colombo – Wine Buyer for Esselunga

Davide Mazzola – Head of Beverages and Wine Metro

Angelo Vignoli – Beverages Department Coop

Francesco Scarcelli – Wine and Spirits Coop

Valerio Civa – Tenimenti Civa

Marco Ferretti – Chianti Colli Fiorentini Consortium

Filippo Antonelli – Vini Montefalco COnsortium

Luciano Piona – Vino Custoza Consortium

Davide Frascari – Lambruschi

15.15-15.45 Wine online. New strategies of E-commerce

Moderator Loredana Sottile

Marco Magnocavallo – CEO Tannico

Mauro Bricolo – Country Manager Italy Vivino

Manfredi Minutelli – Responsible for Country Key Accounts & Government Relations Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece Alibaba

Stefano Pezzi – CEO Xtrawine

Valentino Caputo – Conti Zecca

Annalisa Zorzettig – Zorzettig

Cesare Benvenuto – Pio Cesare

Fabiano Giorgi – F.lli Giorgi

16.00-16.30 International Distribution. Boundaries of expansion

Moderator Lorenzo Ruggeri

Gian Carlo De Cesare – ITALASIA GROUP-Asia

Anatoly Korneev – Simpe Group-Russia

Dominic Nocerino – Vinifera Imports-Usa

Rebekah Kendrick – The Wine and Spirit Trade Association-UK

Mauro Di Maggio – Primitivo di Manduria Doc Consortium

Andrea Sartori – Vini Valpolicella Consortium

The first Enoteche d'Italia Guide by Gambero Rosso

At the end of the conference, the first and only guide to the best wine shops and the best traditional sales points will be presented. It will be an anticipation of the paperback guide that will then be presented during the upcoming Vinitaly: the hard copy features over 300 addresses throughout Italy, mapping the best shops where you can buy (but also drink) wine, without neglecting the best corners of the GDO, large distribution chains and online wine shops. Among the businesses mentioned, we have rewarded some outstanding ones for their history, assortment and attention to the spreading of the wine culture: there are 54 star names boasting "Tre Cavatappi" (corkscrews). Some of these names will be awarded on February 17th.

Final Grand Wine Tasting

From 5:30pm, then, attendees can be an active part of a large-scale and exclusive wine tasting where the new vintages of protagonists in the next major international fairs can be tasted, think ProWein in Düsseldorf and Vinitaly in Verona. If you can't make it, don't worry, from 24 February to 31 March 2020 we are organising a series of meetings in wine bars all over Italy aimed at showcasing the main wines of 2020 in advance. Stay tuned.

Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center - Rome - Viale del Pattinaggio, 100 (EUR neighborhood) - Monday 17 February 2020 - 11.00 am

Register at the Conference organised by Gambero Rosso > “Vino 4.0. Vino 4.0. Conference – Distribution, marketing, promotion, strategies and protagonists face to face

Join the Grand Wine Tasting Wine Fair Preview held after the Conference as well as the presentation/award ceremony of the First Enoteche d’Italia Guide by Gambero Rosso

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