Vinitaly Awards Gambero Rosso and Wine Spectator, Marco Sabellico Receives "Critics Award"

Apr 14 2024, 13:42
The prestigious fair presents the award to the Gambero Rosso critic: "Honored. Credit goes to the entire team."

This year, Vinitaly has added a new award to the recognitions it grants to the most important personalities in the world of wine. Alongside the best wines awarded by the Wine Competition, the most beautiful labels from the Packaging Competition, and the best producers from each region, with the Angelo Betti Award, and the Vinitaly International Innovation for research, this year sees the addition of a prestigious recognition for writers and journalists who have been able to depict the complex Italian wine panorama to the international public.

Sanderson and Sabellico Awarded

It's the Vinitaly Wine Critics Award. The first edition sees two names honored: one is our colleague Marco Sabellico, the other is Bruce Sanderson, who covers tastings in Tuscany and Piedmont for the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator.
Marco joined Gambero Rosso in the fall of '90, at the dawn of our history, after working in the world of wine and catering for several years and following the development of the Arcigola movement (now Slow Food).

At Gambero Rosso, he has held all roles in the wine sector, dealing with tastings and the editing of the monthly magazine, but above all with the Vini d'Italia Guide, of which he is now the curator along with Gianni Fabrizio and Giuseppe Carrus.
Since the early days of Gambero Rosso Channel, he has dedicated himself to television, producing a long series of formats and television programs, of which he is the author and presenter, including the series "Le Grandi Cantine," and "Stappa con Gambero Rosso" on Gambero Rosso TV. He is the author of numerous monographs on wine, oil, cocktails, and spirits for Gambero Rosso, and of The New Italy, an atlas of Italian wine written jointly with Daniele Cernilli and published in various languages ​​around the world.
A professional journalist, he holds the qualification of correspondent, and has been following the international activities of Gambero Rosso for years, with presentations of the Tre Bicchieri and the Top Italian Wines Roadshow, and to this day he has conducted more than 500 guided tastings and masterclasses worldwide, telling the story of Italy's great wines and terroirs. "I am proud of this award, which recognizes over thirty years of commitment with Gambero Rosso. But it is an award I received thanks to a great team effort. We are a formidable workgroup, known by wine enthusiasts around the globe thanks to our Wine Guide. Over the years, we have trained dozens of brilliant wine professionals and communicators. All of this makes me truly proud. I dedicate this award to all my colleagues!"

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