Urban beekeeping. Enter B-Box, the balcony beehive to make honey in the city

Apr 2 2020, 14:23 | by Michela Becchi
Projects relating to urban beekeeping, which is fundamental for the protection of bees and the environment, are constantly increasing. The latest addition is B-Box, a homemade beehive for making honey in the city.

Urban beekeeping: city beehives by B-Box

Beeing is an innovative startup born from Gabriele Garavini and Roberto Pasi's passion for beekeeping, with the aim of providing services and support for keepers of the precious insects at risk of extinction. For example, through inventions such as B-secure, an anti-theft device that allows beekeepers to track the movements of the hives and identify them with a QR code via an app on their mobile phone. The latest project is called B-Box and concerns urban beekeeping: an apiary designed for the city, for small gardens or balconies, which guarantees a healthy and safe life for bees thanks to quality materials.

Urban beekeeping: how B-Box works

The B-Box system is simple, beginner-proof: in fact, it separates the area where bees live from that in which honey is deposited, thus allowing amateur beekeepers to collect honey safely and without disturbing the insects, which can be observed at any time thanks to the transparent walls. An intuitive invention that zeroes the number of machinery and tools necessary for the extraction of honey, with a refined design perfect for integration within an urban context. Above all, it's a system capable of shedding light on the intense work of bees, allowing anyone to know more about this small world made up of many activities, from the construction of wax to the birth of new insects. In addition, to monitor animal health is an app for smartphones that records in real time data collected by the sensors located inside the hive, complete with temperature and humidity readings.

The importance of urban beekeeping

An original project that, once again, focuses on the importance of safeguarding bees and supporting the worldwide efforts to repopulate bees. The B-Box hives are now active all over the world and everyone can order their own on the site with delivery in 4 working days, for immediate production of honey in the city. This helps the environment and makes valuable pollinators available to local farmers: essential for maintaining the area's biodiversity.


by Michela Becchi

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