Up and coming chefs. Andrea Leali and Michelangelo Mammoliti

Apr 5 2019, 09:02 | by Annalisa Zordan
The four-handed dinner at Casa Leali in Puegnago sul Garda was an opportunity to learn more about the two emerging Chefs for our Ristoranti d'Italia guide, Andrea Leali and Michelangelo Mammoliti.

With lots in common, Andrea Leali (Casa Leali in Puegnago sul Garda) and Michelangelo Mammoliti (La Madernassa Resort in Guarene) were both rewarded by our Ristoranti d'Italia guide as emerging Chefs, one in 2018 and the other in 2019, both far from the spotlight and the nightlife of the big cities, both pursuing the path of quality and haute cuisine, tightening iron pacts with local producers to get the best ingredients.

Young chefs: four-handed dinner

And so, the two have organized a four-handed dinner, almost passing each other the baton of emerging Chef, even if they are now no longer emerging, having in the meantime grown and fully aware of their craft.

Territory and creativity

Key points of the two young chefs are territory and creativity. A laid back creativity, although often quite aggressive (let's think for example of Andrea Leali's dish of macerated radicchio, stracchino and spring onion), but always in constant discourse with customers and their satisfaction.

Fulfillment that also passes on the quality of ingredients used and on simplicity, or out in the words of Michelangelo Mammoliti, on minimalism (in this case the thought immediately falls on Apollo, spaghetti that the Piedmontese chef cooks in a baked chicken reduction).

Two kitchens that share the same basic principles and both are spokesmen for two of the most gastronomically interesting areas of Italy, Langhe and Garda. A beautiful responsibility that for one evening they shared with the carefree youth, and at the same time with the lucidity of the great chefs. Let's get to know them better.

The menu

The evening's menu

a Michelangelo - Vegetable casserole with chickpea cream, spicy oil and ruché crumble

Total Black - Tuile with squid ink and tuna cream flavoured with Garda lemon

Terroir3 - Almond crackers, olive wood cream, olive oil and baked olives

Castagno - Parsnip leaf cacio e pepe

Local - Macerated radicchio, stracchino and spring onion

Astrattismo - Marinated anchovies, red and green traditional sauces

Langhe-Franciacorta – Roast onion plin apockets with toasted vegetable jus and Franciacorta

Apollo - Spaghetti Pastificio dei Campi cookied in a roast chicken reduction, like the aromas of Sundays

Ricordi – Brescia style rabbit, toasted broth sauce, fifth quarter

Essenziale per essere felici - Tonka bean biscuit, hazelnut praline and fermented bread cream

Thay&Co – Coconut brittle with mango and coriander

Wine pairings, curated by maître and sommelier Marco Leali, included Piedmontese labels paired with Garda dishes and vice versa.

Casa Leali - Puegnago sul Garda (BS) – via Valle, 1 - 3665296042 - casalealiristorante.it

La Madernassa Resort - Castelrotto, Guarene (CN) - Località Lora, 2 - 0173 611716 - lamadernassa.it

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