Unstoppable now, All'Antico Vinaio opens its fourth branch in Milan near the Duomo

Apr 17 2024, 15:10
Tommaso Mazzanti is unstoppable: he is now opening the fourth store of his All'Antico Vinaio in Milan. All the details of the inauguration

On April 20th, All'Antico Vinaio will inaugurate its fourth store in Milan at Via Orefici 5, just steps away from the Duomo (the other branches are in Moscova, Stazione Centale, and Via Lupetta 12). After recent openings at Santa Maria Novella station in Florence, the city of origin of the "smoking" focaccia, and in Las Vegas, the Florentine brand further expands its presence in our territory. "I am extremely happy to be able to expand our presence in Milan," says Tommaso Mazzanti, founder of All'Antico Vinaio. The venue will be on two floors and replaces the place where until recently there was the Panini Durini restaurant activity.

The success of All'Antico Vinaio

The "Bada come fuma" focaccia has reached significant numbers both on social media and physically (we are talking about widespread expansion in 14 cities worldwide). The kilometer-long lines outside the sales points have become a trademark, with people from all over the world willing to wait in line for up to an hour (if not more) to eat Mazzanti's focaccia, or just to take a photo or video and show their community that they too have tried that all-Florentine delight. The success of the Florentine format stirs the market and provides employment, as Mazzanti explains, this new opening also represents "an opportunity that not only enhances our brand but also allows us to continue hiring new collaborators, approaching the milestone of almost 100 employees dedicated exclusively to the city of Milan."
And now, for the inauguration, a kilometer-long line is expected!

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