Tre Bicchieri 2024, Veneto's best wines awarded by Gambero Rosso

Oct 19 2023, 07:00
Here are the wines of Veneto that this year have been awarded the Tre Bicchieri, the highest prize assigned by the 'Gambero Rosso Vini d'Italia' guide

Veneto's Tre Bicchieri 2024

Amarone della Valpolicella 2019

Monte Zovo - Famiglia Cottini

Capitel Croce 2022

Roberto Anselmi

Madre 2021

Italo Cescon

Soave Cl. Calvarino 2021

Leonildo Pieropan

Soave Sup. Il Casale 2021

Agostino Vicentini

Soave Sup. Roncà Monte Calvarina Runcata 2021

Dal Cero - Tenuta Corte Giacobbe

Veneto's Tre Bicchieri 2024. Soave and custoza

This year, our tastings of Veneto’s wines proved immensely satisfying, a feat made possible by a string of excellent vintages (2021 and 2022 in particular). These years, though starkly different, birthed wines with refined aromas—with great tension and suppleness characterizing the former, fruitiness, approachability and immediate expressiveness the latter. We saw Soaves with clear aromas and racy taste profiles, and Custozas where a diverse set of grapes allows for various interpretations, but all highlight the strength of Garda’s morainal hills.

Veneto's Tre Bicchieri 2024. Bardolino, Valpolicella and Lake Garda basin

In terms of the reds, the range of vintages widens considerably, from recent harvests of Bardolino and Valpolicella to older Bordeaux vintages from the eastern provinces, and finally with Amarone 2013. A new awareness is emerging here, leading to an authentic style where technique magnifies the bond with the terroir rather than chasing a specific model. The drying process associated with Amarone has nearly vanished from the most intriguing Valpolicella Superiore. The territory also shines through its international grape varieties. The Bordeaux wines from the Euganean and Berici Hills contrast with those from the Treviso province; the former being richer and sunnier, while the latter lean more towards elegance and tension. Outstanding results also come from the Lake Garda basin, where the undeniable quality of the best Bardolinos is matched by personality-rich Chiaretto rosés, and from Lessinia, which is increasingly a land of characterful sparkling wines. The UNESCO heritage hills are aptly represented by Prosecco Superiore, which now rely more on their sapidity than residual sweetness, making them all the more enjoyable and versatile.

By virtue of elegant and dynamic wines, the Zeni brothers, Mariano Buglioni, and the Rubinelli family all make their debut in the exclusive club of award-winning producers. Yet, many new interpretations also emerge from wineries who’ve already been recognized in the past, such as the Pinot Grigio Rivoli by the Fugatti brothers, the Valpolicella Case Vecie by Brigaldara, the Cuvée Serafino by Dal Maso, and the unmissable Traccia di Rosa by Matilde Poggi.

Veneto's Tre Bicchieri 2024. The novelties

We conclude with a special award. For a lifetime spent amidst her vines, cultivated in genuine harmony with nature, the Grower of the Year award goes to Marinella Camerani. Her Amarone and Valpolicella are a valuable testament to her dedication.

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