Tiramisù World Cup 2019. 100 tiramisù tasters wanted: how to apply

Sep 10 2019, 09:02 | by Livia Montagnoli
100 gourmet judges, strictly amateurs, but passionate about the most famous Italian dessert in the world: tiramisu. To apply, candidates are required to pass an online test, 15 questions studied by the Tiramisu World Cup committee. Those who pass must taste 600 tiramisu, and then elect the best one as the winner.

Tiramisù World Cup seeks amateur justges

To apply, you have to pass an online test to show that you have all the right credentials to gain the status of "official tiramisu taster". The playful call for entries launched by the organization of the Tiramisu World Cup 2019 will announce winners on November 3rd, in Treviso, during the Grand Finale, when the professional jury of experts will decide the winners. First, however, 100 lucky food-loving judges will sink their spoons to select challengers worthy of access to the finals in Treviso.

Tiramisù World Cup. How it works

The event, created to celebrate the most famous and appreciated Italian dessert in the world, at its third edition this year, thanks to the numbers earned in past years and a machine perfected over time, will make the most of the creative recipes or those respecful of tradition by amateurs in the race (which is open only to non-professionals, for two categories: original recipes, with the use of the 6 basic ingredients, or creative, with 4 obligatory ingredients and a maximum of 3 others to choose from) to conquer the Tiramisu World Cup.

The requirements of the amateur judges

And the popular participation is strongly supported by the organization ("tiramisu is the best loved dessert par excellence"). On September 6th, on the event's website, submissions will open to become one of the hundred amateur judges who will sit at the jury panel during the pre-selections scheduled on September 21st and 22nd in Udine (Villa Passariano) and on November 1st and 2nd in Treviso. This is an opportunity to take part in the most delicious challenge of the year. The essential requirement? Loving tiramisu. In total there will be 600 tiramisus to be evaluated, distributed over four competition days. Teaspoon in hand, judges will have to evaluate the tiramisu entries on the basis of five points: technical execution (organization of the workspace, cleanliness, ingredient management, execution skills), aesthetic presentation (appearance, plating, garnish and overall aesthetic pleasantness), gustatory intensity (intensity and persistence in the mouth), dish balance (between all ingredients used), flavour and harmony (pleasantness, intensity and harmony of flavours, ingredient doses).

The online test. How to enter

But how can we grab a seat at the jury table? In 2018 there were 7,200 candidates coming from all over the world; this year the fight promises to be just as engaging. The decision will be based on the results of an online test prepared by the event organizers: 15 questions related to tiramisu and the competition rules, submitted to aspiring food lovers upon (free) registration online. Only adults can participate. Our advice is to study the rules well (available online) before taking the test: questions will focus on the history of tiramisu and on the recipe, but also on specific cases that may arise during the competition. Francesco Redi, head of Twissen, underlines this. In 2017 he conceived and launched the initiative for the first time: "We want to ensure seriousness and competence in the selection of our jurors to guarantee the quality of the competition and thus the final winners. Those who are selected as judges must be able to evaluate the dessert according to all the criteria provided, both in the original and in the creative tiramisu recipe".

Points go to every correct answer, only those getting the highest scores can hope to be part of the jury. Contenders awarded by the gourmet judges, on the other hand, will be able to enter the decisive competition on November 3rd (semi-finals and 2019 finals), where they will compete with the winners of the summer selections hosted in Bibbione and Venice last June along with candidates elected during the European selections on October 11th and 14th. The race is open, even for judges.


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