The Vernaccia di San Gimignano: the rebel queen of Tuscany: here are the 12 best tasted at the 2024 preview

Jun 4 2024, 18:02
The Consortium for Protection independently presented its own preview and proposed on stage a single, noble, leading actress: Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Here are our tastings

by Antonio Stelli

Unique, noble, rebellious! From the citation of the supreme poet Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy to the words of Mario Soldati in his book Vino al Vino, Vernaccia di San Gimignano is recounted through history, culture, and art. The rebellious queen strengthens her throne with determination and identity. This was demonstrated in the 2024 preview, presented with a new winning formula, the Wine Fest. The Consortium for Protection independently presented its own preview and proposed on stage a single, noble, leading actress: the Rebel Queen. A rich preview program dedicated to the public and the press, with different timing from previous editions. The perception is of a lively, modern Vernaccia, typical expression of the territory, and the choice to extend the preview's duration was a winning move with more enjoyable products and at the height of their potential. We went to visit her in San Gimignano, and the result was... pure rebellion!

The 12 best Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2023

A challenging annual climatic cycle characterized the year 2023, going beyond expectations. Numerous temperature drops in April, especially in May and June, constant rainfall led to a significant increase in fungal diseases, resulting in reduced production and difficult vineyard management. July and August saw high temperatures with no precipitation and normal harvest times.

Casa Lucii

Bright, with excellent scents of white peach and pear, enriched by hints of cedar and grapefruit, a savory taste with a tense and mineral entry, ending with a glyceric and flavorful mouth.


A perfect interpretation of tradition, a Vernaccia that expresses richness and typicality, a testament to the territory. It presents with delicate scents of sweet almonds, hay, barley, chamomile flowers, white plum, excellent correspondence in the mouth with continuity, sapidity, and a good enveloping.


More rigid and structured, citrine and sapid, an olfactory fan characterized by an alternation of grapefruit zest, cedar, and lime, a very interesting mineral mouth, tense and citrusy.

Il Colombaio di Santa Chiara (Selvabianca)

A perfect balance of taste and olfactory sensations, delicate and persistent. Field grass, yellow flowers, grapefruit, bergamot, ripe pear, an appetizing, sapid mouth with a tasty and flavorful finish.

La Lastra

Extraordinarily delicate, particularly floral. Bouquet of broom, wildflowers, wisteria, chamomile, notes of cedar and grapefruit, dynamic and vertical taste, excellent correspondence in the finish.

Pietraserena (Vigna del Sole)

Interesting aromas of rosemary and medicinal plants, citronella, helichrysum blend with hints of lime and cedar zest, notes of tea, soft, silky mouthfeel, and decidedly enveloping with a savory and citrine finish.

Poderi Arcangelo (Primo Angelo)

Exciting sip of citron, juicy, thirst-quenching, accompanied by aromas of green apple, grapefruit and lemon juice, notes of yellow and white flowers. Tense, savory, dynamic taste, with an excellent gustatory trail.

Cappellasantandrea (Rialto)

Intense aromas of candied cedar, lemon juice, lime, lemongrass, citronella, notes of ginger and flint. Excellent and interesting continuity on the palate, with a soft, savory, and enveloping mouthfeel. Slightly almond-like finish.

Vernaccia di San Gimignano Riserva 2022

The climatic trend for 2022 was characterized by a constant and intense heat, with a hot and arid climate. Only in the final part of the summer, at the end of August, some thunderstorms balanced the climatic trend, resulting in a regular and good harvest. The result is wines with good sensory profiles and an excellent aromatic complement, presenting a tasty and flavorful Reserve.

Il Palagione (Ori)

Rich olfactory composition that gives intense aromas of ripe white peach and apple, a potpourri of dried flowers, chamomile, and tea, notes of acacia honey and a slight hint of flint. Soft taste with a dynamic and fresh finish.

Macinatico (Macinatico 1332)

The olfactory fan is varied, offering intense aromas of saffron, cedar and grapefruit zest, chamomile and toasted almond, and a slight hint of flint. Savory taste and in the gustatory dynamic, enveloping and silky, with a good finish characterized by spicy hints.

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