The true taste of Milanese cuisine is found at the Parish Club of Pontevecchio, with an all you can eat menu

May 20 2024, 14:57
A genuine country trattoria offering classic Lombard cuisine. Hearty and substantial lunches at more than affordable prices

We know that the most memorable experiences don't always occur in the most renowned places. Sometimes, true culinary gems are hidden in unexpected spots. This is the case with the Circolo Parrocchiale di Pontevecchio (Parish Club of Pontevecchio), a true institution in the heart of Magenta - in the metropolitan city of Milan - one of those hidden places you only recommend to your dearest friends. A simple and unpretentious spot that conceals authentic and irresistible Italian cuisine. The Parish Club isn't just a restaurant; it’s a multifunctional venue beloved by the local community. It’s a regular meeting point for locals and a favorite stop for truck drivers who, as you know, have dashboards full of hidden addresses that guarantee hearty and genuine lunches.

A menu that never disappoints

The menu at the Parish Club is a true homage to Milanese cuisine. The restaurant is famous for its risotto alla buseccha, pasta e fagioli that truly tastes like home, and rigatoni with sausage sauce, as well as its main courses, from enormous cutlets to polenta with bruscitti, which are truly not to be missed.

The menu always includes shareable starters - vitello tonnato, local cured meats, Russian salad - and an incredible variety of side dishes that, pre-Covid, were served in a large buffet but are now brought to the table. Often, up to six different sides can be found at the same meal, including sautéed broccoli, gratin fennel, sweet and sour onions, and pickled vegetables.

To accompany the dishes, the Parish Club offers a selection of wines, grappas, and liqueurs that perfectly complete the meal.
It’s an old-style trattoria masterfully run by Signora Assunta, the true "deus ex machina" of the kitchen.

At the Parish Club, you don't so much choose what to eat, but rather decide if you can finish everything they bring you. This is especially true when it comes to second and third helpings, which Signora Assunta’s husband and the rest of the staff never fail to offer as they walk around with their trays among the tables full of cheerful people. The fixed menu is €12, with a slight increase on weekends or during special events like the highly demanded cassoulet day. Book in advance, because it's a beloved spot and always full, and you will always be welcomed with a smile, leaving with a full heart and stomach. And often with leftovers: at the Parish Club, nothing goes to waste.

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