The top 5 Vermentino wines from Sardinia awarded by Gambero Rosso

Nov 16 2023, 09:11
There are 17 Tre Bicchieri wines from Sardinia, 5 of which are Vermentino, mostly from Gallura. Here are the awarded labels

Tre Bicchieri 2024. The top Vermentino wines from Sardinia

A great performance this year for Sardinian wines, which set an absolute record for the number of awarded labels, a total of 17, in addition to many wines that reached the final tasting, both white and red. The region proves to be diverse and multifaceted, with wines originating just steps from the sea, as well as beyond 700 metre elevation. This diversity is further enriched by the many traditional varieties. At the forefront of whites is Vermentino, both from Gallura and other areas, especially in the south. Here are the labels that received the highest recognition.

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