The top 10 Trebbiano d'Abruzzo wines selected by Gambero Rosso

Jun 7 2024, 18:07
Trebbiano is a grape variety found throughout almost all of Italy, producing a wide range of wines. Here, we focus on the best Trebbiano d'Abruzzo wines

Known since ancient Roman times as "trebulanum," Trebbiano is the grape that produces the highest volume of wine worldwide. Its origins are certainly Italian, but the exact location remains uncertain due to numerous places that reference this name. Trebbiano's widespread popularity is due to its resistance to diseases and pests, its adaptability, and its high productivity. In Italy, Trebbiano is present in almost every region, often adopting the regional name where it thrives.

In this selection, we focus on the best expressions of Trebbiano d'Abruzzo. While Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is dominant among red wines, Pecorino has recently overshadowed Trebbiano among whites. For the 2024 edition of the Vini d'Italia guide, we tasted over 100 samples of Pecorino and just over 60 of Trebbiano. However, Trebbiano is making a comeback, with producers aiming to restore this classic white with versions released after at least a year. We found complex and nuanced wines that grew more interesting with age.

The best Trebbiano d'Abruzzo DOC

Here are the Trebbiano d'Abruzzo wines that received the highest accolades.

Amorotti Trebbiano '21. Complex and multi-faceted, Amorotti's Trebbiano '21 stands out with chamomile, dried fruit, candied ginger, and a typical grain note. The palate is slightly rustic but intriguing, balancing acidity and a savory undertone. Gaetano Carboni leads this young winery in Loreto Aprutino, one of the noble wine capitals of Abruzzo. The vineyards, divided into several plots, span 16 hectares, with spontaneous fermentations and large wooden barrels used for aging.

Ciavolich Trebbiano '20. The Ciavolich wines from the Fosso Cancelli line are artisanal and convincing, led by Trebbiano '20. It offers Mediterranean herbs, white plum, gooseberry, and yellow flowers, with a tactile palate supported by great freshness and a crescendo finish. The Ciavolich family has a long history in winemaking, dating back to the 1500s, and today, Chiara Ciavolich leads the vineyard, which spans 24 hectares in Loreto Aprutino and six hectares in Pianella.

Valle Reale Trebbiano Vigneto di Popoli '20. With notes of hay, field herbs, iodine hints, balsamic nuances, and lemon pulp, Valle Reale's Trebbiano Vigneto di Popoli '20 shines for its finesse and elegance, ending with a slender finish. Leonardo Pizzolo moved from Verona to Popoli in 1999, practicing biodynamic viticulture in an unspoiled area surrounded by three protected regions.

Valentini Trebbiano. Valentini wines are consistently excellent, although recent Trebbiano wines have focused more on freshness and agility, potentially sacrificing some of the depth and texture that made these wines iconic. Francesco Paolo Valentini was recently honored as Cavaliere del Lavoro, a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Torre dei Beati Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Di-vèrto 2021. This wine features a clear, sunny character with notes of grain, chamomile, and ripe peach. The palate is rich, warm, enveloping, and expansive, with hints of smoked almond and hazelnut, finishing full and juicy. Located in Loreto Aprutino, Adriana Galasso and Fausto Albanesi have dedicated themselves to winemaking since 1999, achieving excellent results.

Cirelli Trebbiano d'Abruzzo La Collina Biologica 2022. With notes of straw and cereals, iodine nuances, and medicinal herbs, this wine is lively and energetic. Francesco Cirelli is an innovative agricultural entrepreneur who also offers "glamping" experiences among the vines. His winery produces artisanal wines with spontaneous fermentations and a touch of personality.

Fattoria Nicodemi Trebbiano Notàri 2021. Lemon, cedar, and lime dominate the nose, complemented by aromatic herbs like basil. The clean nose leads to an equally clear palate, offering elegant sips with herbaceous and citrus peel notes. Elena and Alessandro continue their father Bruno's work, experimenting while honoring traditional roots.

La Valentina Trebbiano Spelt 2020. With chamomile and cedar aromas, this wine transitions to a sweet white fruit sensation, followed by aromatic herbs. The relaxed palate is flavorful and expressive. The Di Properzio brothers respect their terroir and emphasize sustainability, producing a range of expressive wines.

D'Alesio - Sciarr Trebbiano Tenuta di Professore 2016. This wine is captivating with cedar, yellow flowers, and turmeric tones. It has a slightly toasted palate, tactile and material yet fresh.

Spinelli Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Zione 2021. Offering a wide aromatic palette with ripe peach, pine needles, cedar, and yellow flowers, this wine is complex, sunny, rich, yet highly drinkable. Founded in 1973 by Vincenzo Spinelli, the winery has gained global recognition under the guidance of his sons, Carlo and Adriano. The Zione line, recently tasted, fully convinced us of its quality.

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