The Sicilian Pietro Russo is the third Italian Master of Wine

Feb 23 2024, 12:43
A life devoted to the world of wine. After working around the globe, Pietro Russo manages to enter the Olympus of Master of Wine

Pietro Russo is the new Italian Master of Wine. The country's first oenologist to achieve the prestigious title, he ascends to the podium alongside Gabriele Gorelli and Andrea Lonardi, being one of approximately 400 in the world to have earned the most prestigious title within the oenological field. Access to The Institute of Masters of Wine represents a challenging and expensive course of study that covers various aspects of wine, from sensory analysis to styles, production, oenology, viticulture, and economics, providing a comprehensive 360-degree knowledge of the world of wine. More than mere exam preparation, the journey to becoming a Master of Wine involves embracing a lifestyle where everything is done with the goal of achieving the coveted result.

Who is Pietro Russo?

Born into the world of wine, with a grandfather who was a viticulturist and a father who was a food inspector, Pietro Russo's life is dedicated to the nectar of Bacchus. He first graduated in viticulture and oenology in Conegliano Veneto, and later in Asti for his master's degree, before heading to France, where he earned a Master's degree in Bordeaux.

His career and passion lead him to not stop and provide various opportunities to work in different and important contexts. Languedoc, Andalusia, New Zealand, Piedmont, and again Bordeaux are places where he accumulates extensive knowledge in various winemaking techniques. In 2010, he returns to his island to work for Donnafugata, interpreting significant Sicilian denominations for the company.

His restless, nervous passion for wine leads him not only to produce but also to write about wine. Alongside his fellow students and colleagues Gabriele Gorelli and Andrea Lonardi, he oversees the Italian chapter of the New Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia and annually participates as a judge in international wine competitions.

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