The reputation of Prosecco Docg is growing. Its brand is stronger than Champagne and Franciacorta

Nov 22 2023, 15:24
The Ipsos survey for the Consorzio di tutela dell'Alta Marca Trevigiana reveals how the bubbles of the Unesco area are improving their positioning and image among consumers

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Docg better than Champagne, Franciacorta and Trento Doc, when it comes to brand positioning. This is the result of a survey commissioned by the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco Superiore to Ipsos, which investigated the perception of the product among consumers. The data says that the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg brand is "in pole position among the various sparkling wines", as Enzo Risso, Ipsos scientific director, pointed out during the presentation of the District Report 2023, edited by Cirve. The survey, conducted on a total sample of one thousand Italians and five hundred young people, shows a positive picture of the positioning of hill wine. On a scale of one to ten, 70 per cent of Italians give Conegliano Valdobbiadene a grade between 8 and 10, "surpassing all other wines, including Champagne, Franciacorta and Trento Doc".

Less snobby than its French competitor

According to the Ipsos survey, the image capital of the wine from the hills of the Alta Marca Trevigiana is articulated and composite, a mix that hinges on the feeling of great quality (68 per cent), authenticity (64) and freshness (59). The data highlight its authenticity (58) and the fact that it is a wine for connoisseurs (58). It is also perceived as a sustainable wine (49 per cent), which meets the need for environmentally friendly production practices. "Its positioning," as Risso himself pointed out, "is being placed at a significant high end of the range, presenting itself as an accessible and appealing alternative to Champagne", compared to which it is pleasant but less snobbish.

A market with ups and downs

Analysing the market trend at the end of this year, the District Report paints a complex picture, with sales expected to lose 10% of volumes compared to the one hundred million pieces of a year ago, but with revenues that will rise by 4.7% compared to the almost 607 million in 2022. "After a very slow start to the year," explained Elvira Bortolomiol, president of the Consortium, "we recovered in the last few months and today we are registering a drop compared to 2022, settling back on pre-pandemic values. 2022 was an exceptional year on the results front and the current numbers are more faithful to the real potential of the denomination”. In particular, volumes shipped to foreign markets fell (–6%) against an increase in value (+4.5%).

More digital and wine tourism catching up

The economic analysis among wineries, conducted by Cirve, shows an increased use of digitalisation for cellar management by companies and an increase in investment in software and hardware. "We note a definite turn to digital," said Eugenio Pomarici, editor of the study.

Finally, in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area, the flow of tourists has been increasing since 2022 until the first seven months of this year (with +16% in arrivals and +12.2% in presences between January and July). In particular, international demand recorded rates of more than twenty per cent, while domestic demand, which had already recovered ground in previous years, remained at a more moderate growth rate. With this trend, 2023 could be the year of recovery and probably of overtaking the pre-pandemic. Last year, almost 300,000 tourists visited the Prosecco Superiore wine cellars.


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