The king of supplì opens the third location in Rome. Here's what the new Supplizio in the Pinciano neighborhood will be like

Apr 3 2024, 12:55
Supplizio celebrates 10 years, and Chef Arcangelo Dandini celebrates with a third location, in the Pinciano neighborhood

Supplizio Act Three: Arcangelo Dandini opens a new venue with his format that celebrates the supplì. Rice, preferably white ragù with chicken giblets, and then mozzarella to make the string, otherwise they wouldn't be "supplì al telefono," Roman cousins of arancini and arancine, which unlike Sicilian ones have the seasoning well distributed throughout the rice and not just in the center (there's the mozzarella) because the starting point is a risotto. A few years ago, Dandini said, "When I think of supplì, I think of an enriched risotto. It's a bit of a link between Lombard salted rice and Neapolitan sartù with an ideal connection to the arancina."

The third Supplizio opens in Rome

It was 2014 when Dandini inaugurated his first Supplizio, the Roman street food inspired by one of his most famous dishes, which elaborates on his passion for this food in a variation of bites. The supplì, precisely, along with the smoked potato croquette and the crispy one with anchovy colatura, has been a cornerstone of his menu for years, with the necessary variations - like the fried cream with pecorino and cinnamon - that he has welcomed over time. Thus, Dandini has been able to ennoble one of the most famous Roman street foods, a fixed presence in pizzeria fryers alongside pumpkin flowers and cod fillets, giving it the dignity of a restaurant dish thanks to a recipe elaborated with precision starting from quality ingredients, and then further celebrating it by sewing on an ad hoc format. Since then, the term "street food" has become familiar to most, just as the term "supplì" has.

Memory in bites

As with other dishes by Dandini (for example, "My Journey to Rocca Priora"), Supplizio has a direct connection to his personal history (it's no coincidence that Dandini's book is titled "Memory in Bites"). The supplì is indeed a dish of affection that accompanies the memories of his childhood summers, the gastronomic passions of a young chef who began to measure himself with that crunchy bite, which in many families is a recovery dish, prepared with the leftover breaded and fried risotto. He worked on it over the years, first at Simposio and then at Arcangelo, always with the desire to establish the perfect recipe. He worked on the rice, the breading, the ragù, the oil. Every single element to ensure the best result with the utmost consistency.

Arcangelo Dandini and Fabrizio Piazzolla

Today, also thanks to the synergy with Fabrizio Piazzolla, Supplizio is a triple sign: there's the first location opened in 2014 on via dei Banchi Vecchi, a point of sale inside the Mercato Centrale in Rome (this year Umberto Montano's creation celebrates 10 years of life), and now a third location arrives on via Bergamo. A strategic position, with many offices, the cinema, and the commercial hub starting from La Rinascente: a perfect place for street food, "One evening, leaving the cinema, I realized the other shops already present on the street: I found myself in a real street food area," Arcangelo Dandini says. And the couches - almost a trademark of the venue - underline its familiar, relaxing atmosphere, accompanying the tables to expand the capacity to about thirty seats.

What to eat at Supplizio

Obviously, the supplì plays the leading role: alongside the classic with chicken giblets, there are now established variations with tomato and basil, cheese and pepper, amatriciana, and carbonara. Then there are other fried foods, Roman and not only: cod fillet, mozzarella in carrozza, potato croquette but also eggplant meatballs, anchovy meatballs "with my garum," fried cream, but also chicken salad, cod catalana, and some dishes of the day, according to the season, to accompany a wine list that in this venue becomes broader and more laid-back, confirming a growth of the format always street but also a bit restaurant food.

Supplizio - Roma - via Bergamo -

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