The best value-for-money Nebbiolo wine from Valle d'Aosta according to Gambero Rosso

Dec 5 2023, 19:03
The award for the best value-for-money wine from Valle d'Aosta in the Berebene 2024 guide was given to a Nebbiolo. Here's more about it

Donnas is certainly one of the first villages encountered by those arriving in Valle d'Aosta from the south. Looking around, travellers will immediately notice being in a historically significant area for wine production. The properties here are extremely small and fragmented, which is why in the early '70s, there was a thought to establish a cooperative that could bring together the efforts of the small winegrowers in the area. Today, the same cooperative is growing, despite the fact that the soils in this area are very difficult to work on. On the terraces overlooking the village, on the left bank of the Dora Baltea, the ancient pergolas supported by stone pillars and a wooden structure allow the local Nebbiolo, the picotendro, to mature and reward the heroic efforts of the growers, mountain people, proud, deeply connected to tradition and its flavours.

The best value-for-money wine from Valle d'Aosta according to the Berebene 2024 guide

Within the range, an interesting and competitively priced option stands out: the '22 Barmet, which earns the Regional Award for Valle d'Aosta in the Gambero Rosso Berebene 2024 guide. This is a young Nebbiolo, exclusively fermented in steel, showcasing floral notes reminiscent of violets that mingle with hints of plum. On the palate, the tannins are well pronounced, and the sip has good persistence.

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