The best tea rooms in Palermo to warm up in winter

Nov 30 2023, 13:12
With a steaming cup held in your hands, a smile appears even on the grayest afternoons. Here's a selection of tearooms to try in Palermo

A hot chocolate is always a good idea, but the one hot beverage that pleases everyone is tea. To be sipped along with a good slice of cake, an English scone, or classic shortbread cookies, in any case, leisurely, and offered in a relaxing and welcoming environment. Tea rooms are places to visit without haste, where one can stop for a great snack, but above all, to discover the many nuances of this product.

Here are the best tea rooms in Palermo


Herbal teas, infusions, black teas, chocolate, wines, but also pasta and main courses made to order: at Cha, you can eat well at any time, even during aperitivo, with platters of local cold cuts and cheeses and rich salads made with local ingredients. However, above all, this is a tearoom where one can purchase accessories – teapots, cups, ceramics, filters – and sit down to enjoy a good cup of tea or infusion, along with homemade tarts and pastries, even in American style, such as red velvet or cheesecake.

Cha – via Velasquez, 28 - Facebook


Tea room but also chocolate shop, pub, and “spritzoteca,” a perfect place for an aperitif among friends where you can choose from many variations of the iconic drink: Tetathè is a place suitable for everyone, focussing greatly on a selection of fine teas from around the world infused using the French Press system. Accompanying the hot beverages are biscuits, slices of cake, and stuffed crepes with sweet creams. The rustic atmosphere created by stone walls and exposed beams makes the afternoon ritual even more special.

Tetathè – via Orologio, 14 – Facebook

Fai da Thè

A beautiful tastefully decorated venue to stop by for a good hot cup of tea or a taste of kombucha, or even a glass of wine, paired with appetisers and small bites for a high-level aperitif. The attentive and knowledgeable staff can guide even the less experienced in choosing the best tea to savour alongside a slice of pie or glazed lemon cake. The dessert selection is excellent, diverse, and comprehensive, just like the gastronomic offering.

Fai da Thè – via Maletto, 3 -


Infusions, herbal teas, and a wide variety of teas: on chillier days, this is the perfect place to stop for a stop, facing a steaming beverage and an excellent slice of cake, with a homemade flavour and an wonderful aroma. The American-style pies are a must-try, available even in vegan versions, along with all the sweets scented with Sicilian oranges, to be enjoyed in a relaxed and well-kept environment. There are also plenty of accessories for sale to perform the tea ritual at home.

Tèco – via Garibaldi, 68 – Facebook

Camellia Tea House (spot with tastings)

At Christmas, it gives its best, with themed gadgets and home decor items, gingerbread cookies, and infusions that smell like the holidays. However, any time is good for a visit to Camellia, a delightful shop where one can find all kinds of teas and herbal infusions, biscuits, as well as placemats, elegant tea sets, and everything needed to prepare favours and gift bags for ceremonies. Not a true tearoom, but a shop that periodically organises tastings: on their social media pages are all the updates about tasting days.

Camellia Tea House – via San Lorenzo 310 - Facebook




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