The best Supplì in Rome to eat while walking

Jul 2 2024, 16:44
Nothing beats a stringy supplì to curb your appetite: in Rome, it's a religion, and finding truly good ones is child's play. Here are the best

Before you cry scandal: the big names in round pizza aren’t here because we focused only on street supplì, the true fried street food of the capital. Pizza by the slice and specialised shops, where you can stop for a cheesy rice ball, "al telefono," with plenty of well-melted mozzarella. To be enjoyed standing, as tradition dictates. Here’s our ranking.

The best Supplì in Rome

Panificio Bonci and Pizzarium

Pizzarium is the kingdom of pizza by the slice, while Panificio offers a variety of baked goods, from bread to sweets. In any case, the signature here is that of master Gabriele Bonci. He was the first to replace pasta with rice in the legendary supplì, creating original fried delights and once again setting the standard in the field. Whatever the type, Bonci’s supplì have a crunchy, dry coating and a delicious, perfectly balanced filling.

Panificio Bonci – via Trionfale, 36 –

Pizzarium – via della Meloria, 43 –

Pantera Pizza Rustica

The Trecastelli brothers never miss a beat: after Trecca and Circoletto, in September 2023, they inaugurated this third establishment dedicated to pizza in teglia, the low and very crispy pizza loved by Romans. Before diving into the divine red pizza with herbs, it's worth trying the house supplì: classic, with an unmistakable taste, very flavourful sauce, and perfect coating. A second helping is guaranteed.

Pantera – Ostiense, 153 -


Stefano Callegari needs no introduction. Besides inventing a new street food – now iconic – in Rome, by placing traditional sauces in a pizza pocket, he also revolutionised the concept of supplì. The traditional one is unbeatable, but the offerings at Trapizzino constantly change, with many irresistible creative variations (asparagus and lemon, eggplant parmigiana, and a delicious garlic, oil, and chilli).

Trapizzino - p.le di Ponte Milvio, 13 – via Giovanni Branca, 88 – Piazza Trilussa, 46 – Roma Termini – trapizzino.i

San Biagio Pizza & Bolle

Light, crispy, and available in various flavours, the excellent pizza by the slice at this place shouldn’t overshadow the deliciousness of the supplì. Dry, crunchy, and perfectly stringy, they are a must for fans of the genre, who can enjoy a variety of well-crafted flavours. Try the butter and lemon one – fresh and tasty.

San Biagio Pizza & Bolle – via Oslavia, 39 e – viale Europa, 15 –


If even a high-ranking chef like Arcangelo Dandini has decided to open a place dedicated to supplì, it means this fried food plays a fundamental role for Romans. At Supplizio, you can choose from many delights: the classic is unmissable, but so are the arrabbiata and butter-and-anchovy versions. Whatever the choice, the coating is thick, intentionally coarse, and extremely crunchy – the chef’s signature.

Supplizio – via dei Banchi Vecchi, 143 -

I Supplì

A reference address in the heart of Trastevere and a must-stop for those looking for a quick and tasty meal, with pizza by the slice and supplì as the true stars of the place. The traditional ones, with plenty of sauce and a stringy mozzarella core that creates the "telephone" effect, are especially appealing to fans of the genre, particularly tourists. The perfect spot for those who love simple and genuine flavours.

I Supplì – via San Francesco a Ripa, 137 –

La Casa del Supplì

A historic landmark for visitors seeking a well-made, tasty snack. There are four locations in total, but the secret to success remains the same: crispy pizza by the slice and traditional supplì, made as they used to be, with no unpleasant surprises. Also try the cacio e pepe variant.

La casa del supplì – Piazza Re di Roma, 20 -

Lievito Pizza Pane

It has won everyone over with its pizza by the slice and (truly deserving) bread, but young Francesco Arnesano is also a wizard with supplì. The coating is crunchy and thick, the rice perfectly cooked and seasoned, and the variety of fried flavours is endless. Each bite here is worth tasting. With the classic, you can't go wrong and will never be disappointed.

Lievito Pizza Pane - viale Europa, 339 - via Simone Martini, 6 -


A stone's throw from Piazza Re di Roma, this small lab started as a takeaway pizzeria and later specialised in Roman-style pizza. With light and crispy pizza featuring high-quality toppings, Frumentario is the creation of Alessandro Santilli, a chef and leavening expert with experience in haute cuisine, who also makes excellent fried foods on the spot, with supplì being the first and foremost.

Frumentario – via Tuscolana, 26 – Roma -

Food Box

Fried food lovers will find their heaven here (or rather, croquettes!): among the many street food stalls at Mercato Testaccio, Food Box is dedicated to street food: supplì, fried cream, cod fillets, and Jewish-style artichokes. There are also traditional dishes, but the supplì dominate the scene, offered in several variations.

Food Box – via Beniamino Franklin – 12 –


A favourite spot for all lovers of pizza by the slice in Fiumicino (now with a second location in Rome), the temple of Franco Di Lelio and his sons Emiliano and Andrea also stands out for the quality of its fried foods, tasty and with excellent coatings. Try the one with cod in sauce and taggiasca olives, pork in a potato crust, and the traditional tomato one, as well as the many seafood options, perfect for those who want to taste classic fish dishes in mini (and fried) form.

Sancho – via della Torre Clementina, 142 –

Pizza Chef

The flavour changes with each season at Pizza Chef, a pizzeria by the slice in the Tuscolana area that also excels in fried foods. The classic tomato supplì is well made and tasty, but so is the carbonara one, creamy and balanced, as well as the vegetarian options with fresh vegetables. A crunchy shell that delivers satisfaction with every bite.

Pizza Chef  - via Clelia, 63 a -

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