The best pizzerias in Langhe chosen by Gambero Rosso

Nov 2 2023, 09:37
Autumn is the best seasin to take a trip to Langhe, and not just for the international white truffle fair. In addition to fine dining and great traditional trattorias, many fine pizzerias are also worth a visit

Langhe, especially at this time of year, become one of the most popular destinations for truffle aficionados and food lovers from all over the world. If, however, after gorging on cruda all'albese meat and tajarin (here are the best restaurants and trattorias in Alba), you get a craving for pizza, know that here, too, you won't be left high and dry. Here are our recommendations as included in the Pizzerie d'Italia 2024 guide.

The best pizzerias in Langhe according to Gambero Rosso

Il Corsiero

Recently opened by Fulvio Marino, a great connoisseur of doughs, flours and leavening, this is a bakery with a French flair, but also starters, main courses and pizza, of course. In short: a bakery with a kitchen. Here guests can find selected coffees and herbal teas; croissants, pain au chocolat, and traditional Piemonte delicacies and pastries. Flour is at the heart of the project: you’ll find pizzas prepared with different flours with toppings linked to the territory and the season.

Il Corsiero – Santa Vittoria d'Alba (CN) - fraz. Cinzano – via Statale, 80 – 0172 478898 -


Recently opened by Fulvio Marino, a great connoisseur of doughs, flours and leavening, a bakery with a French flair, but also starters, main courses and pizza, of course. In short: a bakery with a kitchen. Here, then, are selected coffees and herbal teas; croissants, pain au chocolat, and traditional Piedmontese delicacies and sweets. Flour is the core of the project: pizzas prepared with different flours with toppings linked to the territory and the season.

FuocoFarina – Alba (CN) – p.zza Rossetti, 6E – 0173 063485 -

Fuori Tempo

A very special and well-kept environment. The service, streamlined and polite, is taken care of by Virginia and Adelaide, wife and daughter of Davide, the demiurge of yeast. Between practice and scientific rigour, the doughs he experiments with are born here and then finished with perfect baking in a wood-fired oven. Her neapolitan pie is a product of excellent fragrance and consistency, with perfect marriages between doughs and combinations in the “gourmet” and “palette” versions. We start with the plain or stuffed friciule, then samples such as the noble Margherita and the Paletta Bolognese: a dough of spelt, chickpeas and sprouted grains stuffed with mortadella, burrata cheese, rocket and pistachio grains. The Levantina on a dough of spelt, corn and sunflower seeds brings prawns, squid, tomato confit and buffalo cream. Good selection of beers. From April 2023 Fuori Tempo is also in Cheri with Bistrot dei lievitati.

Fuori Tempo – Canale (CN) – Asti, 21 – 0173 979555 -

Gusto Divino

Massimiliano Prete gives guests a true experience, with à la carte pizzas and tasting menus, including the chef's table (5 chef's suggestions and 3 paired wines). With doughs based on meticulously chosen flours, from the evolutionary mix to Sicilian grains, the proposal is declined between classic, crispy, pizz'otto, fa'croc, pala pizzas. For toppings, the search for excellence and local products is the rule. The off-menu items are always super-interesting, from asparagus to katsuobushi, from crab to cabbage combined with anchovies, to very creative proposals such as the Kiwi Marinara (2 types of tomato, confit garlic, baked kiwi, basil and parsley salad on a classic base). The service runs smoothly; the proposed pairings are many, from Champagne to craft beers (such as Birra di Focaccia).

Gusto Divino – Saluzzo (CN) - p.zza Cavour, 21 – 0175 42444 -

Gusto Madre

A lot of research and selection, the fire of intuition, the baggage of tradition, the courage of challenges. Classic, Authentic, Soft, Crunchy and Burger are the proposals, the different ways of understanding doughs and leavening through pure or mixed flours, different hydrations, fermentation with sourdough or spontaneous (autolysis). Freshness of aroma, crispness and bite, digestibility are the excellent results. There are about thirty specialities: the Croccante with potato cream, burrata, seared octopus, taggiasche, confit cherry tomatoes and parsley oil, or the Friabile with mortadella, Raschera DOP and capers. In addition to pizzas for dinner, the offer opens up to breakfast, with the cafeteria and home-made pastries, lunch and aperitifs. Desserts not to be missed. Craft beers and full-bodied wine offerings.

Gusto Madre – Alba (CN) – p.zza M. Ferrero, 2 a – 344 3460392 -

Pizzeria Ristorante L'Italiana

Undoubtedly the growth of Federico Giampà, who is conquering more and more audiences. Federico was born a pastry chef but soon became passionate about other fermentations, relying on knowledge and experimentation and, above all, remaining faithful to the purest concept of pizza. His is a direct two-stage dough, with flour of moderate strength, hydration around 68%, long maturation up to 72 hours, and always impeccable cooking. On tasting, fragrant aromas anticipate the excellent chewiness of the crust; the medium-thick, well dimpled and fragrant. Much research has gone into the fillings, starting with hand-passed San Marzano tomatoes. There are more than 50 types including classic, special, white and focaccia; there are also dishes. For drinks, a few wines, soft drinks and beers on tap and in bottles. Best to book. Fast and accurate service.

Pizzeria Ristorante L'Italiana - Piobesi d'Alba (CN) – via Roma, 45 – 0173 216770 - Facebook


Here you can enjoy one of the best pizzas the region can express. Neapolitan style, selected flours, rising and maturing for up to 48 hours, excellent baking in a wood-fired oven, ingredients selected from Campania for the classic specialities, together with great Italian products, from Albenga artichokes to capocollo di Martina Franca. But some licences are allowed: goat robiola, toma cheese, porcini mushrooms, truffles, you go to Santena for the asparagus, to Bra for the sausage. The rim is fragrant, moderately thick and enjoyable in its entirety, the pie is thin, with a nice bite. Some thirty excellent proposals, including classic and specials. From the osteria, a selection of good traditional Piemonte dishes (with a hint of sea). For pairings there is an extensive wine cellar, draught beers and a list of artisanal bottled beers. Friendly service.

Perbacco – La Morra (CN) – via Roma, 30 – 0173 50609 -

Il Pomodoro

Here ambience, food and drink menus have always been the object of attention and elegant care. Oven and cooker share the very full-bodied offer, which, in addition to the important choice in yeast, includes tasty specialities. The pizza has a not-too-low crust (but less performing than in the past), indirect dough with the biga, a long leavening time (48 hours) and careful baking that makes the disc consistent, well foldable as well as very digestible. Filled with a whole range of quality ingredients with attention to seasonality. The white pizzas - including Lardella, with Gorgonzola, lard, and honey - and the red ones, such as Terramare, with prawns and mushrooms, are good. From the kitchen, meat and fish dishes as well as a selection of delicious desserts. Friendly and attentive service.

Il Pomodoro – Magliano Alfieri (CN) - via Quattro Novembre, 44 a – 0173 66464 -

Sileo Pizzeria

Acqua e Farina (Priola) moves to Nucetto and becomes Sileo, or “restart”. Andrea Brunetta started from scratch, after company and personal ups and downs. Thus a completely new place is born, with proposals that start with selected stone-ground flours, water from the San Bernardo spring, a pre-ferment and suitable hydration from which tasty and digestible doughs are born. There are three versions of the house pizza: the Nuvola, 8 slices; the Pala, 45 centimetres to be shared in two; and finally the Classica, proposed in Neapolitan style or with a rolling pin. Excellent quality toppings and good intuition both when Andrea tackles creative ideas, as in Ragù, and in the classic Margherita. Delicious starters and desserts; drinks, beers and wines. Attentive and friendly service.

Sileo Pizzeria – Nucetto (CN) – s.s. 28, 54 – 389 3106641 -



opening photo courtesy of Fuori Tempo

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