The best extra virgin olive oils of Umbria selected by Gambero Rosso

Jul 9 2024, 14:51
Umbria has always been a reference point for lovers of intensely flavoured and exuberant extra virgin olive oil, with the top companies growing in number year after year and ranking among the best in Italy

When discussing the olive oil production of Umbria, we refer to one of the central Italian regions that has long pursued a model focused on quality production, emphasizing local varieties and the olive-growing landscape. It is a land where the green gold is rightly valued in every way and stands out as one of the regions with the highest average quality levels in Italy. This picture is well illustrated by the Oli d'Italia 2024 guide, even in this challenging year.

The 2023/2024 olive oil campaign

Quantitatively speaking, the recent olive oil campaign was not one to remember. There were no significant declines, and the entire segment, including the regional PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), managed to produce 686,000 litres of certified extra virgin olive oil. As every year, the protagonists of oil production were native varieties such as Moraiolo, the leading cultivar in the region with its herbaceous character and high phenolic content, Dolce Agogia, San Felice, and Nostrale di Rigali, alongside the well-known Leccino and Frantoio.

The best extra virgin olive oils of Umbria 2024. 'Le Tre Foglie'

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