The architect-turned-pizzaiolo leaves Pisa: Stefano Bonamici's pizzas come to Viareggio

May 26 2024, 17:54
The former architect, awarded Tre Spicchi by Gambero Rosso, begins a new collaboration with chef Leandro Scotto

by Edoardo Giribaldi

Stefano Bonamici, a pizzaiolo awarded Tre Spicchi by Gambero Rosso in the Pizzeria d'Italia guide, has left ZenZero, the pizzeria he founded in Pisa, to start a new collaboration with Giallo Food and Drinks, a restaurant in Viareggio.

The architect-turned-pizzaiolo

Bonamici moved cities and started his new role on Thursday, May 23. His story, which gained attention and was featured in Corriere della Sera, is about a 47-year-old architect who found himself running a restaurant with a pizzaiolo about to relocate to Forte dei Marmi. Before leaving, the employee taught the owner the art of making pizza. "The important thing is that they come out," Bonamici recalled saying. "A disaster waiting to happen," he thought. However, his prediction was wrong. Perhaps due to his unconventional training, the former architect turned pizzaiolo fully utilized his skills from his first profession, designing his own establishment, ZenZero, which garnered success and praise. The reason? A concept of digestible pizza with doughs that undergo very long fermentations (sometimes up to ten days).

Collaboration with Chef Leandro Scotto

"Quality and refinement" are the values Bonamici aims to bring to Giallo, joining forces with chef Leandro Scotto in what is described as an "innovative collaboration that promises to surprise and delight customers' palates," blending "culinary talent and gastronomic creativity." The partners of the renowned Viareggio establishment expressed satisfaction, explaining how Bonamici's arrival "will bring a fresh wave of innovation to the menu, offering new and unforgettable gastronomic experiences." This move also demonstrates Giallo Food and Drinks' "constant commitment to ensuring excellent service for its customers."

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