The 7 best Trentodoc Rosé wines chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jul 10 2024, 16:34
While waiting to discover the results of the ongoing tastings for the 2025 Vini d'Italia guide, we present to you the Trentodoc Rosé and Rosé Riserva wines that impressed us the most last year

Of the 12 wines from Trentino that received the Tre Bicchieri 2024 award, half were excellent expressions of Trentodoc, which remain at the pinnacle of the region (but among last year's winners, you will also find still white and red wines). Under the definition of "Mountain Bubbles," this area is one of Italy's most compelling sparkling wine regions. These wines demonstrate their authority through precise dosages and (long) aging on the lees, fully expressing the potential of these varieties in terms of complexity. Many awardees were reaffirmed, with an excellent performance of the Rosé versions, including some outstanding new entries, such as Mas dei Chini. Gentleness and determination, in summary, to relaunch the Trentino wine sector and reaffirm that Trento is not just about classic sparkling wine.

The best Trentodoc Rosé Wines

Here are the Trentodoc Rosé wines that received Tre Bicchieri or Due Bicchieri Rossi in the Gambero Rosso Vini d'Italia 2024 guide.

Honour to Trentodoc with the Rosé 2018 from Moser, a wine that is intense and delicate at the same time, caressing the palate with splendid liveliness compared to the Nature and 51,151, always winning bubbles. Francesco Moser, a record-breaking cyclist, shows patience in waiting for the slow evolution of the wine, applying the wise advice of his son Carlo in synergy with the enological choices of his nephew Matteo, one of the most skilled winemakers. The winery hosts a variety of events and proudly preserves each specific vintage from the family estates around the headquarters and in the upper Val di Cembra. The production focuses on sparkling wines but also includes enjoyable curiosities.

Very good is the Inkino Extra Brut Rosé 2019 from Mas dei Chini. Among the rows of vines on this rural estate on the hill of Trento, archaeologists have found traces of ancient winemakers, demonstrating the vocation of this slope now cultivated by Graziano Chini, an entrepreneur with various commercial activities. The company's management is entrusted to Alfio Garzetti, a tenacious sparkling wine technician who also coordinates the agricultural work in the vineyards of Campo Rotaliano and the estate's facilities used for restaurants and agritourism hospitality. The winery combines tradition and high technology, with a strict qualitative selection of grapes, focusing primarily on Trentodoc.

The Trento Brut Altemasi Rosé Riserva 2018 from Cavit is one of the wines presented by the company last year, combining local with international, distributing globally a range of wines still linked to Trentino. A leader of a dozen cooperative wineries, Cavit has always been at the forefront of producing and promoting a popular wine with a good price/quality ratio but also dedicating many labels to excellence, especially with classic sparkling wines. It is no coincidence that the company's facilities for Trento Doc are being doubled to enhance the charm of the Altemasi line.

The Trento Brut Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore Rosé 2012 is one of the wines presented last year by the company. Ferrari is a name that evokes joy and prestige in wine, thanks to the Lunelli family, truly visionary wine entrepreneurs. They have preserved the knowledge of a dreamer, Giulio Ferrari, the Trento cellar master who, as early as 1902, challenged the allure of Champagne by producing a few thousand bottles of classic sparkling wine in his city. This strategic intuition was picked up and enhanced first by Bruno Lunelli in 1952, then by his sons and grandsons, now international quality sparkling wine protagonists, engaged in a thousand initiatives, primarily agricultural: wineries in Tuscany and Umbria, a partnership in the heart of Prosecco, and entrepreneurs in sectors ranging from grappa to mineral waters, including special drinks. Their Trento wines are unmistakable in style and absolute versatility, both in super reserves and more immediate versions.

The range of sparkling wines from Maso Martis includes the Rosé Monsieur Martis Rosé 2018, which reached our finals last year, captivating with its coppery colour and intriguing taste, marked by forest fruit notes and delightful drinkability. Monsieur and Madame, identity reinforcements of Maso Martis, seal the great attention the Stelzer family gives to their most exclusive Trentodoc wines. Two precious gems, decidedly exciting wines. Monsieur, from Pinot Meunier grapes, is excellent, unusual, with beautiful drinkability, dedicated to Antonio, the company's founder, while Madame Martis, linked to his wife Roberta, are two bubbles that seal the prestige of this Trentino "maison," now entrusted to the young daughters of the owners, Alessandra and Maddalena.

The Rosé Pas Dosé from Bellaveder is very versatile, combining fragrance harmony with a savoury quality that evokes sea breezes. The Luchetta family, father Tranquillo and sons Andrea and Marco, manage vineyards scattered like leopard spots: those on the Faedo alluvial cone adjacent to their winery, as well as other hectares on the Valle dei Laghi side in Cavedine. Here, at high altitude, they planted vines to further characterize their sparkling wines, without neglecting the care of the varieties from the estates near San Michele all'Adige. A distinctive range of wines, even though attention is balanced between Trento Doc and classic Trentino types. Among the other Bellaveder labels, the Trento Brut Nature '18 is excellent, and the usual Müller Thurgau, Lagrein, and Traminer are commendable.

The splendid Rosé +4 from Letrari is dedicated to the four women of the Letrari family. Lucia Letrari's sparkling wines blend power, elegance, and equal softness. Varied in nature, pleasant to drink, decidedly Dolomitic, alpine fragrances imbued with Mediterranean nuances, gentle and feminine. Lucia Letrari has always aimed to impart grace to her wines, a technique learned from her father Leonello and matured over years of continuous commitment, both in the family vineyards and in the winery, now predominantly dedicated to Trentodoc. Seven of her sparkling wines reached our tastings with enthusiastic results, wines deserving of important scores, with some proposals in certain ways memorable.

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