The 7 best gelaterias in Florence chosen by Gambero Rosso

Oct 18 2023, 10:00
Some focus on the classics, others indulge in more imaginative flavours. Here are the best gelaterias in Florence according to "Gelaterie d’Italia 2023” Gambero Rosso Guide

In Florence, classic flavours are the order of the day, pastry cream first and foremost, but whereas creativity, none can compete. Think, for example, of the gelato made with a decoction of orange and lemon peels, ginger and bay leaves, combined with apple and pear skins made by the Gelateria della Passera; or the melissa rose from Vetulio Bondi. Here are the best gelaterias in town according to our Gelaterie d'Italia 2023 guide. Looking forward to unveiling many novelties in the next edition.

The best gelaterias in Florence


Since 1987, it has been a sure reference point in the Gavinana district. Starting with the most classic flavours and yoghurts served with sauces, sprinkles, crumbles and chocolate; then, with time and experience, production was enriched with cakes, desserts, semifreddi and, above all, an incredible range of gelato that expands from season to season. Thanks to the efforts of Lavinia and Camilla Mannucci (the name Caminia comes from the crasis of their names), the characteristics of the preparations remain constant, appreciated for their consistency, creaminess and perfect balance of flavours, never excessively sweet. Not to be missed is the Caminia cream (milk, cream, eggs, sugar), available in pistachio, Regina (with walnuts and oranges), Mannucci (with rice cooked in milk, almonds, citron and amaretto) and also with lemon and candied lemon peel. Also worth tasting is the mascarpone with salted chocolate crumble and cooked pears, which contends with Festina Lente (milk, eggs, cream, sugar, ginger root and candied citrus fruit) for the top spot on the podium. Other locations in Via Kassel 21 and Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, 4r.

viale D. Giannotti, 29r – 055 6810651

Gelateria della Passera

Cinzia Otri's gelatos start with a careful and reasoned, almost obsessive, choice of ingredients that are then employed with great skill. One of her latest creations, milk and dried figs, takes its cue from the discovery at a producer she trusts of a native variety of the delicious late summer fruit. Also fruit-based are Benessere, a blend of citrus fruits and pomegranate, enriched with pollen, echinacea and chestnut honey. There’s no shortage of water-based sorbets; or the Green Vibes, made with a decoction of orange and lemon peels, ginger and bay leaves, combined with cooked and blended apple and pear peels, sweetened with fir honey. Plus peaches and wine, a plunge into the memory of times gone by; and sour cherry: all under the banner of the strictest seasonality. Water base in the gelato with almonds or with coffee as well, prepared with a very strong espresso. And then there’s the sheep's milk ricotta gelato with blackberry jam; the one with only raw organic milk and the one with organic milk and alkermes; and finally the chocolate gelatos, as many as the crus that Cinzia has selected. At the weekend arm yourself with patience waiting in the queue, but it will be worth it.

via Toscanella, 15r – 055 6142071 -

Gelateria Pasticceria Badiani

This historic gelateria in Florence turned 90 in 2022. Thanks to the Pomposi family, who have run it since 1993, it has expanded its market from Italy to Europe, exporting its unique gelato to outlets in the United Kingdom and Spain. The house must-have is the Buontalenti, a simple recipe made with just a few ingredients: cream, milk, sugar and eggs. Despite its simplicity, the fame of this flavour is also due to the use of excellent ingredients, in fact the basis of every creation here. And it is from quality, united with passion and creativity that other preparations are born, such as Palaghiaccio Yogurt with black sesame, Fig and salted caramel, Dolce Vita with pistachio or Coffee without added sugar. There are also many versions on a stick. And then in autumn you absolutely must try the Castagnaccio flavour, a triumph of chestnuts, sultanas, pine nuts and rosemary, just like the typical Tuscan dessert. Badiani is also a pastry shop, cafeteria and quick lunch spot with the possibility of ordering online.

viale dei Mille, 20r – 055 578682 -

I Gelati del Bondi

For forty years, Vetulio Bondi has been making ice cream with the enthusiasm of the first day, he talks about it and teaches how to make it by organising ad hoc courses. To the more traditional and classic flavours, always made without palm oil and mono- and di-glycerides fatty acids, he alternates originality that cannot be found elsewhere. Among fan favourites is the coffee gelato, made only from single-origin Arabica; the vanilla gelato made with the best vanilla from Komodo Island; the real zuppa inglese, the one created by an English governess in Fiesole when Florence was the capital of Italy with what she had at home, a lemon curd with pieces of Swiss chocolate and stale bread soaked in Alkermes. Among the specialities are gelato flavours inspired by local cuisine, such as gelato with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, pappa al pomodoro (tomato soup) or baccalà (salt cod); or gelato with melissa rose, a flower that only grows in Switzerland: the rose is steeped for 24 hours in milk and then, once whipped, the gelato is mixed with rhubarb sauce and Tuscan crusty bread; or the gelato with Amiata ricotta cheese, Val di Chiana honey and rosemary from the Florentine hills.

via Nazionale, 61r – 055 287490 -

La Sorbettiera

The “signature” of Antonio Ciabattoni, who was already working as an apprentice at an Italian gelateria in Germany at age 14, is the mattonella: two rectangular wafers layered with gelato. But in his workshop of ideas, as Antonio likes to call his gelateria, many other things come to life. Together with his wife Elisa, he collaborates with chefs and restaurants to create gelato flavours to be paired with various dishes or to be the worthy meal ending. Then there are the flavours born from travelling, as in the case of the Thai, made with lemongrass and coconut milk, or the New England 1776 made with fiordilatte, maple syrup and candied bacon, or even the Chai, with flavoured Indian tea. There is no shortage of classics, in cones or cups, coexisting with more original creations such as lime and basil cream, lemon zest cream, tar with lots of chocolate, and the very fresh sage and lemon. The lowest common denominator is carefully selected seasonal ingredients. Another location in Via Mazzetta 9.

piazza T. Tasso, 11r – 055 5120336 -

Sbrino - Gelatificio Contadino

The claim, farmer's gelateria, is intended to emphasise the genuine nature of the gelato, made as much as possible with zero kilometre ingredients, mostly from the farms belonging to some of the members. Summer is dominated by creams (pistachio, hazelnut, 75% dark chocolate, Fiori di Campo), sorbets and granitas (from the classic citrus and coffee to liquorice, almond and mulberry). Mulberries are also the main ingredient of the Etna flavour, to be enjoyed Sicilian-style stuffed in the classic brioche. Try the watermelon flavour available in three versions: sorbet, with the addition of a pinch of Trapani salt; classic granita and drunken granita with a splash of vodka. Served year round, in addition to the more traditional flavours, is zabaglione with Marsala, some gluten-free flavours, and others that are suitable for vegans. Alcoholic slushies for the Aperisbrino are a great success: Arancia&Campari, Negroni, Caipiroska, Mojito. Other locations in Piazza Taddeo Gaddi 3r and Via Senese 1r.

via dei Serragli, 32r – 055 0122286


It is now Patrizia and Silvana's turn to continue along the road started by their grandfather Raffaello, who in 1929 opened a small dairyshop in the popular district of Santa Croce. For Florentines, especially those of a certain age, Vivoli is synonymous with quality artisan gelato. In addition to the more traditional flavours such as cream and zabaglione, there are a growing number of more special ones, such as saffron cream, orange peel cream, peach with basil and lemon flavoured with rosemary, rich chocolate, salted caramel, pear and caramel, Vinsanto and cantucci. The sorbets are special for their originality and exquisite nature: depending on the season, there is mango, raspberry, wild strawberry, blackberry, fig, also in the variant with fennel, prickly pear and the delicious watermelon sorbet. Cone fanatics, dela with it: gelato here is only served in small cups. And this is also home to the famous coffee affogato.

via Isola delle Stinche, 7r – 055 292334 -


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