The 4 best gelaterias in Pescara chosen by Gambero Rosso where you can find “Capriccetti”

May 19 2024, 13:41
In Pescara, four gelaterias have been selected in our latest Gelaterie d'Italia guide. Here they are

A capriccetto is a small ice cream cone, with flavours chosen by the gelato maker, usually covered in dark, milk, or white chocolate. Ready to eat. It's a staple in Abruzzo gelaterias, particularly at these selected addresses in Pescara from our latest Gelaterie d'Italia guide. One of them even offers it with three peaks, as a tribute to the three peaks of Abruzzo.

The best gelaterias in Pescara

A Modo Mio

Smooth sorbets and very sweet creams with delicious variegations, elegant cakes, and irresistible capriccetti: this is how "Il gelato di Elvan" (the new slogan) has won over the public, becoming a point of reference in the city and surroundings with three locations. Classic flavours vie for attention: crunchy cherry, Piedmont hazelnut, Fiordilatte with hazelnut cream, luscious pistachio, Dutch chocolate, Paradiso. Equally popular are the variegated flavours: mascarpone with chocolate and amaretti, caramel biscuit, Cuban, raspberry cheesecake. For fruit lovers: lemon, strawberry, mango, raspberry, passion fruit. Also available: soft yogurt, stuffed cones, milkshakes. Another location in Cappelle sul Tavo.

via N. Fabrizi, 209 – 333 7946161


The historic pastry shop in Pescara is also an excellent gelateria: meticulous preparation, openly "without hydrogenated fats," seasonal, sustainable. Among the house specialties (besides the three-pointed Capriccio – the three peaks of Abruzzo, conceived by founder Tullio Camplone – and the classic nougat flavour covered in dark chocolate), are spaghetti ice cream, hay & straw, and fried eggs. In the rotating carapine, you'll find typical regional and especially Abruzzese flavours: Aurum cream, grape scrucchiata, Atri licorice, L'Aquila saffron, Sulmona confetto, cooked must. Some flavours are inspired by classic pastries like the historic millefoglie and the cold version of the Presentosa. Try the Rimpizza, a traditional olive oil and anise brioche filled with gelato. Gluten-free gelato, cakes, semifreddos, spumoni, tartufoni, capriccetti, and colourful penguins are also available. Camplone has just launched an initiative dedicated to all Italian regions: each one has a dedicated flavour, from bergamot in honour of Calabria to myrtle in homage to Sardinia.

piazza G. Garibaldi, 29 – 085 691633 -

Gelateria De Oro

A gelateria with a view of Pescara's canal port, a must-visit for true Pescara locals and tourists. The gelateria (with an internal lab) run by Romeo Frosciacchi and family has a growing clientele and is appreciated for its unpretentious style. In the double counter, sweetness reigns (a touch less might not hurt). Popular choices include Casablanca (nougat), Aunt's coffee, Licorice (Menozzi De Rosa), Cream and Nutella, the inevitable Dannunziana with Aurum (a tribute to Luigi D'Amico, inventor of parrozzo), Senso (fiordilatte, crunchy cherry, amaretto granules, hazelnut, and meringue), La Pescarese, Music (yogurt, passion fruit, and white chocolate). Among the fruit flavours, Cerasa is recommended, perfect when combined with the rich dark chocolate. Also available: cakes, semifreddos, single portions, and tormentini (capriccetti). Options for those with intolerances.

via R. Paolucci, 93 – 085 2014414


A spacious, tidy place with a lab in the back. It's the realm of Giovanni (“Nino”) Diodato, a chemistry graduate with a passion for gelato. Mixing natural ingredients (fresh milk, selected hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, fruit purees) he creates a pleasant gelato that doesn't tire the palate. Among the fruit flavours, try the intense bergamot. Among the creams, there are hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate, and gianduia as well as more elaborate flavours like Amarena and dark chocolate biscuit and Paradiso delle papille. A wide selection of lactose-free flavours. Classic and zabaglione cream, yogurt to enrich as desired, bob bon on a stick, capriccetti, gelato logs, single portion semifreddos (Spanish and tiramisu style).

via Tiburtina Valeria, 12 - 388 256 4744

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