The 4 best gelaterias in Catania and and its Province chosen by Gambero Rosso

May 25 2024, 18:27
In Sicily, ice cream season also means enjoying granitas and brioche col tuppo filled to perfection. Here are the 4 gelaterias in Catania and its province that you must visit

In Catania’s gelaterias, the classic brioche col tuppo is a must, paired with granitas or filled with ice cream. Here are the top places in the city and a gelateria in Randazzo that's worth the trip, as it is considered one of the best in Italy according to the Gelaterie 2024 guide.

The best Gelaterias in Catania and its Province

DUCI - La Monofficina

"Duci," meaning sweet in Sicilian dialect, is the name of this small establishment offering single portions, modern cakes, and baked goods also for restaurateurs. At Duci, the "cold" offerings are distinctly seasonal. From late spring to early autumn, granitas fill the counters, featuring classics like almond and pistachio as well as fruit flavors made with fresh fruit. Mini tastings with artistically filled brioche tuppo tops are also available. During this time, gelato presence is reduced to a few cream-based flavors, but quality remains high, starting with the fresh milk from Ragusa that makes for an excellent fior di latte.

Catania – via Agrigento, 18 – 095 7175491 -


With patience, dedication, and determination, Serena Urzì, a lawyer turned gelato artist, is revolutionizing the ice cream offerings of this historic seafront establishment in Catania, also renowned for its pastries and hot food. One by one, the gelato recipes at Ernesto are evolving towards higher quality: the ingredient list is shortening and added fats are disappearing. A key strength is seasonality and a strong connection with the local territory: in summer, alongside granitas, fruit flavors multiply, complementing the classic creams and ricotta gelato, a long-standing specialty of Ernesto.

Catania – viale R. di Lauria, 91 – 095 491680

Vecchia Gelateria Policastro

This humble neighborhood gelateria, with a few small tables, has been serving well-made ice creams and granitas for nearly fifty years. Over time, the counter has expanded and a new generation of gelato makers has taken over. Ignoring trendy flavors, there are some staples that remain popular over time. Among these are the nougat gelato with generous pieces of nougat in the Etna variant, which is a crunchy almond confection, and the ricotta enriched with pistachio flakes. Brioche col tuppo are also available to accompany granitas or to fill with gelato. The low price of the gelato is supported by the family-run nature of the business, which only offers take-out, lacks any frills, closes in winter, and has strong sales.

Catania – via Policastro, 29A

Santo Musumeci

When faced with the dynamic Giovanna Musumeci, you're struck by more than one dilemma: granita or gelato? Fruit or chocolate? The only solution is to order a bit of everything. Each cream tells a part of Sicily: Oro Verde (crunchy pistachio and mandarin), Pirandello (toasted almond with lemon zest and almond and dark chocolate crunch), and Crema di San Giovanni (egg cream with citrus). Granitas deserve their own chapter. The difference lies in the quality of the ingredients, with Mount Etna playing its part. The flavors are authentic to this land: from the tartness of raspberry to the sweetness of prickly pear and the aromatic nature of pure mandarin, not forgetting the intensity of classic coffee, chocolate, pistachio, and almond. In summer, there are up to 16 flavors. The common thread linking gelato and granitas is the brioche col tuppo: to fill in the former case and to dip in the latter.

Randazzo (CT) – piazza Santa Maria, 9 – 0951 921196 -

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