The 4 best gelaterias in Arezzo chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jun 8 2024, 13:21
Local ingredients and seasonality are the two key principles of the four must-visit gelaterias in Arezzo

Arezzo is a beautiful town rich in art and culture, a legacy of a flourishing past: it is the birthplace of notable figures such as Francesco Petrarca, Masaccio, Piero della Francesca, and Giorgio Vasari. Visit during the Giostra del Saracino, a medieval historical reenactment held twice a year: on the penultimate Saturday of June and the first Sunday of September. For a refreshing break, here are the best gelaterias in the city according to our Gelaterie 2024 guide.

The best gelaterias in Arezzo

Cremeria Cecconi

"Tuscany in a cone and cup" is Stefano Cecconi's philosophy, incorporating many local excellences into his recipes with a focus on seasonality. Think of Terra d'Arezzo, a reinterpretation of tiramisu with all local ingredients, or Affienato, made with Tuscan pecorino aged in barrels and fresh hay for a surprising gelato. The same approach applies to sorbets, such as those made from Val di Chiana melon, wild blackberry, and granitas like the Abetone wild berries. The fruit flavors are all dairy-free, made with only water, sugar, fibers, and lots of fresh fruit. The cremolate, especially the organic strawberry and vanilla, are excellent. A must-try is the "Pane, burro e marmellata di fichi" (bread, butter, and homemade fig jam) or the "Baldino" (as castagnaccio is called here) with EVO oil, milk, cream, chestnut honey, rosemary, chestnut flour, and toasted pine nuts from the Tyrrhenian coast, an explosion of flavor and memories.

via Madonna del Prato, 85 - 0575 080194

Punto Gelato

A stop not to be missed in Arezzo. The quality of the ingredients, natural processing, constant search for new combinations, and imaginative flavors are the reasons. There are classic flavors like chocolate or fiordilatte, sure hits that are true cold delights. A large portion of the trays is dedicated to fruit flavors, with traditional options like plum or melon alongside the more exotic tropical fruits like guava, jackfruit, or passion fruit. Besides gelato, you can order yogurt or frappes. There's also a treat not to be missed: mini crêpes served with fruit, melted chocolate, or scoops of gelato, making for a very tasty snack. The friendliness of the staff makes the experience even more pleasant.

via G. Verdi, 15 – 0575 356160


Sunflower describes its gelato with two adjectives: natural and essential. Natural because the trays contain only organic products, mainly local, and free from colorings, flavors, or preservatives. Essential because the creativity of the flavors here is abundant but always straightforward, resulting from research (sometimes historical, other times nutritional) and the best combinations. Among the must-try flavors are Toscano Black 70%, cantucci and Vin Santo on custard cream, a tribute to local sweet traditions, or African cherry, with a soft fiordilatte base enriched with cherries and made crunchy with chocolate flakes. Then there are the fruit flavors, perfect for the warmer season: from lemon and nectarine to fig, up to the multi-layered variegated, to be enjoyed one level at a time. A reference point and inspiration for those who love good and genuine gelato.

piazza San Francesco, 11 – 0575 1386072


In the 1960s, the Vestri family made chocolate at home to sell at the market on biscuits. Since then, much progress has been made, especially by the son, now leading one of Italy's top chocolate makers worldwide. Daniele and Stefania believe in chocolate and its seductive power, even acquiring a cocoa plantation in the Dominican Republic for better quality control. This same care is found in their patisserie and gelateria. Their cold offerings also impress: whether it's a cone with fresh tropical flavors like mango or papaya, a richer cup with dark chocolate orange and house-roasted coffee, or a made-to-order ice cream cake or log.

via Romana, 161b – 0575 907315 -

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