The 36 best trattorias in Italy according to Gambero Rosso. Listing the venues with Tre Gamberi (the guide’s highest rating)

Oct 21 2023, 13:00
In the new 2024 Gambero Rosso's Ristoranti d'Italia guide, the number of trattorias awarded with the highest rating, the Tre Gamberi by Gambero Rosso, rises to 36

From last year’s 34 to the 36 in the 2024 edition of the Gambero Rosso Ristoranti d'Italia guide, considering one cut and three new entries. People like genuine, authentic food, they are pleased by friendly dining rooms where they can have a glass of wine with the innkeeper who shares anecdotes and stories from the past. But there are also the second and third generations, promoters of the territories as passionate and involved as their predecessors, capable of surprising with modern interpretations, but respectful of the typical cuisine. And with tagliatelle al ragù that, in some cases, are better than their grandmother's (but whose recipe remains secret). Here is the great and tight-knit team of the best trattorias in Italy.

The 10 best Tre Gamberi trattorias of northern Italy

In Lombardy, six confirmations, two of which are in Milan (the capital) and four scattered throughout the region, from Franciacorta - where Massimo Rossi, the innkeeper of innkeepers, is in charge of a place much much loved by colleagues and foreign customers - to the remote hills of Brescia, to the province of Bergamo, where Visconti is located, which takes the podium this year. One each for the other regions, with recent stories - one of the most emblematic in Turin - and more or less young innkeepers who have rewritten local tradition faithful to the area’s supply chain and small producers. And watch out for the geography: the great trattorias are increasingly metropolitan.


  • Consorzio – Torino


  • La Brinca - Ne (GE)


  • Trattoria Visconti dal 1932 - Ambivere (BG)
  • La Madia - Brione (BS)
  • Caffè La Crepa - Isola Dovarese (CR)
  • Osteria del Treno – Milan
  • Trippa – Milan
  • Osteria della Villetta dal 1900 - Palazzolo sull’Oglio (BS)

Trentino Alto Adige

  • Pretzhof - Val di Vizze (BZ)

Friuli Venezia Giulia

  • Nerodiseppia – Trieste

The 17 best trattorias of the centre of Italy with Tre Gamberi

The Lazio region wins the most prizes, with six establishments, five of which are in Rome (the capital) and one - Giovanni Milana's, where the house cannelloni really do battle with the ones made by grandmothers' - just a few kilometres from the GRA highway. At the top, this edition’s new entry is in the Marche region (Agra Mater), in an isolated farmhouse with an organic vegetable garden.


  • All’Osteria Bottega – Bologna
  • Locanda Mariella - Calestano (PR)
  • Ai Due Platani – Parma
  • Antica Osteria del Mirasole con Locanda - San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)
  • La Sangiovesa - Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna (RN)


  • Da Burde – Florence
  • Futura Osteria - Monteriggioni (SI)


  • Agra Mater - Colmurano (MC)
  • Gallo Rosso - Filottrano (AN)


  • Stella – Perugia
  • Il Capanno – Spoleto


  • Sora Maria e Arcangelo - Olevano Romano (RM)
  • L’Arcangelo Vino e Cucina – Rome
  • Armando al Pantheon – Rome
  • Da Cesare – Rome
  • Grappolo D’Oro – Rome
  • Agriristorante Il Casaletto – Viterbo

Southern Italy’s 9 best trattorias with Tre Gamberi

From Abruzzo southwards, there are three places in Campania (two of which are in Cilento, where the ancient usage of menaica anchovies is handed down) and a Sicilian newcomer, in Palermo, a piece of a much larger and more solid business reality.


  • Vecchia Marina - Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)


  • Al Convento - Casa Torrente - Cetara (SA)
  • Lo Stuzzichino - Massa Lubrense (NA)
  • Angiolina - Pisciotta (SA)


  • Antichi Sapori – Andria
  • Masseria Barbera - Minervino Murge (BT)


  • Buatta Cucina Popolana – Palermo
  • Tischi Toschi - Taormina (ME)


  • Armidda - Abbasanta (OR)
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