The 3 Orvieto wines awarded by Gambero Rosso

Dec 10 2023, 13:02
Here are the Orvieto wines that received the Tre Bicchieri 2024 from Gambero Rosso in the Vini d'Italia guide, the highest recognition

Tre Bicchieri 2024. The Best Orvieto

In the small region, good wine exists, confirmed by the verdant Umbria. The vineyard area covers about 13,000 hectares, less than 2% of the entire national heritage. However, when considering grape varieties, designations, the presence of lakes, flat areas, and high hills, the viticultural wealth goes far beyond the mentioned figures. Some areas have now become prestigious production areas and serve as true examples for neighbouring and beyond.

Here, we focus on the Orvieto DOC and its white wine, among the most famous in the region. Its production (allowed in the provinces of Terni and Viterbo) is regulated by guidelines that require at least 60% procanico grapes (known as trebbiano here) and grechetto, with other white grape varieties comprising the remaining 40% (verdello, drupeggio, malvasia, or international varieties). The wine, elegant, fresh, and mineral - produced both in dry and sweet versions to pair with desserts - comes from historic cooperative realities or family-owned estates. Orvieto represents about 50% of Umbria wine.

Here are the 3 Orvieto wines that we awarded in the Gambero Rosso Vini d'Italia 2024 guide

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