The 16 best Valdobbiadene sparkling wines with the best value for money chosen by Gambero Rosso

Jun 23 2024, 13:32
Here are the sparkling wines from the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore and Valdobbiadene Superiore denominations that we have awarded with Tre Bicchieri or Due Bicchieri Rossi for their excellent quality-to-price ratio

The sparkling wine produced on the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene has captured a significant share of the Italian sparkling wine market. This success is due to its characteristics: slightly aromatic on the nose, never completely dry on the palate, making it perfect as an aperitif or as a sparkling wine for the entire meal.

Glera grapes, the star of Valdobbiadene sparkling wines, are cultivated in an extensive hilly area of the Treviso province, centered around the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, as well as Follina, Vidor, Farra and Pieve di Soligo, San Pietro di Feletto, Refrontolo, and Susegana, to name the most well-known. In Cartizze, a small area of just 100 hectares in the hamlet of San Pietro di Barbozza in Valdobbiadene, it produces the renowned sparkling wine characterized by an intense aroma.

In the 2024 edition of Gambero Rosso's Vini d'Italia guide, the list of Tre Bicchieri from Veneto includes some Valdobbiadene wines, as well as two excellent labels of another famous Veneto sparkling wine, Lessini Durello. Here, however, we have selected Valdobbiadene sparkling wines from the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore and Valdobbiadene Superiore denominations with the best value for money.

Valdobbiadene sparkling wines with the best quality-to-price ratio

This year, the Ogliano and Soligo areas again provide the grapes for the most interesting wines from BiancaVigna, highlighting the strength of the territory even in such a delicate product as Prosecco Superiore. The first is marked by notes of white fruit and flowers, developing into a dry, savory, and harmonious sip. The second presents more closed and hidden aromas, dominated by the green aspects of the grape variety. On the palate, it is solid, gritty, and long-lasting.

Situated at the foot of the Ogliano hill, perfectly integrated with the surrounding viticultural environment, Elena and Enrico Moschetta's winery is the hub around which all BiancaVigna activities revolve. The vineyards cover about 30 hectares in the historic Prosecco Superiore area, with some plots cultivated by the family for over a century. The production is mainly dedicated to Prosecco, showcasing the differences that the various vineyards impart to the grapes.

The 2022 harvest brought a rich fruity expression that is clear and inviting in Adami's Vigneto Giardino, a Dry Prosecco that moves between yellow fruit and exotic nuances on the nose, while on the palate, the sweetness is perfectly fused with sapidity and acidity. On the other hand, Col Credas explores the more restless and vibrant side of the denomination, highlighted by subtle and fresh aromas that lead to an energetic and highly acidic sip.

The Adami family business has been at the top of the Prosecco Superiore denomination for decades, not only because of its splendid viticultural platform but also due to its sensitivity in interpreting what the grapes from the beautiful UNESCO heritage hills can offer. Alongside Armando and Franco, their children Fabrizio, Claudio, and Cristina bring new life and energy, also focusing on historical types like Prosecco col fondo.

The XXIII Ai Boschi '22 by Andreola is an intriguing Brut with subtle and delicate aromas that captivate the palate with its elegant sip, revealing length and cleanliness in the finish. Founded at the end of the last century by Nazzareno Pola, Andreola is one of the most appreciated brands in the Valdobbiadene area. Today, his son Stefano leads the company, expanding its vineyards into the nearby Asolo denomination, acquiring vineyards of absolute value that are true gems in a vineyard park that now exceeds 100 hectares. The winery has also grown, becoming a modern and fascinating structure.

Conte Collalto offers a wide range of Prosecco and still wines. Notable is the Ponte Rosso '22, a Prosecco Superiore from a single, clay-rich vineyard that presents aromas of white fruit and flowers. The richness of the harvested grapes is translated into a particularly dry and gritty interpretation, highlighting the more modern profile of the denomination. The large Susegana estate is situated in a setting of rare beauty, surrounded by hills where viticulture develops among patches of woods, meadows, and small olive groves. The vineyards cover over 150 hectares, of which about a hundred are dedicated to Glera, with the remainder including Bordeaux varieties and many crosses developed by Professor Manzoni in the last century. The historic cellars, perfectly restored, produce wines of excellent quality.

The Ogliano vineyards enable Masottina to produce two excellent versions of Prosecco Superiore, the Brut from the western part of the estate and the Extra Dry from the eastern part. We preferred the Brut, which follows fresh and crunchy fruit aromas with a precise sip where the bubbles perfectly blend with low residual sugar and acidity for a result that combines character and drinkability.

From the beautiful vineyards in San Pietro di Barbozza come the grapes for Valdo Spumanti's Prosecco Superiore '21, a wine with aromas of white-fleshed fruit interspersed with notes of dried flowers and almonds. On the palate, it is solid, supported by marked acidity and a slender profile. More complex on the nose is Pradase '20, which uses the traditional method for the second fermentation, impressing on the palate with sapidity and harmony.

The nearly century-old activity of the large company on Via Foro Boario has played a decisive role in the success of Treviso bubbles worldwide. The collaboration with numerous local growers, the direct control of small prized plots, and a competent technical staff led by Gianfranco Zanon are the components of a work completed in the winery immersed among the historic vineyards, resulting in a broad range of high-quality sparkling wines.

From the Monfalcon vineyard, Canevel Spumanti's Campofalco '22 is a Brut with refined expressions of white fruit and flowers that gradually captivates. The presence of some Verdiso, a historical local variety, adds acidity and taste agility for a harmonious result where bubbles, acidity, and sugars blend perfectly. If Prosecco Superiore enjoys its deserved fame today, credit must be given to a handful of winemakers who always believed in this wine, among them Canevel. Today, alongside Carlo Caramel, who continues the founder's dream, is the Masi group, which has given new impetus to the company, backed by technical competence and a deep knowledge of the wine world. The production is entirely dedicated to sparkling wines, with Prosecco as the star.

Graziano Merotto's Castè '22 is sunny and fruit-driven, revealing the perfect fusion of carbonic, sweetness, and bubbles, giving the sparkling wine a juicy and satisfying drinkability. Graziano Merotto has been walking the hills of Col San Martino for over half a century, aware that the sky and the vineyards are the two essential ingredients for producing great wine, whether still or sparkling. The rest is done by delicate, non-invasive work in the cellar, where valuing nature's fruit is the guiding principle. About thirty hectares are directly cultivated, with another thirty followed by trusted growers in the historic Prosecco area.

From the beautiful vineyards of Collalto come the grapes for Borgoluce's two selections, with this year's standout being the Extra Dry, which highlights the fruity richness brought by the 2022 harvest. On the nose, apple stands out crisp and clear against a background of wildflowers and Mediterranean scrub, while on the palate, the richness and fullness of the sip reveal all the sunny character of the vineyards.

Lodovico Giustiniani has led Borgoluce since its foundation in 2008. Over 1000 hectares are dedicated to agriculture and livestock, with more than 100 devoted to viticulture, emphasizing sustainability and with a keen interest in organic and biodynamic practices. The viticultural sector focuses on Glera production, but there are also small plots for Bordeaux varieties and Manzoni Bianco, resulting in reliable and high-quality production.

Slow to reveal its aromas and with a dry, slender profile, Santa Margherita's Rive di Refrontolo Extra Brut '22 is a testament to the belief that not only small family-run businesses can represent the new course of winemaking, characterized by environmental awareness and quality. Santa Margherita interprets this role perfectly, innovating, maintaining a presence in the territory, and consistently committing to sustainability. Today, the historic Villanova site hosts a new biomass plant and a large photovoltaic system, reducing the environmental impact of its production activities.

Gentle, delicate, and accommodating, Particella 181 Sorelle Bronca captures with its refined profile. Ersiliana and Antonella Bronca have faced the challenges of Prosecco's global success with great clarity, refraining from over-expanding production and specializing in high-profile labels that emphasize differences rather than conforming to trends. The small but well-equipped winery produces Prosecco Superiore alongside an interesting range of still wines.

From the old vineyards of Guia de La Tordera come the grapes for the most interesting wine of the 2022 harvest, the Dry Tittoni, which best expresses the sunlight and warmth with aromas ranging from ripe yellow fruit to floral nuances reminiscent of helichrysum. On the palate, the sweetness is never overwhelming, and the fusion of sugars, acidity, and bubbles provides pleasantness and harmony.

The beautiful winery of the Vettoretti family is located on the plain in front of the historic Prosecco Superiore area. The owned vineyards extend over many hectares right in the heart of the hilly district, often with very old vineyards occupying prized exposures such as Cartizze, Otreval in Guia, and Tittoni in Vidor, creating a viticultural puzzle of absolute value. The company values this with reliable production centered on Prosecco Superiore.

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