The 11 best restaurants in Modica according to Gambero Rosso, plus one

Feb 25 2024, 15:17
Modica boasts a rich gastronomic tradition, with numerous restaurants offering the chance to savor traditional recipes and more

by Cristina Barbera

Modica, a baroque city with two souls, Upper and Lower, and its new residential neighborhood, Sorda, is unique and charming with picturesque alleys and streets hosting old shops, houses, rich palaces, and churches. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and renowned for its cold-extracted chocolate, Modica has numerous restaurants where you can have an interesting gastronomic experience.

Where to Eat in the Modican Countryside

Lorenzo Ruta

The new restaurant by Chef Lorenzo Ruta, located within the Cambiocavallo country boutique hotel, allows the chef to express himself without limitations. The menu offers unique tasting experiences, featuring both new dishes and reimagined classics from Taverna Migliore. Don't miss the Tortelli di germano reale. The venue, managed by Alice Migliore, provides ample spaces, reflecting the restaurant's hospitality project. The modern and dynamic wine cellar, curated by Valentina Migliore, includes niche Italian and international labels.

Contrada Zimmardo, SP 45 Km 5, Modica +39 338 498 1656  Lorenzo Ruta

Where to Eat in Upper Modica

Locanda del Colonnello

Situated in Palazzo Failla in Upper Modica, Locanda was renovated in design and format in 2022 to give a new identity to the place. Ethical sourcing, quality, and traceability of raw materials form the foundation of seasonal menus featuring Sicilian dishes influenced by international ingredients. Try the Egg Spaghetti with pak-choi, mushrooms, bacon, and spicy pork broth served like ramen. Vittorio Guastella oversees the dining room. Open every day for dinner, closed on Tuesdays, and open for lunch on Sundays and holidays.

Via Blandini, 9, 0932 191 1981


Giancarlo Antoci's enoteca with a kitchen offers a relaxing environment to enjoy a glass of wine paired with simple seasonal dishes from Sicilian tradition. Chef Carmelo Monopoli prepares dishes like legume soups, vegetable veloutés, and beef tartare. The wine list includes a wide selection of different types of wines—biodynamic, natural, conventional—to meet guest preferences.

Corso S. Teresa 97/99, +39 328 544 6285

Where to Eat in Sorda

La Sirenetta

Chef Luca Cannizzaro's restaurant and pizzeria blend Sicilian tradition with creativity, focusing on seafood tied to the territory. Ancient recipes are revisited with ideas from other gastronomic heritages, all while respecting high-quality ingredients. Don't miss the "Vivo da mare" raw dishes. Wood-fired pizzas follow traditional methods with highly digestible dough and fresh, seasonal, local ingredients. The wine cellar offers labels from the territory, nationally, and internationally, with special attention to small producers.

Via Sorda Sampieri, 79/A +39 0932 454904

Where to Eat in Lower Modica

Fattoria delle Torri

Chef Peppe Barone opened this restaurant over thirty-five years ago. Now run by his daughters Francesca (in the kitchen) and Carla Barone (in the dining room), along with Paolo Monello, it offers a cuisine tied to tradition yet youthful, innovative, and audacious. The menu features three tasting menus and à la carte dishes. Try the Spiced Lamb with pomegranate and field salad. The wine selection emphasizes local, national, and international wines, with attention to both well-known and emerging producers. A beer menu is also available, mostly artisanal.

Vico Napolitano 14, +39 0932 751286


In the lower part of an ancient palace on the main street, Accursio Craparo's kitchen explores the gastronomic products of western and eastern Sicily. The menu offers three tasting menus, and dishes can be served à la carte. Don't miss "Spremuta di Sicilia," featuring durum wheat pasta with anchovy, tuna bottarga, and wild fennel. The wine cellar, curated by Duel Ahmed, features labels from national and international regions, with a specific focus on French wines.

Via Grimaldi, 41 +39 0932 941689

Ornato, Ristorante di Pesce

A seafood restaurant by Luca Ornato and Marisa Giunta that offers dishes based on fish, meat, seasonal vegetables, and exotic ingredients, giving a contemporary twist to local traditional dishes. Try the Low-Temperature Cooked Cod on carrot cream with vegetable roll and crispy "fishbone" with red turnip. The wine list, mostly natural and from small producers, reflects the restaurant's philosophy.

Salita Pozzo Barone, 28, + 39 0932 942423

Dabbanna Fichera

Located in the heart of the historic center, Enrico Fichera cooks in the family restaurant, Dabbanna. His cuisine is modern, where flavors are enhanced by local ingredients and innovative techniques. The result is simple yet contemporary recipes. The ever-changing menu is tied to the seasonality of raw materials and traditional holiday dishes. It offers two tasting menus for meat and fish, as well as à la carte dishes complemented by typical Sicilian seasonal vegetables. Noteworthy dishes include "Uovo poche su crema di ricotta, nocciole, pane e tartufo," a must-try. The modern and welcoming dining area is overseen by Valentina Crucetta. The wine cellar is meticulously curated, featuring wines from the local area, as well as national and international selections.

P.zza Principe di Napoli, 10, +39 333 464 7935


Cappero is the bistro created by Antonio Pennacchio in the kitchen and Fabiana Buscema in the dining area, aiming to showcase excellent typical Sicilian products. The menu features land and sea recipes made with locally sourced raw materials. The dishes are the result of a precise and constant search for local products, where flavors, scents, and colors clearly intend to promote and enhance Sicily as much as possible. Notable among the dishes is "Riassunto di Sicilia," linguine with bottarga sauce, orange, anchovies, almonds, and smoked amberjack. The wine cellar predominantly features Sicilian wines, though foreign labels are also available.

Corso Umberto I 156 +393939078088

Hemingway Vineria Cucina Spirits

Initially a literary café, this venue by Alessandro Di Rosa and Giorgio Cavallo has evolved, placing more emphasis on cuisine, wine, and spirits. The authentic, essential, contemporary, free, and multicultural cuisine is prepared by young chefs from various backgrounds. Notable offerings include Venezuelan arepas with a Sicilian twist. The carefully curated wine and beer lists express the identity of the place.

Via Clemente Grimaldi, 36, +39 3332084551

KuFù - Sicilian Japanese Café Bistrot

Chef Luca Stracquadanio has created an atmosphere in his venue that combines the typical ambiance and flavors of a Japanese izakaya with the authenticity of Sicilian cuisine. The evolving menu features daily-sourced ingredients. Don't miss the Udon norcina with sausage, porcini, and black truffle. The wine list includes labels from Sicily, nationally, and internationally, with a particular focus on natural wines.

Via Clemente Grimaldi, 74 Kufù Bistrot


Sandro Pace's arancineria offers a gourmet experience with quality street food. Freshness and genuineness of ingredients, simplicity, and respect for tradition form the basis for recipes like the uncovered arancina with spinach, buffalo mozzarella, and black olive powder. Open every day for lunch and dinner, closed on Tuesdays.

Corso Umberto I, 28b, +39 3664441442


Sicily's oldest active chocolate factory, producing artisanal chocolate for over 150 years. The menu includes traditional Modican and Sicilian sweets, cannoli, cassatine, mpanatigghi, and more. Open every day from 9 AM to 8:30 PM (extended to 10:30 PM in summer).

Corso Umberto I n.159, +39 0932941225

These recommendations offer a diverse range of culinary experiences in Modica, reflecting the city's rich and varied gastronomic offerings.

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